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How to set up a winter garden on the balcony of your apartment?. Photo: cottonbro no Pexels.
How to set up a winter garden on the balcony of your apartment?. Photo: cottonbro no Pexels.

How to set up a winter garden on the balcony of your apartment?

Ameters winter Garden it is an excellent investment for people looking to have a more beautiful and attractive apartment, in addition to drawing a lot of attention for its charm and for bringing a beauty that only plants can.

Today's text will cover how to set up your own winter garden on your porch, how to do this effectively and quite simply, in addition to invaluable tips and guidance on how to take care of this beautiful garden.

People are always looking for new ways to customize their own space and bring a unique charm to the place, that reflects your personality, likes, desires or even for a simple and simple hobby.

When we think of people who live in apartments, regardless if it has lattice slab or not, several of them seek to bring greater authenticity to the space, differentiating your apartment from others in the region.

However, for those who like to live in an apartment, it can be an incredible obstacle to grow some plants or a garden of your own., mainly thinking about such a big contrast. on one side nature, the other, the urban environment and big cities.

But the truth is that it is possible to build an excellent and beautiful garden on your balcony, bringing more personality to your new home, using landscaping and gardening techniques highly recommended by many professionals in the field.

An excellent idea is to carry out the balcony closure with glass, this way it is possible to create your own space and feel comfortable within the environment that you yourself helped to create for your apartment.

Therefore, to learn more about the subject and better understand how to do this, check out the following topics, where you will be able to see what is needed so that you can start creating your own garden on the balcony of your apartment right now..

Building your garden

Whether to put under a styrofoam for slab on your balcony or on the floor in custom pots, there are some benefits for those who wish to set up their own conservatory on the porch., thus increasing the motivation for you to build a.

Some that can be cited are:

  • Make the place cooler and more humid;
  • refresh the environment;
  • Create a difference compared to other apartments;
  • Create an intimate environment.

Based on these benefits, you can see that the garden on the porch can also bring much more peace and tranquility to the place, it can be perfect for someone to relax and reduce the stress level in their home.

To build your own space, it's good to have a good idea of ​​where you're going to put the plants. The ideal in these cases is to use pots that can accommodate the size of the plants or some type of flowerbed, facilitating her care.

Even if your balcony has a cover of glass cover, it is also advisable to use gravel stones to help absorb moisture that may end up interfering with plant growth..

It is also extremely necessary that the balcony receives sunlight and that the place is minimally airy. Remember that plants are living things and, without these factors, they will not develop and their early death will be inevitable.

ideal plants

Regardless of whether your apartment's balcony is composed of laminated glass, there are some types of plants that are best developed in an apartment, therefore, are easier to be cared for.

In this way, some good choices of plant species for apartments are: pacová, fern, Saint George's sword, rafi palms, cacti, orchids, succulents and many others.

Obviously, who will decide which plant to take care of inside the apartment will depend on each resident. However, those highlighted above, besides bringing a personal charm to the environment., adapt better to the internal environment, just needing a few minutes of your day.

Recommended furniture

Just like the wired fabric it is essential to surround some perimeters, some furniture may stand out on your porch to place plants under them and, in fact, have a better use of space.

One of the furniture that can be an excellent choice is the wooden tables., or a bench that serves solely as a support for the plants.

However, if you want to use the space with maximum comfort, the use of chairs and armchairs, placing the seedlings on the side on small tables is also a viable option.

Sunbeds are also an excellent alternative and, as an additional note, try to match the colors of the furniture with the plants and try to leave a tone that matches the environment.

make a hanging garden

Just as professionals are careful when creating and putting together a project as built, it is necessary that you be equally careful when creating and thinking about how your winter garden will be, using the furniture, plants and rooms that best fit your idea.

The focus of the text is how to do this for your balcony, but, this doesn't stop you from exploring your creativity and ending up applying it elsewhere in the house as well., depending only on your investment time to do all this.

The greatest possible tip and guidance in this case, especially when we think about the porch environment, is to work and create your garden in a suspended way, that is, with plants on the walls or on the ceiling itself.

Just like a stainless steel screen needs to be thought about before being positioned, the plants also need. And, put them in a suspended form, may be ideal for several reasons that will be mentioned here..

The first reason is what most interferes in the decision of many people when it comes to having a garden on the balcony or in another room in the apartment.: space.

Many people believe that having too many plants can end up taking up too much space in the apartment., especially when the place is no longer so spacious. But it is not necessary to have many plants to have your own garden.

However, if this is a concern, a hanging garden might be ideal, as the plants are suspended from the ceiling or wall and do not interfere directly with the space.

Another detail that makes the difference is that this type of strategy allows you to disguise possible cracks and imperfections that may exist in your balcony walls, having the same effect when applied to other rooms.

This can avoid overspending on possible renovations to straighten the walls, besides needing follow-up and, and often, bureaucracy to carry out any type of construction inside the apartment.

Another excellent tip is to use supports that can ensure both the stabilization of the plant on the wall or ceiling, how many people in the apartment, preventing possible accidents from happening, how does the support come off.

The truth is that this type of measure is only intended to enrich the space and provide greater charm to the environment.

Some hanging beds may be ideal to save space., also facilitating the care of plants and making everything more organized, also avoiding the dirt that can be caused by the earth and falling leaves that are natural to happen..

This type of solution is still widely used today by many professionals in the field of architecture, landscaping and even interior designer, being a practical and charming solution to compose the spaces.

Now that you understand a little better how this universe of the winter garden works on your porch., it is necessary to put the tips and guidelines into practice to make the most of.

Final Considerations

Today's text covered how you can build a winter garden on the balcony of your apartment, explaining what the benefits of construction are., what are the best plants for the environment, in addition to the importance of using the space to your advantage..

Of course, all this will depend on how you will make the garden available within the space of your balcony and what devices will be used to make the most of both the tips and guidelines provided and the way you will position the plants.

It is important to remember that plants are living things., therefore, it's important to leave them in the best possible environment so they can stay alive and healthy, promoting you everything these little ones, but mighty living beings have to offer.

Also remember to give the plants a special touch to their own originality., bringing a unique and eye-catching feeling to the environment, reflecting your tastes and personality in a very simple and effective way.

Now that you understand a little better how to build your own garden, just take the first step to start planning and researching where to buy all the necessary equipment.

Therefore, use the information provided as a guide and explore this world full of possibilities to create a green space that reflects your personality.

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