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Tips for applying Feng Shui in your home decor. Photo: Terry Magallanes no Pexels.
Tips for applying Feng Shui in your home decor. Photo: Terry Magallanes no Pexels.

Tips for applying Feng Shui in your home decor

A application of Feng Shui in your home can help make the environment much more pleasant and satisfying., using the teachings as a basis to create a decor that is in harmony and that adapts well to your property.

A Feng Shui is a science that is an art of Chinese origin, and it is an ancient wisdom of structuring environments and harmony, using reflective glasses and other elements.

It works by identifying the main points to settle down and create a more pleasant environment in the space in which you live.

The words Feng Shui respectively represent the terms Wind and Water in Chinese. This philosophy dictates that when you change the environment you live in, it's also changing your feelings and even your destiny.

In this way, the art uses the five Chinese elements to identify the conditions of the space you find yourself in and how these elements affect the Chi in this environment..

The elements are:

  • Water;
  • Earth;
  • Fire;
  • Metal;
  • Madeira.

Chi is the energy that exists in everything and everyone, in different quantities. When you apply the concept of Feng Shui, is managing to balance the Chi of the environments, making this vital energy move throughout the house, providing unique sensations.

Each environment has its own vibe, that can be explored with more quality through feng shui, using the baguá to get a deeper analysis of each room in your home with a electrical installation service.

Baguá is a very important piece to work Feng Shui. Bá means eight and gua means side, that is, eight sides.

The Baguá is the octagon that is applied under the plant of the environment that will be treated to achieve a more adequate structure in accordance with Feng Shui.

This tool works similar to a compass, sectoring each area of ​​the place with meanings and functions that must be taken into account when you are applying Feng Shui in the environment.

the nine guas

Within the concept of Feng Shui, the baguá is an octagon, which means there are eight sides (guide). However, to the property plan, the center of the baguá is also considered a side, with its own representation and that must be taken into account.

Therefore, It is important to know what each of these elements symbolizes and to have a more complete understanding of this philosophy as a whole in a floor ceiling partition.


This gua symbolizes the profession, your mission in life. It is ruled by the water element and its color is black. For Feng Shui Analysis, this gua must be aligned with the entrance door of the place where you are located..


Friends are represented by gray color., and by the metal within the Feng Shui elements. It is a gua that concerns both your physical friends and your departed friends..


The gua of the relationship represents both your actions with other people and with yourself. The relationship is a very important representation for your interpersonal relationships, and is represented by the earth element and the pink color.


Creativity and its worldview, how open are you to new possibilities and solutions. This element is ruled by the metal, and symbolized by the white color.


The family is the foundation of your relationship. It's about how you deal with your parents and ancestors, using the color green and wood as elements of representation for this gua..


Spirituality is how much you know about yourself, your inner self and your reflections. With blue color and wood as its natural element, this is one of the most important elements of Feng Shui.


Success represents the external view, how people and the world see you, in addition to their recognition of important actions and achievements.. Here, the main element is fire, which is symbolized by the color red.


Prosperity represents your potential to live fully, your relationship to money as a whole and your finances. It is represented by the color purple and has wood as its element..


The center of Baguá, usually represented by the Ying Yang symbol, represents your balance, both mental and emotional and spiritual, as well as physical health and well-being in general..

How to apply Feng Shui

There are some simple elements, but powerful in this type of technique. The more you get to apply it, and start to see the results, better it will be for your intertwined floor.

Please note, however, that not all properties are prepared for such a sudden change, that's why it's important for you to be able to do a little bit of adaptation too. Prioritize what is most important at the moment.

Take off the shoes

Taking off your shoes is an old custom in eastern countries, largely because the shoes carry the dirt and impurities of the street with them., making this habit much more hygienic to deal with..

In addition, segundo o Feng Shui, when you take off your shoes when you enter the house, manages to let go of problems and tensions generated throughout the day, managing to spend a more lively and calm period.

To be able to do this type of action, many people choose to use a shoe rack in the lobby, allowing people to take off and store their shoes there, next to a balcony shutter.

Although this type of action causes strangeness in Western homes at first glance, it doesn't take long for you to get used to this type of action.

bed positioning

The bed is the main object of any room., and because of that, it needs all the care possible to become a quality environment.. The first step is to prevent the bed from having its back to doors and windows.

look for a smooth wall, also known as a blind wall to achieve this type of result.. In addition, supporting the head of the bed against a wall brings a greater sense of security for those who are sleeping.

The more you put objects hanging and suspended on the bed, greater will be the incidence of anxiety and stress, being ideal to avoid this type of action.

work with even numbers

Even numbers bring balance and consistency to your decor. Therefore, It is important to work with this concept to be in line with your home's Feng Shui.

In double rooms, for example, it is important to balance the sides of the bed. That means two bedside tables, two decorative objects, among other elements.

In addition, even numbers tend to make more sense for vision, giving more emphasis to unique objects placed in an environment to complement the design stipulated by him with the industrial paint.

The more you can use these features, better structured will be the environments to be able to work with this type of philosophy preached by Feng Shui.

rounded objects

Within the concept of Feng Shui, circular shapes allow the flow of energy to flow more fluidly and freely, managing to find the whole environment. In this way, many people opt for decorative objects, furniture and rugs with this type of format.

Especially in environments where there is a large movement of people, this type of object is very important to release the energies and keep the well-being of the place in order., ensuring a more adequate structure.

keep toilets closed

The bathroom is an energy discharge environment., since biologically speaking, this is where the body is purified and all the elements that no longer serve the human being are discarded.

This energy is negative, and must be able to move away in its entirety. Given this, It is important that you keep drains and lids closed., unless you need to use them. In addition, it's important to keep the doors closed.

This ends up preventing the impact of opposing energies, keeping negative energies on an exit route and preventing positive energies from being drained into this environment with retractable glass cover.

Final Considerations

Applying Feng Shui can be a simpler process than it sounds. By structuring your home correctly, you can work with more energy and can perform much more interesting actions.

Thus, you ensure that all visitors and residents of your home will be in harmony, managing to harness the full potential of Chi that you establish by using the philosophy and creating a more suitable and satisfying environment for your home.

In this way, you can have a structure in order for your needs, managing to work much more effectively with these elements, even with soundproof partitions to complete or environment.

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