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How to clean painted walls and maintain them correctly?. Photo: Woman photo created by wayhomestudio - br.freepik.com.
How to clean painted walls and maintain them correctly?. Photo: Woman photo created by wayhomestudio - br.freepik.com.

How to clean painted walls and maintain them correctly?

Aa painted walls of a house give all the charm and elegance to the decor, and they are fundamental pieces when choosing the design style that you will use in structuring the environment as a whole..

Besides, these walls can be a standout environment in the house, a support structure for a particular style or even an artistic expression. Standards, colors and designs can be entered into a court painting with epoxy paint to make the property unique.

However, care must be taken to maintain the quality and structure of the wall when you include it in your cleaning routine.. Many people don't even do this process., since it is not a common routine.

when a wall is not clean, it ends up accumulating dust and dirt, and in some cases even blemishes and other marks that become uncomfortable and, and often, harm the work as it was conceived using enamel paint acrylic.

Therefore, putting wall cleaning into your house cleaning process is very important, ensuring a more suitable aesthetic for your home and, at the same time, taking care of health.

This is because the accumulation of dust on the walls can appear invisible to the naked eye., but it ends up generating a series of complications for people who have respiratory diseases and allergies, since they are normally not identified.

Ensure the quality of the painting and art on the wall when setting up your decoration is important, that's why you should pay attention to some important elements to achieve a more effective cleaning in the plaster wall paint and everything else.

Cleaning painted walls: see how

This type of process is very important for you to be able to keep your house in order and tidy, but avoiding major problems with the wall painting process.

Conventional products and chemicals can modify the structure and spoil the painter's work, what can often be a costly repair. In addition, some people put real works of art on the walls with epoxy paint.

Drawings and graffiti have increasingly been part of urban decor, and these parts must be preserved for you to be able to enjoy the best result of this operation when cleaning your house.

Therefore, It is important to pay attention to some fundamental details to achieve a more effective cleaning practice., that guarantees a very good structure and organizational potential for your work as a whole..

1 – cleaning time

The first point you should be careful about is the time between wall cleanings.. Even if you use suitable products, It is important to take into account that both water and water can affect the color done by water services. building painting.

Therefore, ideally, cleaning should be done in at least 30 days. In this way, you can keep the wall clean and still keep the decor structure exactly as expected..

This type of activity is important for you to be able to practice cleaning with the correct frequency., ensuring more adequate breathing for residents with respiratory problems, but without retouching the epoxy floor paint, as well as wall.

2 – dusting off

To do an effective cleaning it is necessary to deal with the dust issue.. This is a basic cleaning, and must be performed before any interaction with stronger products. To get rid of excess dust, the process is reasonably simple.

You can take a soft cloth and wrap it on a broom, to ensure you have reach the entire length of the wall when dusting. Cloth is a security measure, as the broom bristles can scratch the paint.

If you don't dust off before continuing to clean the wall, there is a chance that cleaning will be compromised, and can help make marks and grooves along the wall., taking out the proper look it needs to look like..

3 – Stains

Blemishes can happen for a number of reasons., and you should keep in mind that they are a priority when it comes to cleaning walls..

The longer the stain stays, the harder it will be to remove it, often needing the outsourcing of concierge and cleaning services to be able to resolve this issue, as well as leaving the environment with a new face.

However, In some cases, this type of process ends up not being able to be reversed., and so whenever you see a stain on the paint, the ideal is to try to clean as soon as possible. Thus, you avoid the need for rework.

To be able to do a good stain cleaning, friction and even pen marks, It is interesting to work with a simple mixture of water and baking soda. You can use a soft sponge to apply the solution and gently rub it away..

Be careful when using sponges with rough parts, or in forcing the wall when scrubbing, as this can peel the paint or harm the cleaning process as a whole., leaving as the only alternative to repaint the place.

4 – product testing

Wall painting is sensitive to chemicals in general. Therefore, It is good that you take care before starting the cleaning process., especially if you're using a new product that you haven't tried yet..

To take a quality test, look for some hidden spot on the wall, like behind sofas or furniture. So, you can apply a little of the product and leave some time to check the reaction it causes on the paint.

In this way, you guarantee more quality when cleaning the environment with your cleaning service. cleaning in condominiums, for example, ensuring that the product will not remove paint from the wall and harm the entire process in this way.

In addition, when you find a quality product that has no damage to the wall, it's ideal to start looking for the same brand every time, to ensure you get a similar result every time you do this process..

5 – washing the walls

The washing itself is a process that must be done carefully., to avoid any kind of paint problem. However, it's not difficult and, although you can use your own products for this, it is possible to use some items that are common, such as:

  • Water;
  • Vinegar;
  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • Neutral Detergent.

after making the mixture, you can take a soft sponge and gently apply it along the entire length of the wall to achieve a more effective cleaning result., being careful in spots where the paintwork is already altered in some way.

To be able to wash more effectively, the ideal is to start at the base of the wall and continue cleaning upwards. In addition, it is ideal that you do the cleaning in parts, preventing the wall from getting drop marks.

To get an even better result, after finishing washing, immediately wipe with a damp cloth to make final adjustments and finish with a dry cloth, to avoid leaving water stains in the process.

In this way, you can do a much more complete cleaning of your walls, ensuring an effective wash that will allow the environment to be more comfortable and clean.

Performing this type of cleaning, you guarantee a much longer durability for the painting of your walls, with more quality and effectiveness in their actions as a whole.

6 – persistent dirt

There are some cases where, regardless of washing, the wall still has a more yellowish or darker appearance, and it is not as effective with regard to cleaning as a whole.. when your wall is at this moment, ideally, start preparing to repaint.

Even if you need to do this process again, cleaning is not in vain. To be able to do the renovation and paint with quality, the wall must be cleaned and sanitized.

Final Considerations

Walls are a fundamental part of any property., and for not demonstrating the need for sanitation as often as other elements, they often end up being left out, what can be a long term mistake.

Therefore, Knowing ways to clean and sanitize your walls is very important for you to keep them with the same desired quality from the moment of your initial painting, ensuring greater durability and resistance.

The more care you take with your walls, the better your house will be, ensuring hygiene and care so you can enjoy your environments.

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