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How to decorate a small kitchen

Quem buying a house or apartment needs to choose the furniture that will make up each of the rooms, thinking of making them nice and complete. In this process, one of the priorities must be decorate kitchen, making sure she has everything she needs.

Currently, it is increasingly common to find properties with reduced sizes, mainly in central regions of the country's major capitals, and the reasons for that are several.

One is the difficulty of finding land with enough space to build larger units. In addition, construction companies aim to offer developments that can accommodate a large number of families, building more apartments per tower.

But one of the main points in this scenario is the question of values. With the real estate market heating up, prices for buying a property may be above the buyer's budget, what makes him look for smaller houses.

Therefore, the vast majority of developments today offer apartments with reduced lengths, so that the purchase, either in cash or financed, fit in the financial planning of any family.


In this way, if before it was necessary to think about the amount of objects that would be used to decorate a big house, now it is important to consider that small spaces require care when choosing the items to be used.

In other words, the owner will have to search for a custom steel bookcase, that fits perfectly in the space available in the room it will occupy.

When you think about the kitchen, for example, this is even more important. The number of appliances and cabinets needed to accommodate all utensils and equipment must be chosen assertively.

After all, to maintain order in space it is essential that the decoration is impeccable, meeting the specific needs of this room and all others.

This is where the importance of functional decoration comes in, in which it is possible to optimize the space and guarantee the use of each corner of the environment.

Therefore, if you have a small apartment and want tips on how to organize your kitchen, read on this content and learn more about it.

The small kitchen models

When the owner needs to choose furniture for his small kitchen, he must consider the main models found in the market, that will help you idealize the perfect setting.

This means that to install a built-in electric countertop barbecue, he will need to consider the free spaces of the location and understand the best way to position it, optimizing the space and ensuring that it is in harmony.

For this, he must know the two main types: the modular kitchen and the planned kitchen. Although they look like equal options, they have structural differences between them.

Modular kitchen

In this style of cuisine, it is possible to assemble the area with ready-made modules, taking advantage of spaces and building cabinets according to the owner's desire.

The benefit of this type of kitchen is that the choice of furniture, for example, is done more easily, selecting a ready-made model from a store catalog and inserting parts as needed.

In addition, they can be changed whenever needed, which makes the modular kitchen synonymous with practicality and also economy.

For those who want to put a industrial kitchen stainless steel countertop, for example, it is possible to use the modular furniture, choosing models that harmonize with this type of material, also being simple to clean.

Fitted kitchen

Anyone who has had the experience of looking for furniture for a small property has heard of the options planned, that are developed to take advantage of the space in a personalized way.

Thus, to the kitchen of a small apartment, to look for custom kitchen furniture can be an alternative to build a room where there are specific measures, which can yield a well used space.

In the planned kitchen projects, it is essential to consider the appliances that will be used on site, because the assembly of furniture can circumvent them symmetrically, to enjoy every inch of the kitchen.

Therefore, even though the budget for this type of furniture may be a little higher than the modular, it can be an opportunity to optimize space and promote a well-used area.

It should be noted that there is no better kitchen model than the other. This is because each property has its particularities, so that you need to consider both options and understand which one may be the most suitable for your home kitchen.

Tips for decorating small kitchens

After knowing the options found in the kitchen decorating segment, it is possible to apply some practical tips that help to make the environment more organized and better used. Know them below.

1 - Choose functional furniture

Instead of choosing furniture simply for its beauty, it is important to consider that it has a better defined function, which will guarantee an impeccable organization in the room.

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Thus, be sure to insert us decoration projects of your kitchen and other environments in the house the choice of them, improving the overall presentation of each space.

A drawer with cutlery divider, articulated trash can, ergonomic shelves and hinged door cupboards are some practical examples of functional items that can be used in the kitchen to make the place more aligned.

2 - Explore the room vertically

It is very common that shelves and furniture installed in the kitchen are always at an accessible height, which means that they can leave the space looking charged.

An option to improve the distribution of furniture in the room is to place them in the highest area of ​​the kitchen, making better use of the wall and organizing the space as a whole.

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An interesting suggestion is to use shelves a little higher than normally seen, and position colorful and elegant utensils, helping to make the place beautiful and well decorated.

3 - Opt for benches instead of chairs

Chairs are indispensable in the kitchen, but they can be easily replaced in apartments with reduced space.

This is because the structure of the chair is usually much larger than that of a bench, since it has smaller proportions. In parallel, can still be stored under the table with ease, you can also find foldable options.

Thus, besides leaving free space for circulation, banks can be quite elegant and differentiated, creating a unique decoration in space.

4 - Define a unique style

When elaborating different bespoke furniture projects, it is essential that the rooms of the house have a unique style, so that all the elements used can harmonize in an interesting way in the different environments of the house.

In the kitchen this is also very important. A minimalist style, for example, uses few decorative items and follows a line of similar colors and tones, leaving the space properly organized and synchronized.

In this way, trying to combine two different styles can leave the environment cluttered and messy.

Therefore, be sure to choose a unique decoration, that will offer all the beauty that your kitchen deserves to have.

5 - Choose the most appropriate coating

When you want to choose one residential laminate flooring, it is essential to take into account the general decoration of the house, so that the property is valued according to its characteristics.

Whether to cover the walls or the floor of the house, it is important that the beauty and quality of each coating takes into account the specifics of all environments, so that the choice is assertive in terms of safety and decoration.

Not for nothing, one of the most interesting choices for the kitchen can be a non-slip porcelain tile, since the area undergoes constant washing, making it safer for all residents.

Therefore, coatings must be selected with care, so that it has an attractive and coherent decoration in each environment of the property.

6 - Prioritize the organization

The general organization of a kitchen can make all the difference in the family's daily life. After all, having lots of equipment and utensils scattered around the place can make it stop being beautiful and comfortable.

Thus, it is indicated to prioritize the organization, leaving the cabinets always tidy internally, properly accommodating food in the pantry, avoiding accumulating many utensils and always keeping the space clean and aligned.

In this way, kitchen decor becomes much more striking, and ensures that space is valued in a special way, for always being in order and with the items in the right place.

Decorating a small kitchen can be much easier than you think. Therefore, be sure to follow the tips covered in this content and set up the environment of your dreams, optimizing space and ensuring a pleasant and functional room.

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