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Image by Pexels from Pixabay.
Image of Pexels by Pixabay.

Office decoration: how to make?

A decoration for offices follows functional trends, to facilitate productivity in space and contribute to better employee comfort, since we are within a corporate environment.

after all, several studies already point out the importance of having an organized physical space to maintain the reasoning, the commitment and quality of production. In other words, decoration starts to directly affect the performance of employees.

Therefore, it's not always easy to think about the design aspects for these environments, be for a accounting advisory office or from another segment.

To facilitate this process, today's article will show you some tips on how to decorate for offices. Continue reading and learn how to have a functional and sophisticated space!

1 – Choose the appropriate table size

Tables are the most important furniture in offices. They serve as real workstations for employees and, for this reason, must be an appropriate size, according to the specifications of the environment.

The first step in choosing the ideal table is to define the characteristics of the chairs in advance. If they are not adjustable, it is necessary to choose a custom-made furniture, to ensure ergonomics for all employees.

It is known that one of the main productivity problems is related to RSI (repetitive strain injuries), like wrist and back pain, generally related to poor position in the workspace.

Thus, to avoid occupational diseases, give preference to tables that are not too high or low in relation to the height of the chairs.

Remember that for work in front of computers, the screens must be at eye level. From this, it is already possible to measure the proper size of the tables.

2 – Invest in good lighting

Lighting is another important point in office decoration, because it will offer the adapted amount of light to employees. For this reason, it is essential to know the specifications of the building electrical installations.

In this way, you can find out the voltage of the building and buy the correct artificial lighting for the environment.

However, the ideal is always to maintain the preference for natural lighting. Therefore, if your office had large windows and open spaces, let the sunlight enter the place, lighting up the whole space.

One tip is to close balconies and open places with tempered laminated glass, that allows natural lighting and, at the same time, keeps the environment safe from the weather and other external factors.

It is worth mentioning that this lighting issue is governed by the Regulatory Standard 17 (NO 17), as the inadequate amount of light requires visual effort from employees, causing problems such as stress and headaches.

Thus, according to NR 17:

  • Lighting should be uniform throughout the office;
  • Lighting must be diffused, without a determined focus;
  • Lighting should not cause uncomfortable reflections, shadows and contrasts;
  • Lighting must be supplementary, to avoid glare.

For this reason, even in the simple installation of a chandelier ceiling, it is worth checking if the light will follow all the requirements set out in the NR 17, to ensure comfort, employee well-being and safety.

Temperature is also something that receives attention from NR 17. Normal, within offices, an average of 20the to 23the Celsius.

Given this, it is possible that some offices require the installation of air conditioning equipment, as air-conditioned. Create some projects to adopt the use of these devices, to maintain the ambient temperature.

3 – Adopt leaner furniture

Nowadays, one of the trends of corporate decoration is minimalism, it means, the idea that “less is more”.

For this reason, one way to contribute to this style is to avoid overloading elements, with the use of leaner furniture. Avoid excessive decorative objects, giving preference to functional furniture.

For example, when installing a stainless steel shelf in the office, decorate it with books and documents, that are already part of your company.

Keep only those items that are really indispensable for your office services. This helps to avoid the use of space with useless elements that cannot be effectively used by employees.

One tip is to use floating shelves, as they take up less space than traditional bookcases and do not support the floor.

4 – Use contrasting colors

It is important to use contrasting colors on the walls to give an idea of ​​movement within your office and contribute to the creativity of employees.

For example, to facade painting may have dark colors contrasting with the white of the interior. At the same time, it is possible to combine stronger colors in just one detail, to cause a differentiation in the spaces.

The yellow, for example, is a color that illuminates the environments. However, too much, can cause tremendous visual discomfort.

Even the use of colored burnt cement can make a difference in your office decor, leaving the environment more stripped and, nevertheless, sophisticated.

Including, this type of decoration has been used a lot in modern offices, who want to look more youthful.

5 – Give preference to integrated environments

Nowadays, many offices are preferring integrated environments, instead of the traditional partitions. This is because this type of decoration tends to make the space wider, in addition to encouraging communication between teams.

Even if some corner of the office requires more privacy, a tip is to use a blind or rustic curtain fabric. Usually, this is recommended for the workspaces of superiors.

6 – Hide the wires and cables

Computers, printers and other equipment are indispensable for the functioning of offices. However, they require a lot of cables and connections.

Exposure of these wires can impair the aesthetics of the environment, causing the impression of disorder and disorganization. As we know, this is detrimental to employee productivity, in addition to damaging your company's image.

But there are some ways to avoid this aesthetic impact. The tip is to invest in wireless solutions. However, nevertheless, some wires may be exposed. An alternative is to choose gutters and tables that hide these connections.

7 – Have a relaxing environment

It is important that the offices promote their own space for the rest of their employees. Here, decoration is also very relevant.

Unlike production environments, where you need to appreciate functionality, lighting and reduce the presence of furniture, in the rest space the tip is to use elements that encourage comfort, like rugs and ottomans.

The adoption of cooler tones also contributes to this decorative aspect of the environment. The blue, for example, brings a feeling of comfort, peace and tranquility. Therefore, is a great shade for environments to relax.

One tip is to spice up these places with some entertainment items. Many companies choose to install video games, televisions and even ping-pong tables to entertain employees.

These environments are called “decompression spaces” and are increasingly common in modern offices.

8 – Consider your office needs

It is very important to take into account the needs of your office. after all, if your company receives many customers, it is necessary to have a reception and reception space for these people.

In addition, if your company needs to hold private meetings frequently, it is important to have a dedicated space just for these meetings.

Consider the presence of televisions or screens for viewing files, when you want to make a presentation to your customers or employees.

In the case of decompression spaces and pantries, it’s worth putting refrigerators and coffee machines, so your employees can have a space to eat and take a break.


It may seem like mere details, but office decor makes all the difference to employee productivity and performance. In addition, is a way to make the environment pleasant for customers, contributing to your company's reputation.

after all, no one likes to be welcomed or even work in a disorganized environment with too many elements thrown in. For this reason, it is important to organize the space to ensure maximum comfort for everyone.

It is also worthwhile to follow the ergonomic determinations provided in the Regulatory Norms, to prevent occupational diseases.

Today's article brought some tips on how to do this in the best possible way. In this way, your office will have a unique decoration, differentiated and able to offer convenience to employees.

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decoração para escritórios segue tendências funcionais, to facilitate productivity in space and contribute to better employee comfort, since we are within a corporate environment. after all, several studies already point out the importance of having an organized physical space to maintain the reasoning, the commitment and quality of production. In other words, decoration starts to directly affect the performance of employees. Therefore, it's not always easy to think about the design aspects for these environments, seja para um escritorio de assessoria contábil ou de outro segmento. To facilitate this process, o artigo de…

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