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New year photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.
New year photo created by freepik - br.freepik.com.

Decorating tips for your New Year's Eve

The end of year is a period of renewal and celebration. All the details make the difference at the party, and the New Year's Eve decoration is an important element to get the environment ready.

Details of your home can make a difference to the holiday decor, like using a mesa Saarinen Jantar to separate cutlery and plates at supper time.

For many people, the new year is much more than a reason to make different foods and have fun. It's a time for fresh starts, where we can leave the difficult moments behind, and embrace the new.

Celebrating the New Year for many people is the end of a cycle, where we can renew our strength and move on to a new year with much more spirit.

The term New Year comes from the French word réveiller, or wake up. This means that it is the awakening of a new moment of possibilities and opportunities.

Thinking about it, many people choose to hold parties, in order to bring friends and family closer, spending this important time of the year with loved ones.

It is a time when people who can hardly meet make a greater effort to spend time together, strengthening ties and preparing for the changes of the year to come.

There are several decoration projects specialized for holiday parties, since it is one of the most important periods for many people, especially those who want to have a memorable party.

The host of a New Year's Eve party has a lot to think about to organize the space and decoration, as well as making that moment memorable. So, have some design techniques to make the environment beautiful, it's essential.

Have a budget in hand

Before you start planning your party, you need to think about the budget you have for her.

That's because suppers and decorative pieces at this end of the year tend to be more expensive, and if there is no financial planning throughout the year, unforeseen events can quickly blow your budget.

Use what you already have in your favor, how to think of your custom kitchen furniture to store important elements of the party, as the utensils that will be used throughout the meeting.

Set the amount of money available for the party, and divide between all the necessary areas, such as:

  • food;
  • Drinks;
  • Decoration;
  • Clothes.

Among all the elements of the party, it is essential that she looks like a holiday party. Therefore, look for elements that refer to the festivity to create a suitable space.

Bet on comfortable sofas

The space used at the party is always one of the most important points. Therefore, try to take advantage of the space between the sofas and armchairs, making the environment a cozy resting place.

Enjoy decorating with pillows and blankets, playing with colors and textures to give a different charm to the environment. The different combinations will allow the creation of a much more elegant and comfortable space.

For example, one garden wall the background can give a natural touch to the environment, creating a special area.

If it was already in your plans to change the sofa before the holiday party, remember to choose one that has the right measure of comfort you want to achieve with the garment.

Use coffee tables

In addition to being an excellent decorative piece, the coffee table has a strategic function during a holiday party.

That's because you can take advantage of the space to place dishes, cups and other eating utensils while keeping the space tidy.

Another option is to put coasters and pots with snacks, allowing people around the table to taste before supper.

You can use a scented glass on the table to keep the room under the influence of flavoring, bringing much more comfort to the people around.

Combining the elegance of a decorated environment with the practicality presented by the coffee tables is essential.

Chairs should be part of the decor

A party usually has a great movement of people. However, after a while, most want to sit and rest their feet. Therefore, when organizing a holiday party, make sure you have chairs for everyone.

Decoration remains an important factor here, especially if you can invest in different and stylized chairs.

However, the main thing is that you can gather at least one chair for each party guest, ensuring that no one will feel uncomfortable. For this, even white plastic chairs can serve.

It is important to think when using the chairs that they should not harm your day to day. Therefore, always choose products that do not harm your laminate wood flooring, if you have it.

Make a guest list

To ensure greater comfort during the party, organizing a guest list is critical.

When we think of holidays, it is common to want to invite all the people we love and care, but many times these people go beyond the space limit you have.

Therefore, it’s important to identify all the people most likely to attend, getting a concise list that brings together all the people closest to you.

Start by creating a list of everyone you would like to attend, and then start the cuts. Separate in order of priority, so it is much easier to structure the event as a whole.

The holiday party is an event that requires great care, so be sure to let us know how many companions are allowed in the party invitation. Thus, you avoid surprises that can negatively affect your planning.

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Bet on large dining tables

As it is one of the items that will be used most throughout the party period, the dining table needs to be a practical and functional space, but that doesn’t mean she should lose her charm.

Bet on functional decorations, like stylized napkins and cups and bowls that, besides making the table more beautiful, can be used for supper. Small flower arrangements do not usually take up space and add a touch of elegance to the decor.

A company of fabric for event decoration, for example, can be your solution to simply and easily decorate your dining tables.

If you are going to receive several people, you can print a small menu to present all the meal options in a fun and interesting way, surprising your guests.

Different and tasty drinks

Drinks are an important part of a holiday party, because they are part of the decoration and the celebration at the same time.

It is important to think of drinks that harmonize with the proposed menu, since they will be consumed during feeding also.

Another important factor to take into account when organizing a New Year's Eve party is the amount of drinks. It's very annoying when the drinks end in the middle of a party, so it is important to calculate quantities that will suit everyone.

If possible, to freezer lease can be an excellent choice for properly storing all products purchased.

The type of drink is also a point to consider. That's because it's a very hot time of year, so refreshing drinks are usually the best options to explore on the menu.

Sparkling wines are often a hit at parties, mainly for toast. Another national preference is beer.

But you have to think that not everyone likes alcohol, so quantities of soda and juice are equally important.

A perfect option for the summer and that has gained an increasing popularity are the iced teas, non-alcoholic drinks, tasty and at a much lower cost.

Light and proper date colors

Colors are present all the time on New Year's Eve. Each color has its own meaning according to popular culture, the most common being white, representing peace, the yellow that attracts fortune and the red of love.

It is possible to create entire decorations using only one type of color, but there are a lot of fun options in the mix, creating colorful and fun environments, that will attract everyone's attention at the party.

Unlike Christmas, where we pull American trends and concepts like snow and warm clothes, the new year is much more national, so bet on decorations that suit the summer mood. Tropical decorations can be used a lot.

Complete lighting cannot be missing

Lighting at a New Year's Eve party should follow the theme of the date. One of the main points of the turn of the year is the fireworks display, so invest in bright and clear places, with bright lights and lots of shiny elements like gold and silver details.

If you have an outdoor area in your home, you can try to fit a light show into your budget. They have increasingly replaced fireworks, since they have less risk of accidents and do not disturb animals and children.

Take the opportunity to explore mixed lights in the environment, with vibrant colors and a party tone much more fun than the sobriety required by Christmas.

Enjoying New Year's Eve is a joy without size, and being around people you love only makes that concept even better.

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end of year is a period of renewal and celebration. All the details make the difference at the party, and the decoration for New Year's Eve is an important element to make the room ready. Details of your home can make a difference to the holiday decor, like using a saarinen dinner table to separate cutlery and crockery at supper time. For many people, the new year is much more than a reason to make different foods and have fun. It's a time for fresh starts, where we can leave the difficult moments behind, and…

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