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Lighting tips to enhance your decor

A lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating an environment. Therefore, enjoy lighting tips is essential to be able to compose a different and interesting design for your home.

Good lighting can make a difference in decor, making the location more functional or creating a prominent area for an object, for example. In addition, the position of the light in the environment also defines the type of light that will be used.

The different types of lighting and their functions

In the case of direct light, there is a direction to a specific location, as is the case with lamps. In the indirect, however, there is no single focus, being more important to light the entire environment.

Diffused light is a special lighting, that brings smoothness and aims to standardize the ambient lighting.

Regardless of the lighting choice, there are some basic features that light brings to the decor. The first is to make the environment more cozy.

A chandelier ceiling, for example, can make a big difference in an environment that you want to decorate in a more intimate way.

To achieve this type of result, betting on a neutral light is a good choice. This allows the environment to be clearer and more pleasant, making the space more functional. If you plan to use the environment for work or study, is the ideal form of lighting.

In addition, this type of light enhances the colors chosen in the decoration of the space. The shape of the lighting depends a lot on how you intend to use it, through ceiling lamps, luminaires or other formats that allow for brighter lighting.

A trend that has gained a lot of strength is that of lights embedded in furniture that highlight elements placed in these places. These lights create a unique visual effect, highlighting the decorative object chosen for the place.

When you do, for example, of bona application in your home or apartment, can direct the light to have a much more elegant effect on the environment.

Side lamps can also be used to highlight specific elements of the space, creating a more intimate and interesting environment.

Lighting is also very responsible for comfort. That's because the lights can make the environment more cozy, more conducive to reading and working, of course, depending on the amount of lighting and the shade chosen for use.

The cold lights, with shades of white and blue, are often used in more functional environments, such as:

  • Offices;
  • Study rooms;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Service areas.

This is because this type of tone allows for better concentration and a more focused visual field, making the environment easy to work.

Have the warm light, which has a more yellowish tone, is perfect for creating a more intimate environment.

The feeling of comfort it gives you allows you to want to spend more time in the place, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, where you can relax and enjoy for a while.

In modern environments, lighting combined with elements such as a colored burnt cement can make a difference.

Ideal with warm colors is to feel relaxed, so you can rest better and recover your energy.

How to choose your lighting?

There are several ways to apply a good light concept in an environment. The luminaire models are varied, each with its peculiarities and unique touches, that allow a very interesting design creation for rooms.

Since the best known are:

Ceiling lamps

These fixtures are the most common on the market. For its versatility, are used in any environment and can be combined with the most varied types of light.

Among the models, the most common are recessed luminaires, that guarantee a cleaner look to the environment, with discretion and style, and the chandeliers, more classic models that bring sophistication to the room. A chandelier is imposing, and part of the decoration alone.

On a high standard landscaping design, for example, lighting is key. That is why many ceiling lamps have bold and interesting designs to compose an environment like this..

There are models of ceiling lamps for all tastes, and prices are very variable, being able to find something that fits both your taste and your budget.

Pendant lamps

This lighting format has been gaining more and more space in the design area. There are countless different models, with use in almost any room in the house.

Pending lighting makes the atmosphere more relaxed and light, without losing its charm and sophistication. Its practicality makes many commercial establishments, like bars and restaurants, choose this model to compose the decoration.

In business environments, where lighting should be as clear as possible to improve productivity, you can think of lighting retrofit pendant for greater brightness of the place.

The only care in these cases is to check the distance between the pendant lamp and the ceiling, to ensure that the room will be beautiful and will not hinder locomotion, especially if you are a tall person.

Table lamps

Table lamps and lamps are old allies of decoration. Their models vary a lot in style, from classics to more modern and dynamic elements. They allow much greater light targeting, which can be both functional and decorative.

Any electrical installations design must also take into account the smaller fixtures, putting outlets to plug them in when needed.

A lamp can be a support for reading, in case you are creating a room for that moment, but it can also serve as a spotlight to highlight a decorative object. The options are countless.


This is a lighting format that serves as a support and combines a lot with those mentioned above. These are small points of illumination that aim to attract the focus to a specific location.

There are many ways to apply spots to rooms, conquering more lighting and making the environment more intimate and pleasant. It is common that the spots serve to give another air to the environment.

A spot positioned close to, for example, one tempered laminated glass can give special prominence to the environment.

Thus, you can opt for cold lighting in the kitchen, thinking about its functionality, but coupling spots of warm light to transform the environment into a romantic dining room, simply by changing the lights.

Valuing your decor with lighting

A good lighting project can enhance an environment completely. Therefore, you need to think carefully about all the decorating ideas you plan for your home, as well as including the design of lights to highlight the rooms and elements that you deem necessary.

To facilitate this process, check out some important tips:

1. Planejando seus ambientes

The first step to think about when it comes to decoration is to plan how you want the room to look after it's done. For this, you need to decide the style, which decorative objects will be used and how the lighting will affect the environment.

The number of light points and what type of lighting will be used is an important planning point, to achieve the expected goals.

2. Atente-se à fonte principal de iluminação

Choosing good lighting is key, especially when you need to distribute it throughout the environment. Therefore, it is important to identify the space and what are the best possibilities to explore the clarity of the place.

The greater the space of your room, bigger will have to be the main luminaire, to ensure better space effectiveness and functionality.

3. Procure o tipo correto de lâmpada

There are several models of lamps that you can use to compose an environment. Nowadays, one of the big ones chosen in most spaces is the LED lamp.

This is because these models are much more economical, in addition to having a longer useful life.

However, you need to pay attention to the type of environment you are trying to choose. The most traditional lamps still have their space, and you must weigh well what is the best model to use when setting up your room.

4. Diferentes tons para cada local

Lighting dictates the impression that a particular room. Therefore, if you intend to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, opting for low lighting and warm colors can be the ideal result.

Each part of your home has a purpose and a function. Lighting can be crucial to understand what are the elements that clearly identify each of these spaces.

A stainless steel wall covering, for example, you can use good lighting to make it even more elegant as a highlight in your home.

Thus, when you define what will be the use of a certain space in your home, can use light to make that environment more conducive to exercising the chosen functions and activities.

Final Considerations

A good environment requires good lighting. Therefore, this element is so important in the decoration processes, from the beginning to the final product presented.

By choosing lighting well, you take an important and decisive step to improve the style and comfort of your home or apartment.

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lighting is one of the most important elements in decorating an environment. Therefore, taking advantage of lighting tips is essential to be able to compose a different and interesting design for your home. Good lighting can make a difference in decor, making the location more functional or creating a prominent area for an object, for example. In addition, the position of the light in the environment also defines the type of light that will be used. Os diferentes tipos de iluminação e suas funções No caso da luz direta, there is a direction to a specific location, como é o caso de…

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