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Photo: Alina Vilchenko no Pexels.
Photo: Alina Vilchenko no Pexels.

Retro decoration: know how to do

Vdo you know what a retro decor and how it can be applied in a practical and beautiful way in your home?

Decorating a property can be a very interesting and enjoyable task, especially when it is designed to meet the tastes of the owners.

Opting for retro furniture and items can be a fun and nostalgic choice, so it should be done with tranquility and patience, since, each item present in the property will compose the scenario that will be seen daily for a long period.

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The renovation of the rooms in your home can even begin with a small renovation, where the use of prefabricated concrete can be instrumental in structuring a masonry table, which will be decorated later with other types of materials.

After choosing furniture, one of the most interesting parts is, no doubt, position each item that will make the residence more elegant and beautiful. And the retro style can be the perfect choice for those who like a romantic and classic atmosphere at home.

Vintage decoration is another style that has been gaining space in properties and, although the concepts are easily confused, they are not the same trend.

Therefore, if you want to use retro decor but need to know it better to have more power of choice when beautifying the rooms in your home, read on this content and learn more about this charming style.

What is retro style?

If you recently purchased a charles eames chair with armrest, but you have doubts about how to use it inside a retro decoration, knowing the characteristics of this type of trend is the best way to get it right.

The main ones are:

  • Use of new furniture with old design;
  • A balanced decor;
  • Use of technological equipment;
  • Application in several rooms;
  • Among other points.

The retro style is one that prioritizes the use of antique-looking furniture, which does not mean that the product needs to have long years of existence.

In this sense, it is possible to say that the items applied in a retro setting are a reinterpretation of the main design formats of the past.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on modern decor items. Quite the contrary. The retro decor allows your Charles Eames chair to blend perfectly with the space.

This means that the trend is mixed and balanced, so that if you want to position a retro sideboard in your dining room, the use of a modern coffee maker will be fully balanced with the proposed style.

That's precisely why, it is possible to say that the retro trend can be applied in any room, so that the white aluminum frames of your kitchen that have a more modern design can combine perfectly with an embroidered curtain, etc.

What is the difference between retro and vintage?

Despite being quite confused terms, there are differences between a retro decor and a vintage.

While retro allows the use of recently manufactured furniture, but with the appearance of old, vintage requires you to use items made in the past, that may have been inherited or even acquired in antique shops.

In General, vintage furniture undergoes a restoration so that the shine and elegant appearance return to what they were at the time they were manufactured, but because they are known as higher quality products, this is not an absolute necessity.

Thus, if you are researching models of custom upholstery, a good option is to renovate that sofa that still has the preserved structure, but that would be totally renovated with the application of a fabric.

In addition, vintage decoration should only be done with old articles, so that using very modern equipment can de-characterize the trend.

Therefore, before buying vintage furniture for your home, know where you are going to apply them to have a better use of space and thus create the ideal setting for your rooms.

Retro decor tips

If the retro decor is the one that most suits your preference, some practical tips can help you in this process. Know them below.

1 – Old furniture

You already have old furniture in your house? How about doing a little renovation on them and positioning them inside the rooms?

Besides being a simple tip, it is also quite economical, and may be responsible for modifying your home environments.

If you have no furniture but know someone who wants to get rid of a, seizing the opportunity can yield a good decoration at little cost.

Old furniture can easily be used in conjunction with planned bedroom cabinets, giving a retro touch to the dorm, for example.

2 – Retro, but not old-fashioned

Remember that retro does not mean old-fashioned. This means that your home can have a classic feel without it looking out of date.

Therefore, know how to mix retro and modern items, where the use of a brick wallpaper can harmonize perfectly with the oldest frame of your paintings.

3 – The retro home appliances

Precisely because the retro trend is on the rise, many manufacturers are investing in the development of equipment with a vintage design, however with the latest and current technologies.

Therefore, if you want to apply the style in your kitchen, be sure to consider buying a retro refrigerator or other types of appliances, as a blender, toaster, food mixer, etc.

Merging retro and vintage

An interesting question in this decorative setting can be: it is possible to mix retro and vintage inside your home? And the answer is yes.

Using elements from both trends can be a good choice to enhance your property.

Use wallpaper

The use of wallpaper has regained space in the decoration of buildings. Choosing options with pastel colors can be a great way to harmonize the two styles in any environment.

You can still perfectly combine the use of a rustic curtain fabric, leaving the living room or bedrooms of your home with a classic and cozy design.

Put pictures in the rooms

Have you ever thought about purchasing vintage paintings to position in your home? In addition to being simple and easy to include in the rooms, you will certainly have a more relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

They can match perfectly with classic furniture, and the frames can be chosen in colors that harmonize with the furniture of the place, making the overall appearance of your home room much more harmonious.

Invest in flowers and plants

A house with plants and flowers in its decoration can provide a cooler environment, fragrant and natural. And this feature can be aligned with retro and vintage styles in an uncomplicated way.

In addition to increasing the feeling of well-being, flowers embellish the house and can be part of a vintage decoration in a practical way, both with the use of natural species and with the use of ornaments that follow the format.

Consider adapting the floor

One of the most striking elements in a vintage environment is the floor. Whether porcelain or ceramic flooring, it is possible to choose special and romantic options to apply in your home kitchen.

But if the living room already has a beautiful floor and you want to invest in recovering it, an option to make the room more retro may be to resort to restoration of wooden floors, where applying a varnish can transform the place.

Modifying the floor of any room in your home can be an interesting alternative to bring some of these trends to the space.

In this sense, even the carpets, either with Persian design or one with rectangular shapes, are interesting articles to apply inside your property.

Final Considerations

Retro and vintage trends fell in love with owners and architects, precisely for its classic and romantic characteristics, that leave the house with a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.

In this sense, these styles become simple and practical options to be applied to any property, because the elements used to compose the scenarios are easily found and match any architectural appearance.

In this way, those who want to change the decor following the retro trend can take advantage of a number of opportunities and purchase antique design furniture, but that are very current, bringing modernity into your home with a refined touch.

Thus, even if the retro style is not the same as the vintage, it is possible to align the two trends and create unique and nostalgic environments within your home.

Therefore, be sure to apply the tips covered in this content and enjoy a much more beautiful and welcoming home at the same time.

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you know what retro decor is and how it can be applied in a practical and beautiful way in your home? Decorating a property can be a very interesting and enjoyable task, especially when it is designed to meet the tastes of the owners. Opting for retro furniture and items can be a fun and nostalgic choice, so it should be done with tranquility and patience, since, each item present in the property will compose the scenario that will be seen daily for a long period. The renovation of the rooms in your home can start even with a small…

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