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Tips when choosing a sink for your kitchen

Know that the kitchen sink goes far beyond aesthetics, after all, this is an item that needs to be functional, since we are talking about an environment that is used for preparing meals, so there's no point in being a beautiful space if it's not practical.

But that doesn't mean you have to choose just any vat., After all, there are many options on the market., many of them innovative and that cater to various tastes and decor.

Today we have more modern vats, with built-in accessories, those more traditional, anyway, whether you are starting a new kitchen project or simply changing Hidraulic instalations and decided to renovate the kitchen, know which option is missing.

You just need to keep in mind that, when designing this environment, you have to be careful that it becomes:

  • Bonito;
  • Comfortable;
  • Functional;
  • Have resistant materials.

That is why the choice of kitchen items needs to be made carefully in order to extend the useful life of the environment., with this you will have a functional kitchen that will not need frequent maintenance.

To help you choose the ideal sink, we separate some tips in this article, here you will learn more about it and find out what options are available on the market.

What is a kitchen sink?

you must be asking yourself: Cuba is the same thing as a sink? After all, what is the difference between these items?

to make it clear, the sink is a whole piece, while the tub is a piece installed with a bench, in this way the final structure is separated.

In other words, the kitchen sink is an element that fits into the worktop and thus forms a single structure, its function is the same as the sink, can you wash your hands, food and washing dishes.

A kitchen sink It is a much more modern and practical piece than the sink., we would say that it is a kind of evolution, so you don't have to stick to the traditional model, since the tub has several layouts and sizes.

They are ideal for those people who like to innovate in decoration., the vats bring a more modern proposal, so you can transform various kitchen items, how to install hanging shelves, pendants for counter, a different lighting, etc.

kitchen sink models

First of all, It is important that you know which models of tubs are available on the market., this makes it easier to make a choice according to your tastes and the proposal of your kitchen.

Deep-drawn stainless steel tank

Perhaps this is the most traditional model, this sink is glued under the countertop, and your clipping is shown, therefore it is essential that it is made in the perfect format and that it has a good finish, otherwise your kitchen will not be harmonious.

as already said, all the details of this space need to be thought of, since pvc doors to the piece of furniture that will be used in the tub, and good planning avoids frustrations.

This option tends to be very practical and hygienic., because the piece is uniform, not having any interruption or relief in the way that could interfere when cleaning the bench.

Overflow stainless steel tank

This model is very similar to the previous one., but its edge is above the bench, giving a more modern finish, ideal for those houses that have this proposal and have wooden structured floors, for example.

With this, the kitchen complements the decor and all spaces communicate, after all, it is very important that all the rooms are in harmony.

sculpted vat

This is a much more elaborate model than the previous ones., as the carved bowl is made of the same material as the countertop, which can be porcelain, stone, corian, anyway, the way you want.

This is an option that tends to be a little more expensive than stainless steel., after all, it carries a personality that the others do not have, bringing more sophistication to the environment. Although the value is higher, it adapts to any bench shape.

Within these models there are some types of kitchen sinks, being they:

  • simple Cuba;
  • double cuba;
  • triple cuba;
  • sink with drainer.

For the kitchen, only one type of tub is indicated, which is the one with the straight bottom. It needs to be that way so you can place your crockery and utensils inside it..

The model you can choose any of the ones mentioned above, opt for a removable tray to hide the valve if you so wish. Know that with the flag it looks much prettier, however, it may require a greater effort to clean the valve.

How to get it right?

As you can see, There are several models available on the market., and the choice depends a lot on your project, after all, when we choose a decoration, we need to think about all the details, from the vat to the Table liner.

But to be able to choose the ideal product you need to analyze some factors, they will help you not to make a mistake or regret buying your kitchen sink, so you can be sure it will work.

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These are very simple factors., that anyone can see, be it a housewife or an employee of a company that does building electrical project.

Good, firstly it is important that you calculate the space, Evaluate the available countertop size and see if it can handle the types of tub, that can be simple, duo, triple, with drainers or other accessories.

Another aspect that needs to be checked is the free area under the bench., beyond the depth of the gap, this will allow the installation to be flawless and have no errors.

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Think that the search for the ideal kitchen sink is like looking for a home monitoring system, before hiring you need to research and identify the best service to keep your family safe, right?

With the vat it's the same thing, you need to plan and make the right choice so that future problems do not occur, like leaks, damaged materials, lack or excess of space, that's why it's essential that you do a lot of research.

It is essential that you consider the cabinet under the countertop to know the maximum width. Ideally, your tub should not be wider than the cupboard below it, so you don't have to cut the divider and thus break into the module's shelves or drawers..

The faucet is also fundamental in all the processes of choosing the vat., so remember this needs to be a functional project, so this item needs to fit perfectly in the space so that it doesn't splash water all over the house.

Thus, check the type of faucet so you can set the maximum depth, it is also essential that you know which model will be so that you can check the exact measurements of the tub, and with that define if it will fit in the space.

If you opt for a table faucet, know that she should stay behind the vat, you have to let go at least 10 cm between the tub and the wall. If she goes to the wall, the vat could be a little smaller in this area, with at least 5 cm.

In front of the vat, at least 5 cm to the edge of the bench.

The ideal measurements will also help you choose the height, so measure the width and depth of the space. It is recommended to choose the highest possible height that is available in that format..

Bear in mind that the greater the height, the more practical your tub will be, because this space allows you to be able to place more dishes and utensils inside it.

what items to buy?

When you go to buy the vat, pay attention to the product specifications, check if it already comes with the valve, what is the sink drain, since this is a piece that is made especially for the tub, because its size is different from conventional sinks.

You will need to purchase the siphon separately., which is nothing more than the piece that will take the water from the valve to the sewer point on the wall, and there are several models you can choose from.

The sink for the kitchen is a very harmonious option that will bring a much more sophisticated look to your kitchen.. as already seen, there are many options on the market that fit in the pocket, whether you are a tinkerer or a professional security consulting.

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