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How to assemble the outdoor area of ​​your home?

Montar to external area of your house or apartment can make it much more interesting to be enjoyed, both by family members and residents and occasional visits. It may seem expensive to invest in your materials., but it's cheaper than you can imagine.


It is good to remember that not everyone has access to housing with an outdoor area, as more and more homes are being arranged in smaller spaces, with little circulation.

Even so, people who have relatively medium backyards, or with interesting spaces for decoration and mainly maintenance, should invest in this care and construction of a good outdoor area, something that can bring many benefits.


For example, Have you ever thought how much it would be interesting to save by renting space for birthday parties or weddings with an excellent outdoor space at home?

This is one of the reasons to consider creating and maintaining an area with tactile concrete floor, for example. Here are some tips for putting these changes into practice., not before we raise the good points of having a place like this.

The privileges of those who have an outdoor area at home

The outdoor area of ​​the house is nothing more than a place for contact with the outdoors, usually in an uncovered environment or with great possibility of locomotion among plants, glasses, garden chairs, among other possibilities.

It's good to find these spaces in houses from a division of aluminum sliding door, that separates a room like the living room from the outside area.

Although they may exist in apartments and lofts, it is very likely that the homes delivered with greater advantage the opportunity to create outdoor spaces, mainly because of the amount of space available., giving the opportunity for contact with nature.

may seem passable, but having a space like this in your home, is nothing but a great privilege, and a chance to get in touch with a place other than home.

For example, many people who have outdoor areas with pallets PBR, usually use this place as a refuge for busy days, where to rest in a natural environment, usually outdoors, can bring greater tranquility.

In addition, having the privilege of owning an outdoor area can be the solution for many situations, mainly amidst meeting ideas between friends and family.

This is a very common question among people who like to receive visitors, but who know that indoors can be uncomfortable, so much for the small space, that matches other goals, how much for the ease of bringing a pleasant experience.

Proof of this are people who have these spaces with concrete block, for example, and usually, and often, to like the area more than inside the house..

Another point that was mentioned is precisely the contact with nature. Through an open place, onde existe passagem de ar e presença com plants, it is possible to achieve an even higher quality of life, in addition to courage and strength for busy days in the routine.

There is no doubt that often the best thing to do, whenever there is the possibility of having an outdoor area, is to count on reforms and investments in project as built, for example, that can bring the best of that place to you and your family.

Tips for decorating and building the outside area of ​​a house

So that the construction and investment in materials within its external area are as correct and satisfactory as possible, Below are some of the main tips for those who will invest in provision of cleaning and maintenance services in space.

In this way, you and the people who live in your home will have the highest quality of experiences in this space., making your home even more valued. See more in the following topics.:

1.   Construa um deque para o lugar

Often the space outside your home is not so well determined, that is, it's often difficult to understand where you can sit, arrange a table and even organize food and drinks. For this, the best thing to do is shape the place.

For example, you can start by choosing a measurement within the total space and building a deck there, be with wood, lightweight concrete and any other material.

The main idea is precisely to understand what the point of use is, but going beyond, making space look interesting, increasingly inviting.

2.   Opte sempre por materiais resistentes

If you start investing in your home's outdoor space, it is important to know that it will be susceptible to sunlight, rain, winds and other effects of nature. In this way, everything outside, in this place, must be highly resistant and fit.

For example, when choosing chairs, make sure they have a wooden material, concrete or even glass, that might actually last for a long time.

With that care, besides lasting for years, all items in your space will be aimed at constant use, not afraid to get dirty, break and even wear out.

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3.   Escolha estofados próprios para o espaço

As well as the materials in the area must have high resistance, everything that makes up the environment must walk in the same direction, since they also integrate a convenience and a unique look of the external area with industrial paint.

inside that, upholstery is the main concern. They are the ones who will bring comfort when sitting or lying outside, and must be chosen by the resistance.

beyond that point, something that must be taken into account when buying is the ease of washing, which will bring less worry about the place.

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4.   Invista em um jardim vertical

The vertical garden é um dos principais queridinhos de espaços abertos, in view of its insertion of nature in an elegant and often interesting way for those who are getting to know their home space for the first time.

In addition, adds a great care advantage, because even getting wet by rainwater, at the same time manages to drain, since it's hanging.

Choose interesting shapes for this garden, not just with pallets or even concrete, but also wood and a placement inside cans, for example.

5.   Determine uma boa paleta de cores

Choosing the color of your space will in fact bring a meaning to all the ornamentation, making everything complement each other and become more and more integrated, in addition to being a look that will stay within your living routine for a long time.

And to actually have a space that you like, the best is always to choose colors that integrate with different elements, such as:

  • Plants;
  • Sand;
  • Stones;
  • Concrete;
  • Madeira.

In this way, the color palette is extremely important, and must always be thought of with the utmost care., so that you really have a satisfaction with the place..

6.   Escolha protetores de chuva e sol

Sun and rain protectors are important to provide your and your guests' use, even amidst climate change, creating a pleasant place for every moment. The ideal is to think not only about awnings, but also in guards.

Material and size are also important points within this choice, in order to meet the demand of people who usually use the space.

7.   Aposte sempre em tudo o que for natural

Nothing better than combining an open environment, in contact with nature, betting on items and accessories that are actually natural. This will bring a unity to the construction of your space., in addition to adding more peace of mind to users.

For this, the main ones are wood and straw, even pallets, that can add all the feeling of a space such as close to a sea or forest.

8.   Não se esqueça da estrutura para a vivência

If you intend to live outside, making meals, snacks and bringing more of your socializing to the space, it is essential to ensure a structure for use.

In other words, think of places to put food, drinks, stereos and other goals that will accompany your visitors, what will make it easier.

Final Considerations

An outdoor area is often considered a finding in homes., since most of them nowadays have smaller spaces. However, when found, this environment becomes one of the most beloved among residents and their visitors.

To set up a good space, it is ideal to have accurate tips, so that you have much more comfort and interest in enjoying nature up close.

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