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Decoration with visible piping. Photo: food photo created by vanitjan - br.freepik.com.
Decoration with visible piping. Photo: food photo created by vanitjan - br.freepik.com.

How to plan a decor with exposed electrical piping?

A option for decoration with electrical pipe apparent is one of the most charming and modern that exists within architecture, because in addition to loading an important usage history, represents a great quality and efficiency in the internal experience.

Even so, because it is an option that, and often, does not come inside spaces when they are purchased or rented, there is a big question about the best ways to use.

For example, most of the people who invest in this type of architecture with round industrial pipe, end up thinking about how to mix these ideas with different decorations., like colors indoors and even different lighting fixtures.

Even so, through own tips for this option, it is possible to place the visible tubes as an interesting touch, and raise other points within a unit.

In the following article, we will understand more about this decoration., as well as its emergence, in addition to pointing out its advantages in building electrical installations and essential tips for you to create the best possible environment for you, your family and friends.

Decoration with visible piping: What is it?

The decoration with exposed piping, as its name suggests, allows the appearance of tubes that are often inside the wall, without any kind of eye contact with the residents. However, within this style, they are highly organized and covered..

All this came from the decorations after the industrial revolution, situation in which many factories and spaces for construction and creation were available for people to live in..

Within this working environment in factories, usually the presence of electrical cables and tubes was apparent, either for the ease of construction or for the aesthetics of a workspace with machines, that use recurrent energy.

Including, when they have contact with a building electrical project apparent, many people fail to try to cover these points, but to incorporate them into a decoration with other goals.

Then comes the decoration with exposed piping, added to numerous architectural ideas, that evoke the experience of a space by common people, who need to use kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms as part of your home., always in the best way possible.

The most interesting thing about this idea is the possibility of mixing these pipes within the resident's own aesthetic, raising a modernity and also a joviality.

It's good that in this sense many people usually understand how to join objects, like sofas, televisions, books and even plants in an interesting way, combining an industrial environment with a more modern one, evoking the everyday.

This is a very frequent option, yet, within fully unified spaces, like lofts and even houses that had their walls knocked down, an advantage we'll see next, considered one of the most interesting in this regard.

But you might be wondering: is it safe? It is important to point out that the apparent piping is completely reversed by its own materials, accident-preventing.

Some of them are:

  • Ferro;
  • Steel;
  • Glass;
  • Ceramics.

Amid the electrical installation service, it is quite common for people to consider the assembly or organization of these pipes that are visible so that they do not let the energy escape, that is, so that there are no shocks coming into contact with them.

In other words, you can keep them in your environment as best you can, preserving their structure and making them fit to participate in a decoration.

Advantages of this decoration

Even though the decor with exposed piping adds modernity and joviality to environments, removing a classic concept of housing and bringing participation in housing from the history of construction, there are many other advantages it can offer.

Below we will raise some of these points, that may be important to your decision to hire a electrical engineering company to conserve or create an environment with this type of piping on display. Understand more in the following points:


When we think of a home environment, it is quite common that we have some problems with missing outlets or even inserting these items in places they were not intended for., like a hallway or even inside a room.

In this way, with the construction of an apparent pipe throughout the house, you get much more flexibility in accessing these items wherever you are.

For many people this can become a form of saving, since you won't have to spend on a large construction of sockets and galvanized conduit, and even facilitates the use of residents and visitors.

Increased environment

In most homes, the electrical pipes are arranged inside the wall, that is, cannot be seen by residents. This is a way to avoid just looking at these items, but still, they can be safe from the outside.

The moment a wall is broken or a ceiling removed, these pipes are all apparent and the house gains a lot more space, then making a natural enlargement.

This can be a good way to work the length and breadth of your house., occupying much more space, without letting the decor be a problem, as the case of using industrial lighting in high points of the house.

Convenience in installation

The installation of this piping is as easy as the work to make them visible indoors. This inside a home renovation is essential, adding not just economy, but also the decrease in waiting time for completion..

In addition, almost all professionals who work with electrical are able to do this service, bringing, then, a makeover of project as built in record time.

This point is also a good solution for people who want to actually do a makeover without help., breaking walls and taking out ceilings, something that can be considered simple, without having to pay someone for it.

Tips for environments in this style

Below we will see some of the main tips for those who want to start decorating with exposed piping, bringing ways to add coziness to the space, while focusing on good and practical reform. Check:

1. Definir um projeto elétrico

A well-defined electrical project is the first step in building a house with exposed piping., because it will make it possible, both the subsequent decoration and the work to be done by professionals for the displacement and coverage of these tubes.

There are many pipes inside a house, but not always all need to be evident. The same thing is considered within the concern with pipes that cannot be drilled or removed from wall protection, like water or light.

2. Apostar no uso de cimento queimado

Burnt cement is one of the favorites for decoration with exposed tubes, because it brings not only the original identity of factories that turned into houses in the last century, but it also blends well with the standard pipe color..

Choice, well planned, the places that will take the cement, whether on the floor or on the wall, and establish objects that match these points in aesthetics.

3. Definir as tubulações aparentes

As stated above, not all pipes can or need to be apparent, as some can even bring out a completely industrial environment., no room for a living experience, as is the case we are thinking.

4. Utilizar revestimentos nas paredes

beyond the concrete, that goes well with the apparent piping, it's interesting to put coatings, whether from goals or directly on the walls, that match the environment and actually bring the resident's personality.

For example, mix wood, concrete, Extensive electrical tubes and a marble countertop can be an interesting option for a modern venue.

5. Não hesitar em contratar um profissional quando necessário

Although some parts of the house can be well structured for you and your family, when decorating the space with the visible tubes, It is always interesting to consider the presence of an electrical professional, that can actually bring comfort and tranquility.

Always ask for frequent inspections and be sure to call for help with electrical problems, as a mistake in switches and house lighting.

Final Considerations

through a well structured decoration and within the terms of this style, the use of visible tubes indoors can be a great option for those who want to renew their environments and bring greater modernity and relaxation.

In addition to referring to industrial times, spaces with exposed tubes can have significant advantages for indoor work, as the environment increase.

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opção pela decoração com tubulação elétrica aparente é uma das mais charmosas e modernas que existe dentro da arquitetura, because in addition to loading an important usage history, represents a great quality and efficiency in the internal experience. Even so, because it is an option that, and often, does not come inside spaces when they are purchased or rented, there is a big question about the best ways to use. For example, grande parte das pessoas que investem nesse tipo de arquitetura com tubo industrial redondo, end up thinking about how to mix these ideas with different decorations., como cores dentro de casa…

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