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Cinema Urbana promotes event at the Brasilia Museum of Art, to launch its fourth edition

Occupation of MAB with visual and sound work

The Museum's Cobogós facade houses ephemeral works carried out, in synergy, by two exponents of the arts

Gabriela Bilá and Andre Costa, at the invitation of the curator of Urban Cinema – International Architecture Film Festival, idealized visual and sound experience to be presented in the night of the day 14 August, Sunday, to mark the launch of a new realization of the show.

Inspired by the theme of this edition of Cinema Urbana: Imagine Possible Worlds, multimedia artist Bilá created an experimental narrative using excerpts from movies from the show, selected by the curator. And in line with the term: Architecture Film, the work will be projected on the MAB's Cobogós facade.

It was up to André Costa, known in the electronic music scene for DJ Isn’t, compose the soundtrack that will be performed live during the show. Created specifically for this moment, the sound work creates, as well as the projection of Bilhah, a dialogue with the environment in which it will be inserted.

Gabriela Bilá, multimedia artist trained in Architect and Urban Planner, by UnB, and Master in Multimedia and Digital Languages ​​from the MIT Media Lab, exhibited his master's work: With(in), at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2021. His latest work, the immersive installation: Two Mobility Futures, is on display at the Guggenheim Bilbao, curated by the Norman Foster Foundation. She signs the visual identity of Cinema Urbana 2022.

Andre Costa is one of the forerunners of Brasilia's electronic scene. In the 1990, idealized the first two clubs of the local musical style: Wlod Club and miQRa, and in its trajectory, of more than 20 years dedicated to the field, experience the threshold between dance floor, installation, architectural performance and intervention. Your latest project: The Sensory Box, explore the theme: small-scale experimental dance floors dedicated to hard-to-dance music. André also holds a degree in Architecture and Urbanism., by UnB, and one of the curators of Cinema Urbana 2022.

With FAC resources – Background to the culture of the Federal District, and support from SESC-DF, and IV Urban Cinema – International Architecture Film Festival will be held between the days 16 and 21 August at Cine Brasília and Espaço Cultural Renato Russo.

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In addition to the display of 43 movies from 13 countries, in competitive shows, of guests and in special sessions, this year's edition promotes the second Architecture and Film Seminar, when academic papers will be presented and debated, just like movies.

Idealized and produced since 2018 by Liz Sandoval, Thay Limeira and Daniela Marine, the shows Urban Cinema wide, through the lens of cinema, understanding of the city and its structures (social, cultural, architectural), by stimulating reflection, in terms of citizenship, in the construction of culture and of a collective space and time.


4st Urban Cinema – International Architecture Film Festival
Launch: Occupation of MAB with visual and sound works
Local: Brasilia Museum of Art
Address: SHTN Excerpt 1, project Orla Polo 03, Batch 05
day and time: Sunday, 14 August, a partir the 19h
Parental guidance: Free for all audiences
Information: www.cinemaurbana.com

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