Everything about the Faculty of Visual Arts: Complete Guide!

Everything about the Faculty of Visual Arts: Complete Guide!. Photo: br.depositphotos.com.

Everything about the Faculty of Visual Arts: A Meaningful Choice for the Future. The decision about which university course to take is crucial for an individual’s professional and personal future.. Visual Arts play a fundamental role in contemporary society, influencing our culture, communication and perception of the world around us. With the increasing … Read more

How to launch an artist's career? specialist explains

MIC. Photo: Pixabay/MF Press Global. (illustrative).

More and more new artists are emerging with a big dream in common: a successful career. For the digital distribution specialist, Jeff Nuno, one of the things that the artist needs is strategy. Jeff explained that when it comes to this strategic issue, ele diz que o artista e sua equipe precisam ter uma visãoRead more

How to be free following the heart? Therapist Claudia Zeni talks about routine changes, career and life from experiences in different cultures

Claudia Zeni. Photo: Personal collection / MF Press Global.

A little over ten years ago, the therapist has been deepening in studies of different ancestral philosophies and traditions; She left her promising career as an engineer and after deep dives over the past few years, sexologist graduated, transpersonal and integrative therapist, and is currently dedicated to offering lectures, experiences and assistance focused on … Read more

The Four Secrets to start a career as an actor or actress

Actress and producer Priscilla Olyva talks about the kickoff, challenges and tips for entering an artistic career. The arts fascinated people since the world began. Who has not found himself admiring a novel character, cinema or theater, for acting, pela figura ou pela energia cativante de um atorRead more