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How to use crystals in decoration?

A utilization of crystals in your decoration can leave any special atmosphere, and that's why these pieces have gained more and more popularity., mainly combined with elements such as aluminum frames doors and windows.

However, It is necessary to be careful when choosing the decoration items that you will place in each room.

Crystals are usually used to give more elegance to an environment., and are great to leave the place with a lighting greater thanks to their shine that make them stand out from other materials for decorative objects.

In addition, these pieces are synonymous with elegance, ideal for those who want a refined and stylish environment without having to make major changes to the room you are creating..

The first step to properly use crystals in your decoration is to identify the differences between these pieces and glass..

Although in many cases it is easy to confuse them., it is important to understand how to identify each one to make the right choice, as we need to research about concrete trims buy to buy a quality product.

The main difference between glass and crystal is in their coloring., as well as the thickness of the part. This is because the crystal is usually thinner and lighter., in addition to greater transparency.

Glass is usually greenish in color., besides being thicker. Glass is a good economical option, since glass pieces are usually much cheaper than crystal, which, due to the extra work in refining, ends up being more expensive.

The crystal production process also makes them shine much brighter., in addition to reflecting light more intensely, mainly with a suitable cut when assembling the piece in a process of landscaping for company.

mineral crystals, those extracted from rocks, are often found in small pieces., since its manufacturing process is differentiated. This happens because of the lead content in the piece and in the sand..

Quality is the biggest differentiator between glass and crystal, but in many cases it is possible to use the material of your choice to achieve the result you want, being both very popular and commercial.

The crystals in the decoration

Now that you know a little more about crystals, its composition and the importance of correctly identifying this type of piece, It's important to think about how you can use crystals efficiently in your decor.

The truth is that each room is unique., and it is essential that you know how to apply the right pieces in a style of decoration to really get the most out of each element related to this type of action with marbled cement.

The more you adapt the pieces to your reality, the better the room will end up, that will remain linked to your personal taste, but without losing the quality of the design style you chose for the environment, such as:

  • Rustic;
  • Modern;
  • Romantic;
  • Vintage.

Regardless of the chosen style, crystal pieces can make a difference in this type of structure, and allow you to choose several different materials to work with and ensure a much better use of the decorative pieces in your environment.

Crystal pieces can be used in different ways to enhance each room in the house., which can be presented much more simply if you know how to use the material correctly in a management of residential works.


Chandeliers are a classic use of crystals and can add a touch of luxury to any room.. There are several models to adapt to the most different styles of decoration that you decide to use., without any kind of restriction.

Both more modern and classic models generate a different charm for any room that applies it., allowing you to have a much better lighting environment.

They are usually considered the center of the environment., mainly the more elaborate and larger chandeliers, that draw attention on their own and generate greater grandeur, filling any environment with brightness.

There are also several different materials that can mount a chandelier., depending on your taste and budget to use the piece.

Some older models can be quite expensive., especially if they have a status of decoration icon, being widely used by wooden furniture manufacturer in the composition of an environment.

the replicas, however, can make a difference in this matter, allowing you to have a much more affordable chandelier without losing the quality and structure that the piece will put in your environment, thus generating a much more marked impact on visitors.


Beyond the luxury of the chandeliers, the lamps are also great for using crystals to your advantage, since they really look great when they are working with any particular type of light.

Luminaires are usually used to place more punctual lighting, one of the biggest preferences is the pendant luminaires, that are almost like chandeliers, but more discreet.

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This type of model is great for you to be able to decorate several different environments, especially if you are thinking of highlighting a particular part or area of ​​the room in this type of decoration in a building with American ceramic tile.

Another form of lighting widely used with crystals is candlesticks., pieces that match a lot with different types of environment, in addition to being used as great decorative objects.

Even if you don't use candles to light, the environment is differentiated with the candlesticks being used as a decoration item, only exposed in the environment in question.

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This type of piece is widely used in dinners and other formal occasions., where you can create a more intimate and elegant environment with the application of crystal candlesticks to decorate the entire place.

Candles can create an even more interesting environment for those who want to work with this type of resource..

cups and goblets

These are some of the most classic pieces in the use of crystals for decoration.. The use of crystal glasses and glasses at any dinner or special occasion makes the table a much more elegant end-of-the-year dinner for your family. outsourced office cleaning company.

However, these pieces are often beautiful and should not be kept waiting for an opportunity to appear. Exposing them can make the place even more beautiful, especially if you do it with good taste and quality.

For this there are some ways to expose the pieces and be able to use them correctly. At first, you can use trays to leave the pieces exposed, drawing attention to a particular environment.

The pieces that are best suited as trays for this type of exhibition are those made of silver or glass., placed on a sideboard to ensure safety for the piece and more quality for the decoration.

Depending on the line you chose to follow, it is possible to use transparent trimmers, that give greater prominence to the crystal pieces, or colored, that generate a differentiated result and still maintains the idea of ​​​​decorating the environment.

This type of choice is essential for you to be able to better enjoy this type of environment as a whole..

pots in general

Crystal pots combine the charm and beauty of crystal with the utility of the pot., which can help you store a number of items and still keep that object as a decoration, that will help you better explore your environment.

Some pots can be great as whalers, candy canes or even to store small useful objects in the kitchen. You choose how this type of item will be used and where to place it..

Usually these pieces are on a coffee table or other place where they can be supported and serve as a highlight., giving more charm to the furniture being used.

You can also use crystal pots to create a pleasant and differentiated environment., using plants and vases to decorate an environment with crystals or even keeping wine corks to give a relaxed touch to the place.

The main element of decoration is to bring users more visual and physical comfort, and your objects must follow this same kind of logic. Thus, the way you use the crystal pots must be a union between the utility and how much you want to decorate the environment.

Final Considerations

Crystal is a type of material that can be very well applied to various decorative elements., but it is necessary to take some crucial care to protect the parts, since they are more fragile than glass.

Therefore, It is important to avoid the use of chemicals, as well as passing a soft and damp sponge to clean the piece, thus avoiding wear and tear and the risk of breaking the object and losing a precious decoration item.

In case you don't feel safe while cleaning the crystal, there are specialized companies that can help you keep the environment always ready to be introduced to new visitors.

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