What Are Visual Arts? A Comprehensive Introduction

What Are Visual Arts? A Comprehensive Introduction. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

The visual arts occupy a central place in the cultural fabric of humanity, serving as a mirror of our experiences, emotions and values. Since time immemorial, artistic expression has been a universal language that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers, allowing us to communicate ideas and explore deep questions that shape our existence. As we delve into the vastness of … Read more

10 Famous Works of Art that Changed the History of Humanity

10 Famous Works of Art that Changed the History of Humanity. PARIS, FRANCE - 12 March 2018: Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum without tourists. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

Highlighting the famous works of art that shaped history is more than mere aesthetic analysis; It is an immersion in the essence of humanity, captured in color, shapes and textures. Since the beginnings of civilization, art has been a mirror of the human soul, reflecting your beliefs, values ​​and aspirations. Desde pinturas rupestres nasRead more

Rodin the Thinker: The Work and Meaning Behind the Sculpture

Rodin the Thinker: The Work and Meaning Behind the Sculpture. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

The sculpture “The Thinker” is one of the most iconic works by renowned artist Auguste Rodin, one of the most influential sculptors in the history of art. Rodin, who was born in France in 1840, achieved widespread recognition for his revolutionary contributions to the world of sculpture. He challenged established conventions and explored new expressive possibilities. “The Thinker” emerged … Read more

Crafts in Ribeirão Preto: Tradition and Local Creativity

Crafts in Ribeirão Preto: Tradition and Local Creativity. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

Crafts in Ribeirão Preto emerge as a living expression of local identity and creativity. Ribeirão Preto, city ​​located in the heart of the state of São Paulo, is recognized by many as an important economic and cultural hub. Strolling through the city's historic streets and fairs, it is possible to immerse yourself in an enchanting world … Read more

Curitiba Festival brings it to the South of Brazil for the first time, Capricious and Guaranteed, the Amazon ox duel

PARINTINE WOOD. Photo: Disclosure / Government of Amazonas.

One of Brazil's greatest cultural heritages opens the program for the 32nd edition of the Curitiba Festival, bringing the challenge of toadas from the bumbás of Parintins, in Amazonas One of the largest and most important performing arts festivals in Brazil, the Curitiba Festival announced its official program for the 32nd edition, that occurs from … Read more

SP-Arte reaches its 20th edition, consolidated as the largest fair in the sector in the southern hemisphere

SP-Arte reaches its 19th edition. Photo: Disclosure / SP-Arte.

From 3 to 7 April, the event will bring together more than 180 exhibitors between art galleries, design studios, publishers and cultural institutions at the Biennial Pavilion in 2024, SP–Arte celebrates two decades of existence and reaps the rewards of continuous work, reflecting the vigor that the national art market has achieved. … Read more

Festival Mulher em Cena presents DF shows

Love Provisional and Unchangeable Title. Photo: Mariana Baeta.

National Festival of Produced Performing Arts, idealized and starred by women returns to the cultural agenda of the Federal Capital for its fourth edition Festival Mulher em Cena Theater shows from different angles, workshops and conversation circles make up the program with attractions from the DF and other regions Guided by the recognition of female performance in the arts, … Read more

Project brings free and quality music to Ruas da Cidadania

Street of citizenship of Boqueirão. Photo: Disclosure.

Composers from Paraná are the highlights in presentations in the 10 Regionals Classical music will involve the Ruas da Cidadania in October and November. Are 10 free and open presentations to the community, one in each Administrative Region. The concerts are artistically directed by Vitor Andrade and take place within the Comvisão Paranaenses project: to … Read more

Adélio Amaro receives honor from renowned Academy

Adelio Amaro, featured. Photo: Disclosure / MF Global Press.

Portuguese writer Adélio Amaro received, recently, a Motion of Honor of Merit from the Lucentina Academy of Philosophy and Humanities, based in Brazil, "for the relevant services provided in the area of ​​culture and bringing people together, namely in the connection between Portuguese-speaking countries, with special focus on Brazil and Portugal". This … Read more

Course on Accountability for Cultural and Social Projects

CCJF Cultural Festival at Home. Disclosure.

Last Registration Days There are only a few days left before the registration deadline for the Accountability for Cultural and Social Projects course, taught by Sandra Helena Pedroso. The course will take place online, in the days 10 and 13 September, from 10:00 to 12:00, on the CCJF Zoom platform. The course will cover the basics of … Read more