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“click&me”, the new course of the French Alliance 100% on-line

For those who want to learn French more freely, want to make an exchange open new cultural and professional horizons, to Alliance Française of Rio de Janeiro launches the course “click&moi” de curta duração e preços mais acessíveis

Ideal for times of social constraint, the course offers students 25 hours accompanied by a teacher in digital classrooms and 15 hours of autonomy and monitoring, through the ESPACE VIRTUEL platform.

100% Online ! Registrations open with 25% discount
6 times of R $ 329.00 by credit card

With 135 years teaching quality French, to French Rio de Janeiro Alliance has a new short course called “click&me”And facing levels A1 and A2. Ideal para quem quer ter mais autonomia e liberdade para administrar sua rotina em paralelo ao processo de ensino e aprendizagem. No primeiro módulo do nível A1, students will study the contents of the units 0 to 4. No second module, it's the units' turn 5 to 8. A great opportunity for those who want to learn French, with weekly activities that mix knowledge and culture.

Registration is open with discounts from 25% and the possibility of splitting into 6 times of R $ 329.00 by credit card. After registration, students will have access to the digital platform of the French Alliance in Brazil and to the contents proposed through the website: www.espacevirtuel.com. As aulas começam a partir de 26/04 com horários das 07h às 22h.

The new French course click&me has virtual format, with 2 hours per week, totaling hourly load of 25 hours accompanied by a teacher in digital classrooms and 15 horas em autonomia através da plataforma ESPACE VIRTUEL.

In live classes, the student interacts with his teacher and with other students in the class. In autonomy, the student trains, reviews and learns by doing self-correcting exercises. In addition, your teacher will be your tutor for the content in autonomy. In order to study independently, students must commit themselves to reading the contents of the book and carrying out the activities indicated. On the platform, by clicking on the book cover image, the student will have access to the proposed interactive activities and also to the workbook.

In the method of assessing the click&me, students will answer questionnaires on the Quizinière platform with some frequency, which will be corrected and commented on by your teacher. An evaluation with a grade will be made at the end of the contents of the books Défi 1 e Challenge 2, that is, when students complete levels A1 and A2.

With a modern and complete structure, to Alliance Française of Rio de Janeiro offers French courses for all ages and levels, even during holiday seasons, with specialized teachers and full pedagogical support.

The offer for the new course came from market research carried out at the end of last year and it was already a plan by the French Alliance to create a course more adapted to university students, already accustomed to studying in autonomy and who were looking for course offerings in this price range.

The change of classes from the physical environment to the digital environment had excellent acceptance by the students. 85% of French Alliance students affirm level of learning equal or higher in virtual classrooms, when compared to the face-to-face rooms. This recognition was proven in a satisfaction survey. Now your students have exclusive access to Culturethèque, francophone online platform with songs, programs and magazines. The student just needs to register and enjoy all the available resources, BDs, e-books, music and all other local resources. Coordinated by the A Maison de France Media Library, Culturethèque also have self-training exercises, classified according to CECR levels, plus games to learn while having fun.

The pedagogical content was maintained, because as AF-Rio already used digital boards in their classrooms, changing TBIs (abbreviation for digital pictures, in French) for computer screens went quiet way, because the content was already all digitized. This was the way that the French culture association understood to be the most correct so that the weekly interaction and the relationship between the members of the class was maintained”, says to Emilie, Dir. Pedagogy of AF.

According to the Director General of the French Alliance, Jean Bourdin, the French Alliance is totally focused on innovation and the new digital age. In April, “Affluence”, podcast channel in French and Portuguese with series of French people and other pedagogical content. The channel will bring together different types of audio productions, such as interviews with French and Brazilian artists and professionals, reading books in french, capsules with tips for learning the language and more.

The French Alliance proposes French courses for all levels, from beginner (A1) to fluency (C1), according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Divided in 3 modules, The level Beginner is ideal for students who wish to speak French for travel and mobility. At the end of this level, the student will be able to take the DELF A2 proficiency exam. In this scenario, Kids, teenagers and adults can take advantage of the time of social isolation to learn French and when the pandemic is over be able to travel to francophone countries.

This confinement experience also confirmed the importance of the French Alliance for its students and for the maintenance of their dreams of traveling, study, live outside the country or any other form of exchange with French-speaking countries. As an example, the francophone province of Québec, in Canada, the second most populous is recruiting professionals from different areas, as nurses, game artists, developers, programmers, polishers and many other professions. There are also opportunities and places for students interested in studying and working outside Brazil.

French is the official language in 30 countries, in all United Nations agencies and in a large number of international organizations. The French Alliance has a very important role in the expansion of French throughout the world. Geographically, Francophones are concentrated on the Atlantic coast. French Guiana, French Antilles and French speaking Canadian provinces like Quebec form the so-called French-speaking America; African countries colonized by the French, mostly located in the Atlantic, make up Francophone Africa; and France and its smaller neighbors, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Monaco, located in Europe.

Registration open: https://www.rioaliancafrancesa.com.br/cursos-frances/
Learn more at captacao.rioaliancafranicando.com.br/cursoexpress
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