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Five tips for those who want to get a makeover, featured. Photo: playback Pinterest.

Five tips for those who want to get a makeover

At the end of a work it is common to find people totally frustrated because they can not get even halfway to the requirements of planning or expenses that arise were not expected; to circumvent this scenario, architect Aline Macedo, partner-owner of Studio Alta Architecture, reveals the main points for reform without stress

São Paulo, March 2020 – Who ever thought of reforming the house or even a room? This will which is often only on paper or that does not go in the expected manner is common among Brazilians. According to a survey conducted by Council of Architecture and Urbanism in Brazil – CAU / BR Datafolha 54% Brazilians have done renovations or constructions. these, less than 15% They used the services of an architect or engineer at work. Also according to the study, the vast majority of respondents who already held renovation or construction said the experience was not good, by a number of problems, in particular the difficulty of finding skilled labor.

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According to Aline Macedo, partner-owner Architecture Studio Alta, reform is the best option for those who want to make the environment more comfortable, Modern and functional. "What more expensive over the reform of a house are structural problems and the hand labor, but if the person opts for more specific factors, as trading floor, roof, painting or even expand some room, You can set a cost limit. Determine the value of a reform is not always an easy task, therefore, It is indicated consult a healthcare professional, as an architect or engineer ", discloses the specialist.

To help with this task, the expert list below five tips for those who want to get a makeover. Check:

1- Have a good planning: the main factor to start reform is to have good planning. "We need to put everything on the edge of the paper, which the total amount that you have to reform, the estimated cost material, labor, define the steps of the project and the rooms to be renovated, make a schedule, set the duration, plus a start date and the end of the reform. It is also necessary to take into account the location of the house, size of the environment and amount of items. Some costs are fixed and others may change, therefore, you must define clearly every step not to end up with a floor by half and even the lack of finish in any of the rooms”, explains Aline Macedo.

2 – Keep an eye on standards: for more complex reforms such as demolition and construction area, or large changes in the structure, you must have a technical lead, with presentation of ART / RRT, ensuring responsibility for that work, according to the Brazilian standard NBR 12.680/2014, as well as presentation of the renovation project at the local City Hall. "Now, when we perform minor renovations, as paintings and niches openings in masonry, no need to leave the city, which makes it faster execution, but not without the presentation of ART / RRT of qualified professional. The trick is to look for an expert to evaluate the case in detail ", alert the architect.

3 – It is better to reform or demolish and start from scratch? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to reform. according to Aline, to know what action to take should be made a detailed study of the house, taking into account the entire structure that can be leveraged. "When we think of an old house, with many structural problems and leaks, muitas vezes o valor da reforma pode ultrapassar o custo de começar do zero, therefore, you must have the entire project in view and make the calculation of this cost, without forgetting that in the case of demolition, and often, you need to do earthwork and clearing of land – which can endear a lot to work ", clarifies.

4 – Enlist the help of an expert: if the reform is not easy and you need to make a schedule of activities, hand hire labor, materials and regularize the property, the most appropriate is to hire a professional in the field as an architect or engineer. "When you have the help of an expert can properly define the scope of work, it can help to define the term, get bigger discounts with suppliers, set a deadline for the delivery of the project, avoid problems with the structure during construction, as well as ensure security and avoid unnecessary expenses ", indicates Aline Macedo.

5 – Regulate your home during retirement: a Prefeitura de São Paulo sancionou recentemente a Lei da Anistia dos imóveis irregulares, it determines a period to stabilize the population buildings, with a more tolerant legislation and discounts on taxes. According to Aline Macedo, the Amnesty Law is the regularization solution offered by the city of São Paulo, for buildings completed until the day 31 th July 2014. "With the current law becomes even more important to regulate the property, especially when it comes to sell it. You must also be aware of the deadline for the amnesty protocolamento and the category that fits your property ", explains architect.

Also according to Aline, who want to regulate a property you should look for a skilled professional and contact the town hall of his city, to know what are the documents and the step by step process. "With the property regularized, the owner can avoid fines for not communicated works, have a greater appreciation and authorization for sale or lease, discount on insurance, register the property in the office, release of funding by the bank, among others. In cases of commercial real estate, with regularization, You can license the activity on the site ", finalizes the architect.

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