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How to Build an Underground Garage for Your Home?. Photo: Photo background created by evening_tao - br.freepik.com.
How to Build an Underground Garage for Your Home?. Photo: Photo background created by evening_tao - br.freepik.com.

How to Build an Underground Garage for Your Home?

Ting their own home is the dream of many people around the world and, even when they build from the plant, a question can stay in the air: it's worth investing in one underground garage? And how to build it?

Thinking about it, today's text will cover how to build an underground garage for your home, exploring which ideal situations can be explored for this purpose, which type of garage is most suitable and what should be done to achieve this goal.

When we think about buying or building our own house, it is normal for us to check how all the rooms and furniture will be, the space that will be used for each one and already imagining where each element will be to compose the scenario.

We've already started looking paint and varnish company to check which color is best for each place and see which one best matches a particular room, since, each one of them brings a moment and a new sensation to the people who pass through there..

But many don't pay enough attention to the garage., but, those who really care know how important it is to have a well-equipped garage., stylized and beautiful, besides obviously being efficient.

But there are several types of garage for the most varied public and, what to do when you are looking for an underground garage? which gate to use? Automatic gate or manual? It is possible to build one from scratch?

There are several questions that can cause a lot of confusion., especially for those who don't understand much of the subject.. Therefore, know that it is possible to build your own underground garage, and this text will explain how.

Therefore, to stay on top of everything and understand in depth what steps are necessary to build it, how to decorate it and how to make the most of this opportunity using, even, of garage cover, check out the following topic.

what is needed to know?

There are a few concepts you need to know before setting out to build your underground garage. These are basic concepts that will help you have a better vision of how to find the ideal time to take this attitude.

First, an underground garage is characterized by being below street level., not interfering with the facade of the house, establishment or construction. It is widely used in shopping malls and busy places.

Using of garage gates and all possible features, it is usually done in houses when the land is on a slope, that is, in houses where the unevenness of the place is very evident and constant.

Create a facade where this garage would be on top, it would be a little harder and, thinking about the aesthetic end, it's much better to bet on the underground option.

For ease of understanding, this type of garage may be better suited to:

  • Places with accentuated slopes;
  • commercial establishments;
  • Houses;
  • one-story houses.

It is recommended that you have all the planning and monitoring of a professional for the construction, as in architecture and urbanism projects, to avoid as much as possible any failure or error along the way..

These types of garages can offer, including, a great sense of security when built in. houses, since, the resident, when he leaves the car, will already be inside the home. With so many crimes happening these days, additional security never hurts.

However, again coming back to the subject regarding the monitoring of a professional, at a certain point in the work, it will be necessary to excavate the ground., and care must be taken so that it does not affect the groundwater.

If the services of a roller shutter factory or not, this is something that will be discussed further on.. What we will see now is, in fact, how to build an underground garage for your home.

01 – Calculate the internal space

First of all, it is necessary to check which area will be used for the creation of the garage and make sure that the dimensions proposed by your project are ideal for you to be able to park your car comfortably and safely.

Think what a hassle it would be to have all the work, spend money and resources, hire qualified labor to create your garage and, no time to park or car, realize that it was too tight for you to get out of it and have flow problems.

It is necessary to manage the entire construction, as well as the management of engineering projects, and ensure that, at least, the dimensions of the garage are 2.50m wide and 5,50 m long. This size can vary a lot.

One of the factors that needs to be taken into account, for example, is the number of cars the house has, being able to make a much bigger place to have more comfort or a minimum space, but that you can use freely.

02 – Perform ramp calculation

One of the essential elements when building an underground garage for your home is to do the ramp calculation., since, have to have some access to space, as well as where the car will transit as entry and exit.

Even though an excellent job is done with the garage door automation, if the ramp is not well designed, it is possible that you have serious problems that can damage your vehicle over time..

Ask a professional in the area for guidance to perform the calculation accurately and avoid potential problems, but one thing is for sure: the longer the length of your garage, smaller will be the slope of the ramp.

And, in these specific cases, it's better to have a less steep ramp, thus preventing the car from hitting the concrete so that it ends up scratching or, even, breaking some piece of yours, no need.

03 – be careful with the height of the door

A special precaution that should also be taken into consideration when building an underground garage for your home is the size of the door., also known as right foot.

Unfortunately, when not well planned, it can happen that the roof of the car hits the entrance to the garage space, potentially causing serious damage to bodywork and causing you to spend money that is not needed at the moment.

Ideally, the right foot of the garage should have at least 2,5 m high to prevent these accidents from happening, and you end up ruining your car early and regret not having read these tips.

Remember that the deeper the entrance to your underground garage, more weight she will have, therefore, check the project in advance and, again, look for opinions from professionals in the field to ensure that everything works according to your needs and your safety.

04 – put an indoor ladder

One of the main reasons for making an underground garage for your home is to increase its security and avoid getting out of the car in the middle of the street., helping criminals and malicious people to end up harming you in some way.

With this, It is essential to install an indoor staircase that accesses your home from the garage., since, upon reaching the top, this access also has a door that can be locked somehow.

This saves you from storing the car and having to go back outside to get into the house., not making sense with the security proposal.

And, when the door is locked, it's just another security guarantee, since criminals and thieves can access your house through the garage. Of course all information is hypothetical, but better safe than sorry.

Final Considerations

Today's text covered how to build an underground garage for your home, showing what you need to know to carry out this process and some essential elements for this process to get as close as possible to perfection.

Of course, it is important to make an appointment and ask for help from a professional in the area to ensure the effectiveness of the garage, that the calculations were done correctly and, mainly, for the safety of the residents of that place.

Use the information provided throughout the text as a form of guidance and study as much as possible to increase the effectiveness of the process and ensure that everything will work according to plan.

Now that you understand how to carry out this process, make the most of your home's facade, Exploring the space in a way that contributes to the beautiful look you want your home to convey to you and your visitors.

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