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How to use vintage style in your home decor

Cmore and more decorative trends have changed, bringing a series of concepts and representations, making homes carry unique stories and meanings. Given this, by the Portuguese style vintage in decoration is on the rise and deserves full attention.

It has become common to use antique furniture and objects for our home decor, bringing this more retro air and referring us to older times.

This is only possible thanks to the vintage style, that takes us back to earlier times and that has this appreciation through some items such as handcrafted, porcelain tableware, marbled cement Go to the place you intend to renovate.

Soon, so that your home conveys that air of sophistication and a unique representation, uniting younger items with this vintage style tends to enhance and bring the best of your home to each room..

With this, to know more about decoration and to actually establish this style, today we will talk about vintage decoration, highlighting its significance, differences for the retro style and especially how to apply this style in your home in the best way possible.

What is vintage style?

To start, the vintage style is associated with a kind of port wine, bringing to mind a very traditional idea of ​​how much older, best.

Thus, through this concept, in fact, there is a preservation of older items, generating a unique touch to the rooms and making the work by hand and these rare pieces come to be fully valued.

This term emerged after the Second World War., when the crisis started, making people start using and opting for handmade pieces, generating this highlight for crochet and patchwork, making this work popular.

Today, before all this history and its origin several years ago, the vintage style is associated with the pieces that were used between the 1990s and 1920 and 1980, bringing this representation of the past and making it propagate that older and classic air.

To get an idea of ​​the popularity of this style, in the first stages of building houses, hiring a construction management company, this style is already on the agenda precisely to be planned and developed from the beginning of the decoration.

With this, it is clear that using this vintage style is to represent unique values ​​and in fact highlight an older personality with a series of stories and elements through each object.

Therefore, this style has spread being present through the homes of thousands of people, having this prominence since epoxy wall application, being represented by the colors and sensations aroused by objects such as phonographs, vases and the like.

Differences from vintage to retro style

When you think of vintage style, our mind already takes us to the retro style, however few people know the differences between both and end up making confusion when opting for this style of decoration..

Soon, to clarify the concept of both, the vintage style refers to older pieces, generating this rarer air and in fact having an exclusivity through its pieces and objects.

The retro style features current pieces, but with an older design, so he takes the vintage style as his inspiration for the development and realization of newer pieces.

With this, it is clear how much the retro style is inspired by the vintage style, bringing that more classic air through a current decor, making your home have a totally unique touch..

However, It is important to point out that both styles can have a mixture, completing itself within the environment and making, through this junction, beautiful and totally classic combinations are made.

For example, when using glass porcelain tiles inherited by their grandparents and performing a combination between a soundproofing for glass windows and a retro chair, your environment demonstrates your personality and makes people see that unique touch.

That's why it's very important to pay attention to details at this moment of decoration., succeeding through this mix and mainly making your home full of personality and highlighting its characteristics.

How to reproduce the vintage style in your home?

as seen, betting on the vintage style is in fact awakening unique elements in your home, generating this authenticity and managing to bring out a personality in each room.

It is important that, when applying the vintage style, you know the places where it fits, having the best through its use, being they:

  • Room;
  • Room;
  • Kitchen;
  • Balcony;
  • Bathroom.

All these locations can count on vintage objects and elements, highlighting your decoration even more and making it stand out through totally classic and unique elements.

Now that you have an idea of ​​basically everything about vintage style, It's time to follow some tips and put this decoration into practice in your home. Come on!

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vintage style bedroom

For those who want and dream of having a vintage-style bedroom, investing in delicate furniture and floral wallpapers is one of the first steps, generating that older air.

Worry about details from a glazing of balconies with glass to a golden dresser knob, awakening a whole personality, making it refer to that classic and totally authentic style.

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Including, when looking to have this style, it is also essential to bet on more classic objects, buying more flashy decorations, old lamps and even a colored telephone, making your room, in the smallest details, transmit that older air.

Thus, when performing these actions, your room tends to convey that feeling of years 1980, making you travel back in time, generating all this sophistication through all the details.

vintage style room

This environment is for people who really want to convey more creative sensations and make, when standing in front of your room, if you have this time travel, referring to a time full of joy and fun.

Therefore, using your creativity at this moment is paramount, so when visiting, for example, the house of relatives or even thrift stores, pay attention to old furniture and be willing to restore and make this furniture complete your home decor.

Thus, having this mobile available, a renovation through painting or even a repair tends to give it new life, making the vintage style stand out, generating unique sensations and feelings through its details.

For people who don't have that much experience for these renovations, get in touch, for example, with one facade restoration company can be an essential action, restoring the material and actually facilitating this work of giving new life to the furniture.

vintage style kitchen

To have a vintage kitchen, the challenges are greater, due to a difficulty in finding older appliances for this room, it is very important to use creativity to succeed.

In addition, choose to use some specific colors, like red and blue, tends to awaken that older feeling, making even in a subtle way these more classic elements come to be awakened.

Wood is also another totally important material for the representation of vintage style., so hire the services of a hardwood floor scraping company can bring a unique and totally ideal air to your home.

Invest in crafts

As stated at the beginning of the text, this style originated through crochet pieces and the like, so keep that essence and use this resource, making you have that essential touch for every room.

For example, using a crochet piece as a cup holder or even as a clothes basket tends to establish this vintage style., making you have a unique and totally sensational piece.

So use your creativity, considering from sound insulation solutions to every room in your home, valuing the old and giving an authentic and unique air to each environment.

After all, our home is our universe, so it is very important to preserve it, highlighting these classic elements and always being aware of trends and everything that can bring out the best in each room..

So enter your house, that will be decorated in the style you like best., it will be even more pleasant.

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