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Spectacle: "Depois do caos a gente se encontra". Photo: Raphaiane Costa.
Spectacle: "After the chaos we find each other". Photo: Raphaiane Costa.

Collective dedicated to the democratization of dance promotes events

The pandemic hit the culture sector across the country.. far from easy, it was with great willpower that Belas Artes Projetos Culturais created the C.R.I.A project, Regional Artistic Initiation Collective, covered by the Aldir Blanc Law, via the Espírito Santo Department of Culture. with a hectic schedule, the collective invites capixabas to watch the shows “After the chaos we meet”, What happens on the day 25 July, at 18h; and "Inspections of someone else's room", What happens on the day 07 August (Saturday), at 8:0 pm. Both online and streamed for free.

“For a brief moment everyone felt lost in the face of our new reality. one thing was for sure, we need to adapt. Difficulties in accessing the internet by our audience prevented the remodeling of the school into a completely virtual medium. To continue bringing art and culture accessible to our audience, we started the production of cultural lives. Respecting all safety measures required by the World Health Organization (OMS) and with a reduced team, to avoid agglomerations.”, account Marcelo Oliveira, director of Belas Artes Projetos Culturais.

As the pandemic continued through the years of 2020 and 2021, Marcelo Oliveira and cameraman Alif Ferreira (Alif Producer) started the project for the formation of teenagers and young people in professions in the audiovisual area: recording, photography, Image editing, among others. As young people learned new skills, entered the labor market generating support for their families. This is how the C.R.I.A project was created, which today serves about 20 teens, who have already created more than 30 works available on Belas Artes Cultural Projects YouTube channel and partners such as Sociedade Musical Lira Mateense. You can learn about the result of this learning in the shows "After the chaos, we meet" and "Inspections to someone else's room".

The dance show “After the chaos we meet” (25/07) is part of the Culture Everywhere event – North Module, curated by the Brazil Institute of Culture and Art. The presentation invites the audience to look inside themselves and immerse themselves in their own emotions.. This trip is guided by the dancer Marcelo Oliveira, who also carries out the direction and production. The capture and editing of images was done by Gabriel Moura and Alif Ferreira. The soundtrack is by Nitore Akada and Lucas Maciel, with project coordination in Vitória Dornelas.

The dance show “Inspections to the Alien's Room” (07/08) takes place within the programming of the Festival Luzes da Ribalta "Diversidade de Ser" and will be available for a period of one month for viewing on the YouTube channel. The performance talks about identity and enclosure and has the participation of the dancer Marcelo Oliveira. The video featured the look of Alif Ferreira, responsible for direction and production. The soundtrack is by Nitore Akada and Lucas Maciel, with project coordination in Vitória Dornelas.

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Inspections of someone else's room
Date: 07/08/2021
Time: 20h
Canal: Ribalta Cine Teatro
Free Event
After Chaos we meet
Date: 25/07/2021
Time: 18h
Canal: Vitória Film Festival
Free Event
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