Sculpture: Michelangelo, Master of the Renaissance

Michelangelo's Influence on the World of Sculpture. Pieta by Michelangelo. Photo:

In the art of sculpture, Michelangelo is at the center of this artistic panorama, being a monumental figure in the history of Renaissance art and sculpture. Throughout history, sculpture has been a powerful means of human expression, capturing the essence of life and emotion in three-dimensional forms. Michelangelo's genius and technical mastery … Read more

Rodin the Thinker: The Work and Meaning Behind the Sculpture

Rodin the Thinker: The Work and Meaning Behind the Sculpture. Photo:

The sculpture “The Thinker” is one of the most iconic works by renowned artist Auguste Rodin, one of the most influential sculptors in the history of art. Rodin, who was born in France in 1840, achieved widespread recognition for his revolutionary contributions to the world of sculpture. He challenged established conventions and explored new expressive possibilities. “The Thinker” emerged … Read more

Frida Kahlo Unveiled: A Sensory Journey Through the Colors of Persistence at the Francis Bacon Art Space

Frida Kahlo Traveling Exhibition - a woman ahead of her time. Photo: Wellington Barz.

20 artists explore the essence of Frida in a fascinating chromatic odyssey that presents different artistic creations By Emanuelle Spack In a vibrant dive into the universe of art, the Francis Bacon Art Space opens exhibitions of 2024 transporting visitors to an extraordinary encounter at the Frida Kahlo Traveling Exhibition – a woman at … Read more

Five tips for those who want to get a makeover

At the end of a work it is common to find people totally frustrated because they can not get even halfway to the requirements of planning or expenses that arise were not expected; to circumvent this scenario, architect Aline Macedo, partner-owner of Studio Alta Architecture, revela os principais pontos para uma reforma sem estresse São Paulo, March … Read more