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Café foto created by master1305 - br.freepik.com

Cloffice: meet the new trend for home office

Htoday it is impossible to ignore the impacts that the 2020 had in the world as a whole, not only in health, but also in the professional sense and in the routine of companies and professionals. This is where the concept of cloffice, quite a novelty.

In fact, due to the pandemic, more than 45% of people who worked in person had to switch to home office overnight. That just doesn't include, practically, services that must be in person.

It would be the case, for example, of a professional who does painting epoxica or any other type. Of course he will always need to be present, however, other professionals from the same company can easily operate remotely.

Thus, basically everything that can be done with the help of the internet, migrated to this format. The figures are from a survey carried out by Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), and indicate that the trend is for the home office to normalize.

At most, some companies should work with a hybrid format, that allows the professional to operate from home a few days a week, although I need to attend in person sometimes, as for month-end meetings.

Also for that, companies are increasingly investing in IT solutions (Information Technology), such as programs and software that help in the management of distance work, in team building and, and, in the delegation of functions, videoconferencing, etc.

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But few people remember an equally important aspect: and the employee, who suddenly finds himself forced to change his routine and even his work methodology? We need to rethink even their new physical facilities, Is not it?

The cloffice appears to meet this demand, involving both the issue of furniture and work objects and the aspect of decoration and harmony that this may require. It is worth remembering that even companies already needed to take this into account.

For example, depending on the time each employee spent sitting, it was necessary to think of a office chair buy to meet that demand, according to the exposure suffered and even work safety standards.

Without speaking, of course, the problem of lack of space that currently affects most houses and apartments, especially in big cities. So we decided to write this article, bringing new trends in the field to you.

The cool thing is that it all helps to optimize the space and still makes your day more comfortable and more productive, sometimes with simple tips how to embed a stainless steel shelf small, facilitating access to printed and related materials.

So, if your goal is to better understand this incredible universe and maybe start building or improving your own cloffice, just go on reading.

Cloffice: what exactly is it about?

As the name suggests, it's about joining the “home office” to the “closet”, that is, to a closet that many times already existed in the place. This can be done in the dorm, in the living room and even in access corridors that have more space.

Some people do it on the balcony, especially when it comes to gourmet balconies, with a glass curtain, which prevents the damaging action of wind and rain, with the advantage of making the person more comfortable.

In fact, there is nothing worse than working feeling suffocated. Hence the cloffice is perfect, for allowing the person to install it where they feel best. After, just close the door of the furniture where it is, it's ready, the room “goes back to normal”.

In other words, the computer, the files, work tools and even accessories as a ruler with rack sockets will not impact the home environment.

This also encourages the cleanliness and organization of the two areas, both the home and the “office”, because one will not compete with the other's space.

Of course, this is a very creative innovation that can bring several benefits for the employee and even for the company, because convenience and worker satisfaction directly impact productivity.

The first steps to apply the trend

You who loved the idea of ​​cloffice and want to implement it, first you need to do some planning, at least before I go shopping for furniture, shelves and utensils.

A golden tip is to take into account the following points:

  • Site lighting;
  • Your budget;
  • The useful measure of space;
  • Necessary shelves;
  • The type of choice to make;
  • The necessary comfort;
  • The decoration of the environment.

Anyway, imagine that the corridor where you have the ideal space does not have the best lighting. In the medium term this will certainly damage your vision, maybe even generate headache and end up bringing more disorder than solution.

So, or you will need to choose another place or install lighting that favors the requirements of your type of work. This goes even more for those who deal with design, like the arts of wood printing, or even with reading, essay, review and the like.

This is an example of how important planning is, because it is necessary to imagine the medium and long term, so that there are no regrets after all the changes to the furniture that will “receive” your cloffice are made.

About budget and useful measure

When we talk about planning, you have to recognize that a very common mistake is buying piece by piece, table first, then a nice armchair, finally the equipment, without thinking about the whole.

The biggest problem with this is not so much the harmony between the items, what could even be achieved even by purchasing the elements separately. The big point is the budget, that if it is not well calculated it can bring losses.

For example, there's no use having a stainless steel table reinforced for a heavier computer, in case it leads you to buy a much lower armchair, that would harm your comfort and even your health, agree?

The same situation applies to the measurement or useful space of the location, that also needs to be thought of together, so that one element doesn't stand out too much and force you to have less space for what really matters.

Inside the use of shelves

A current trend is the niches, which are “closed” shelves, like squares, rectangles and even stars and more differentiated shapes.

The point here is to always think about the functionality, because it is not just a decorative element, but above all the role it will play in the daily organization.

In addition to the organization, it is possible to think about the type of use you will make of the things that are stored on these shelves..

Of course, the most needed items can be on the table. If you want to avoid clutter, just use those organizers that leave their drawers handy, so that you wouldn’t even have to get up.

Also think about the decoration

Certainly functionality and comfort are important, but you also need to think about the appearance of your cloffice. And not just from space in relation to yourself, but also in the way it harmonizes with the other elements of the room.

It is also worth remembering that even the color of the place can influence, as you already know, thanks to chromotherapy. For example, the yellow color tends to generate relaxation and optimism, while blue brings serenity and tranquility.

Depending on the type of work, a gray wall can contribute a lot, for awakening emotional stability in us. This element can go beyond the cloffice and already involve another piece of the room, as rustic curtain fabric that closes the window.

It’s also worth thinking about the ornaments, which can range from dolls that the person likes to paintings or even plants (live or plastic, as you wish).

In addition, some elements can serve as decoration and at the same time have a usefulness. One example is chalkboard inks, that allow you to give a special touch to a wall and then still serve to make notes easy to erase.

Final Considerations

Finally, a nice indication is how to make the place “disappear” when not in use. In some cases a simple curtain rod can solve this in a stylish way, but a sliding door is usually more definitive.

Another alternative is the shrimp port, that can be opened to the side without crossing the entire passage. If the decor is perfect, some even resort to glass doors, that protect the place, but accept that it becomes part of the whole.

In any case, office cleaning is important, but consider that with the glass door it will be even more. Even because, she will also be responsible for making you feel good on the spot, directly impacting your productivity.

With that we come to an end, making it clear that anyone can make or improve their cloffice, which will give you more incentive to work at home.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content on different segments.

today it is impossible to ignore the impacts that the 2020 had in the world as a whole, not only in health, but also in the professional sense and in the routine of companies and professionals. That's when the concept of cloffice arises, quite a novelty. In fact, due to the pandemic, more than 45% of people who worked in person had to switch to home office overnight. That just doesn't include, practically, services that must be in person. It would be the case, for example, de uma profissional que faz pintura epoxica ou de qualquer outro…

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