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Claudia Zeni. Photo: Personal collection / MF Press Global.
Claudia Zeni. Photo: Personal collection / MF Press Global.

How to be free following the heart? Therapist Claudia Zeni talks about routine changes, career and life from experiences in different cultures

A little over ten years ago, the therapist has been deepening in studies of different ancestral philosophies and traditions; She left her promising career as an engineer and after deep dives over the past few years, sexologist graduated, transpersonal and integrative therapist, and is currently dedicated to offering lectures, experiences and assistance focused on awakening human potential through psycho-affective-spiritual development and reconnecting the body triad, mind and heart of your audience and customers

The stressful routine, the work overload and the lack of time to take care of her made her come very close to a burnout crisis. So that now, before reaching the physical and mental breakdown, the transpersonal and integrative therapist, Claudia Zeni, at the time in front of your engineering company, was able to perceive the signs, and make the challenging decision to pause your career, completely change your lifestyle and follow your heart.

“And how many people didn't think I was crazy for that? As well, leave engineering and follow the heart? I confess that even I didn't know what that meant at that time, but I stayed true to what I was feeling, without any guarantee of what would be from then on ”, revealed.

Right after closing your company's activities, Claudia started a spiritual journey, where he also traveled to mystical places in California, India, Thailand, Peru and the Brazilian Amazon. “It was a very special period for me, a lot of learning and that served to bring me a lot of clarity of what I was looking for ”, said.

Claudia also spoke a little about her experiences with Ayahuasca, and how this ancestral drink considered sacred by the Pan-Amazon peoples played a fundamental role in, called "self-rescue".

“Ayahuasca really helped me get in touch with my heart, with my intuition, with my essence and that was what made me realize how much I was leading a life out of balance and out of alignment with what was truly important to me, to the point where I can stop in time for something worse to happen ”, reports.

“It was five years of studies and experiences with ayahuasca until the beginning of my career transition in 2014”, remembered.

“Drinking has the potential to decrease activities in the prefrontal cortex, responsible for our most logical and analytical capabilities, and recreate new synapses between the limbic and reptilian brain, responsible for more sensory skills, sensitive out of the instintivas, which allows us to get a little out of the role of reason and get in touch with what we are feeling and with what our body is also showing us ”, explains.

“I became aware of the depth of this work that also goes through the body and the senses, and the level of healing and transformation that, if well directed, is able to offer, and I couldn't help but fall in love and bring it all to my new professional phase. ”, account.

"Today, I'm here at another point of great changes, with some answers and fewer questions, at a time when all the tracks from the past 10 years are sewing, overflowing love and gratitude to this great mystery that is life. I find myself increasingly at peace with all the ambiguity that moves our sacred humanity, deeply trusting in the moment of important changes that we are going through individually and collectively as interdependent human beings that we are. ”, completed.

*The specialist is available to talk about topics related to your area of ​​training. Follow Claudia Zeni on social networks: @claudiazeni.

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