Instituto Tomie Ohtake inaugurates the exhibition “the worse, worse” by Fernando Lindote

Fernando Lindote. Title: Yara's birth, year: 2021, technique: oil on canvas, dimensions: 80 x 140 cm, credit: Cortesia [Courtesy] Almeida & Dale Art Gallery. Photo: Sergio Guerini.

Opening: Day 02 March, at 19h – on until 23 April 2023 Two decades after her first solo show at Instituto Tomie Ohtake, held in the first year of operation of the space in São Paulo, Fernando Lindote retorna para apresentar sua produção recente na mostra Quanto pior, worse. Com curadoria de Paulo Miyada eRead more

Sparks in Motion – Instituto Tomie Ohtake visits the Igor Queiroz Barroso Collection

Falcon Jr., Djanira da Motta e Silva, flour mill, 1965, Oil on canvas, 129,0 x 195,0 cm, Igor Queiroz Barroso Collection.

Exhibition features approx. 190 works of more than 55 artists from the Ceará collection Opening: 15 th December 2002, at 7 pm – until 19 April 2023 Esta exposição da Coleção Igor Queiroz Barroso inaugura o programa “Instituto Tomie Ohtake visita”, que busca dar acesso ao grande público a obras de qualidade atestadaRead more

Paulo Pasta: LIGHT || Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo

Author: Paulo Pasta. Title: without title. Year: 2020. Technique: oil s / screen. Dimensions: 50 x 60 cm. Photo: Disclosure.

Paulo Pasta: LIGHT “The painting is good, for me, when it's silent” Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo – BUT / SP, institution of the Department of Culture and Economy of the State of São Paulo Creative, opens “Paulo Pasta: Light", exhibition of the plastic artist Paulo Pasta, curated by Simon Watson. The show features 19 … Read more

Ferris Wheel, de Carmela Gross: far beyond the showroom

intense schedule, Santander Lighthouse of Porto Alegre, sets in motion relations of contemporary art and psychoanalysis, cinema and architecture. Chat with the artist and the curator closes the loop, com lançamento do catálogo da mostra Entre a próxima terça, 16 April, It's the day 25 de Mayo, uma ricaRead more

Forum #MARaberto

Art Museum of Rio. Photo: Thales Milk.

9/10, às 17h – Debate on museums: Situation and prospects of museums in Brazil 10/10, às 17h – Art collectives who exercised activities between the years 1980 and 2000 Rating: Livre Grátis O Museu de Arte do Rio – MAR, under the Institute's management Odeon, will promote two activities Forum #MARaberto. On … Read more

Exhibition at the Memorial reveals human geometry Tomie Ohtake

Already installed in the Hall Paranaguá, on the first floor of City Memorial, Tomie Ohtake exhibition in Curitiba – figures, cracks and gaps, open late on Wednesday (18/07), at 19h. The displays have free entry and runs until day 30 September. Composting for paintings, engravings and sculptures, a mostra celebraRead more

At The Memorial, Tomie Ohtake exhibition in Curitiba celebrates 110 years of Japanese Immigration in Brazil

In celebration of 110 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil, This Wednesday (18/07), at 19h, Memorial Curitiba receives exposure Tomie Ohtake in Curitiba - Vultos, cracks and gaps. Altogether, will be 29 works between paintings, engravings and sculptures. The papers cover the period of the year 1970 to 2014 da artista queRead more

Tomie Ohtake in theaters at Caixa Cultural Brasília

Among prints, paintings and amazing sculptures, Color shows and Body tells the story of the artist 48 The works Caixa Cultural Brasília presents the exhibition Tomie Ohtake: Color and Body, Bringing federal capital 40 engravings, five paintings and three sculptures that the artist is one of the great references of Brazilian abstract art. The … Read more


Composed of four exhibitions, the shows I'm Here – until 28 February – presents a never-before-seen set by the artist from Pernambuco Paulo Bruscky, as well as works by artists from the East Zone of São Paulo. Launched in July 2016, o PROJETO [I'M HERE] Paulo curated Miyada, gerou vários questionamentos sobre arteRead more

With questions about art PROJECT [I'M HERE] opens new exhibition at Sesc Belenzinho

Composed of four exhibitions, the Show I'm Here converges the questions and reflections gathered in the previous stages of the project, in order to emphasize the many forms of relationship between the public and the work of art. Um dos destaques da mostra é um conjunto inédito do artista pernambucano Paulo Bruscky Lançado em julho de 2015, o PROJETO [I'M HERE] … Read more