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Cia de Bittencourt Dance (MG) presents Dance performance “Empower Women!” – feminist activism in art – single date – farm 12 September, at 20h in Teatro Cacilda Becker (RJ)

For the first time on the scene in the city of Rio de Janeiro, to Cia de Bittencourt Dance (Uberlândia, MG), under the direction of Claudia Bittencourt, debut with the presentation of the show Empower Women!, from karyne Bittencourt, made possible by State Law for the Encouragement of Minas Gerais culture and sponsorship of the Institute Algar. The stage of the traditional Cacilda Becker Theater (in Catete) It is chosen by the mining company and the presentation takes place in a single day: Thursday 12 September, at 8:0 pm, within the programming CODANÇA - FUNARTE.

Performed by dancer, director and choreographer karyne Bittencourt, the project is designed in feminist activism and its great social importance. With various themes or situations of female reality exposed in the choreography, possibly causes the identification of the spectator and generates discomfort in the viewer. Thus, manifests and underscores feminism as a development tool in various proportions and perspective, making possible, with him, society develop awareness for the transformation and socio-cultural evolution. Believing in the art of projection as an important and necessary means of communication and reflection, Empower Women! is, then, a show conceived and designed with strength and sensitivity in dance steps and soundtrack.

A body of 17 dancers on the scene gives life to contemporary and jazz dance languages. As an outstanding project, Empower Women! covers six towns in the states of Minas Gerais, Goiás, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, having been mounted on Uberlandia (MG), at the Municipal Theater in March / 2019, Uberaba (MG), in SESIMINAS Theater in March / 2019, and Goiânia (GO), in Goiania Theater in June /2019. In September, It is presented in Cacilda Becker Theater of Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and SESIMINAS Theater Belo Horizonte (MG). In October, closes the season at the Municipal Theater of Ribeirão Preto (SP).

karyne Bittencourt says that since the debut has received many positive feedbacks: "Our purpose is to touch the hearts of people with a serious matter and without shock. This has indeed happened. I believe the greatest power in the 'Empower Women!’ It lies precisely in their sensitivity and clarity when dealing with such an important issue that directly affects the lives of people: violence against women (It is growing every day). We opted for an art that approaches, rather than away. Even those who have resistance on the subject comes to recognize that we need to improve in dignity, credibility and respect to women ".

Empower Women! still acts on behalf of the charity SOS Women and Family Uberlandia, donating part of their ticket to the NGO.

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More about the project

The need of feminist activism is real. Feminism is a social development tool in its various proportions and perspectives and, with him, we can develop together conscience to seek the transformation / sociocultural evolution. female union, respect the limits and divergent thoughts are essential in this fight.

Among numerous important issues, They were chosen just to be portrayed in dance, which present situations in which many women are. dramas were approached and difficulties of women's reality, but also overcoming their ideals, recovery and freedom.

The Company believes that use art as a means of empowering women invasion WOMEN!, being, activate, can bring a new and positive perspective of struggle and life.

About the company

A Cia de Bittencourt Dance born in 1998, in the city of Uberaba (MG), always keeping his eyes on the completeness of the artist's work. I brought you here on your resume, under the direction of Claudia Bittencourt, many professional project completed shows in contemporary dance, jazz dance and reassembly of musical repertoire and international copyright also presented in various regions and artistic events on the national scene.

From the year 2017, to "Empower Women!"As its first show, the artistic direction and choreography of Cia become of karyne Bittencourt, since then walks next to the body of dancers in professionalism and consistency process, starting a new subscription to the Company.

dance show empower the Women!
Date: Thursday 12 September 2019
Time: 20h
Local: Cacilda Becker Theater (Catete Street, 338 -Catete, Rio de Janeiro, RJ | Tel.: (21) 2265-9933 | Box office opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday, the 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm)
Duration: 50 minutes
Tickets (payment only in cash): R$30,00 (entire) | R$15,00 (half for children under 21 years, elderly, students and disabled – all duly identified)
Sale in the local box office (payment only in cash) only on 12 September e online no site www.megabilheteria.com.br
Phone for more information: (34) 99167-4265 (34)99242-6230
Rating: 14 years



General Coordination: Claudia Bittencourt
Direction and choreography: karyne Bittencourt


Adrian Yury Silveira de Oliveira
Amanda Oliveira Cunha
Ana Claudia da Motta Coelho Resende Morato
Ana Laura Santos Victory
Camila Floro e Silva
Carolina Santos and Silva Porto
Cedrick Willian da Silva
Deborah Caprioli
Gabryel Alves
Herick Fernandes Soares
Julia Silva Vieira
Karyne Carvalho Bittencourt
Lorena de Assis Piovezan
Lucas Sousa Rodrigues
Mariana Dias Pereira de Lima
Thais Santos Cardoso
Vivian Alves Menezes

Production coordination: Cida Perfect and Thiago Di War
Lighting and technical production: Diego Pereira Nobre
Sound technician: Ricardo Miguel Durao
against Regragem: Róger Chen, Thiago Ribeiro
Photography: Brunno Coli
Local production: Oh! glory ProductionsStrategic partnerships (Mario Filho Executive production assistant)
Office of Communications and Press: Sylvia Dietrich
Support: Itambé, Bread Bento
Institutional Support:

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