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Assembly proposes aesthetic and political experience. Photo: Gabriel Oliveira.
Assembly proposes aesthetic and political experience. Photo: Gabriel Oliveira.

Moebius Collective holds extra 'It could be SPAM' session on Sunday, day 27 of June

Dance show criticizes the uses of technologies on the body, in society and politics, in a pandemic context

A Moebius Collective presents the next day 27 of June, Sunday, to 20h, extra sessionthe show's It could be SPAM, the eighth assembly of the group created in 2014. In scene, cinco performers, cameras, projections, lighting and soundtrack interact and build an aesthetic and political experience with the audience. The transmission is through the collective channel on Youtube.

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Adapted to the pandemic context, where social isolation is necessary, the play was built on virtual encounters, realizing the body-space-screen relationship. The show premiered in 11 of June and had three sessions broadcast online on Youtube.

The project started in 2016, when it was awarded in a public notice of the Municipal Fund to Support Artistic and Cultural Production (Fumproarte) from the city of Porto Alegre. Since then, Brazilian society experienced a coup, public university occupations, toxic mud sweeping cities and polluting rivers, forest fires, murders and political arrests, racism crimes, pandemics, fake news and an election won via WhatsApp. “It could be SPAM” assumes its role as a mirror and as a critic of the uses of technologies in the body, in society and politics.

“It could be SPAM” is based on the phenomenon of simultaneity of information, in augmented reality and in the imaginary of dystopias. Reflects on the acceleration of the use of smartphones and technologies that guide the relationship between the flow of information available on virtual networks and the subject's physical interactions in the world.

The design and direction is by the Moebius Collective, with choreographic assistance by Douglas Jung. No list, are Luiza Fischer, Patricia Nardelli, Priya Mariana Konrad, Renata Stein, Sahaj. The soundtrack is by Vitório O. Azevedo, Carol Zimmer lighting, creation of videos by Paula Pinheiro and costumes by Janaína Ferrari. The production is by Ana Paula Reis/Bendita Cultura (Check the complete technical sheet in the "Service").

A practical workshop to introduce movement research and reality production to the general public was also held.. Integrating initiatives will also be carried out especially for students of the Preparatory Dance School (EPD) of the municipality, are they: a practical workshop, as well as a show session and a chat with the participation of the members of the Moebius Collective.

About the Moebius Collective:

And if front and back could be seen at the same time? What if inside and outside met in continuity? What if the things that are seen as opposite were actually part of an indistinct whole? Appropriating the concept contained in the Moebius tape, the Moebius Collective seeks to break these dichotomies by operating, just like the tape, a subversion in the common space of representation.

The Collective appears in 2014, composed of dancers of different techniques, actors and artists, proposing to make diversity its power. Continuing the work started in the Experimental Dance Group of Porto Alegre (GED) in the year 2013, the Collective continues researching body and movement and exploring the language of contemporary dance to build its own vocabulary and experiences in art.

His researches have already unfolded in works such as: "21+1 procedure" (2014), "Term: Contemplation exercise" (2015-2016), "Provisional Measure" (2016-2017) and "(From)Collage" (2018), "Poetics on Death/Time/Life" (2018), "Slots" (2018), "Three Songs" (2019), in addition to performances and workshops. In 2020 Coletivo Moebius received the Açorianos em Dança Prize in the category highlighted in contemporary dance.


So you wake up after thousands of years of waiting under the ice and return to a world you no longer know. a virus, to spam, a message: the blurred border between communication and advertising, between desire and the rawness of reality. It is necessary to choose which truths to feed on when the ground we walk on is not enough to generate a common world experience. In the showcase of contemporaneity, each body, each subjectivity is content to be shared in an algorithmic battle for visibility.


Design and direction: Moebius Collective | Assistência coreográfica: Douglas Jung | List: Luiza Fischer, Patricia Nardelli, Priya Mariana Konrad, Renata Stein, Sahaj. | Soundtrack and sound: Victory. Azevedo | Lighting: Carol room | Creating videos: Paula Pinheiro | Costumes: Janaina Ferrari | Scenography: Rodrigo Shalako | Social media: Emily Blanco | Design and visual identity: Paula Hartz | Photography: Gabriel Oliveira | audiovisual edition: Hyperlink | Audiovisual Technician: Fresh Audiovisual | Press Office: Silvia Abreu Integrated Marketing Consultancy | Production: Ana Paula Reis/Blessed Culture | Support: Luka Ibarra/ Lucida Cultural Development and Ample Studio | Realization: Moebius Collective | Financing: Fumproarte


Facebook: www.facebook.com/ColetivoMoebius

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCspRyeTL16OSWsVgOlL1rWw

Instagram: www.instagram.com/coletivomoebius

What: It could be SPAM, of the Moebius Collective.
When: Extra session is 27 of June (Sunday), at 8:0 pm.
Where: Transmission through the Coletivo Moebius channel on Youtube:
How much: Contribuição espontânea via Pix 26158508000106 (Renata Stein)

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