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Wall psd created by alexandercho - br.freepik.com.

Tips for decorating your home's living room

A universe of decoration and design of interiors is one of the most interesting and fastest growing today.. Inside him, the tips on how decorate living room are among the most sought after by the general public..

In fact, it is not even necessary to stay in the impression or opinion, as there are researches that corroborate these assertions.. Especially after the pandemic of 2020, that forced many people to spend more time at home, the home was "resignified".

A recent survey by Ebit/Nielsen, famous research company, demonstrates that the bed sector, table, bath and decor grew almost 25% no last period, curve that had never been verified in this area as a whole.

Remembering that this sector and the survey only include decoration products, that involve every room in the house (despite the name “bed, table and bath"), even basic services, such as restoration of old tacos or a simple painting.

The construction part, like the famous “puxadinho” that expands a house and its functions, bringing an extra dorm or office, just don't go in here. She would already be in the home and construction sector, or construction.

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Therefore, just the decoration part and design of interiors has already grown the indicated amount, which in practice indicates a curve that goes around 7 billions of reais per year, for about 10 billion per year. Much of this is also due to the internet.

That's exactly where the role of decorating tips comes into play, because the blogs, vlogs and portals that bring this type of advice are usually linked to sales portals. Or, even when it doesn't, still end up taking shopping.

After all, when researching something about luster living room, probably the person is looking for this solution for consumption, or starting to understand the subject better, which in itself ends up heating the market, directly or indirectly.

our role here, therefore, is to help readers and Internet users make the best decisions for the decoration of the most frequented room in the house, which is the living room.

Really, both family members and friends and guests attend it much more than any other domestic environment., Is not it?

With the advancement of home office, this trend also grew, since many people needed to improvise their “small corner” of work in their own living room.

The coolest thing is that the design of interiors can be done well little by little, so nowadays everyone can have access to the tips we are going to give. Sometimes buy wholesale ornamental plants it's a good start, and it doesn't cost a lot.

In other cases, when there is a possibility, you may need to change heavier and more expensive furniture, then it also just depends on budgeting and planning.

So, if you want to find out once and for all how to decorate your living room, just go ahead and enjoy the best tips and advice in the field..

Planning and Measures

First, the planning, because without having any idea of ​​what changes you should and can make, nothing walks in this universe of decoration.

This includes listing the changes., the furniture, the accessories and every detail that will be changed in the room, even so you can deal with the reality of values.

It's no use wanting to change the sofa, pantry table bordering the kitchen and main rug, if in the end you run out of one of these elements, for lack of money.

With these numbers in hand, you can have the power to decide between a tempered laminated glass or another option that fits your budget better.

Finally, planning helps to take the necessary measures, both the space itself and the items that must be changed.

Here the same rule applies to money: just imagine buying a piece of furniture that doesn't fit in the space where you intended to place it. Or even buy one that, of "sitting the eye", it even fits, but due to lack of space it ends up not harmonizing so well.

This type of planning also helps in typical virtuous simplicity., which today translates into the motto “less is more”, which means "less is more". It helps anyone to make good plans and still choose the best decorative trends.

Prevailing trends

You don't need to be an expert interior designer, or dominate from the style boho to the finest details of contemporary style.

But certainly reading a little about styles and deciding which one will predominate in your shopping choices is a good thing., that will give you a harmonization north.

At the end, you can even combine elements from one or the other, as long as it follows this north of inspiration and coherence.

You may still find that an upholstery goes very well with a burnt cement coating, and if you already have one of the two, it is possible to decide for the other with the certainty that the choice will go well and will optimize your time and expenses.

Today, the predominant styles that we have in the interior decoration universe are:

  • Industrial and Rustic;
  • Minimalist and Retro;
  • Scandinavian and Oriental;
  • Modern and Provençal;
  • Colonial and Countryside.

Anyway, use each other's guidelines to guide you. they define, basically, from the color palette you will use in your room, even the types of shapes.

Some are more rounded, other straight lines. In addition, upholstered, types of wood and arrangement of objects is also something that each style can suggest in a way.

Think about functionality

Few people can afford to buy a vase worth thousands of dollars, Is not it? Today the beauty of a piece must also refer to its functionality in the set, or does not pay.

Thus, decoration is not about, as some might think, of "mere luxury", but just to leave a more beautiful and at the same time more usable environment, cozy and practical.

Therefore, true interior decor optimizes your living room and makes it more positive in every way at the same time, not just in one or the other.

That's not to say you don't have to choose one quality frame, since in the end, quality is also about durability., resistance and, in the end, it's an economy, because it's better than having to change the part several times.

The comfort itself is another trait you're thinking about.. A sofa, armchair or even puff that is more expensive and also more comfortable, it's not an expense at all, but a perfectly justifiable investment.

Trio: couch, rack and mat

if you want to make a upgrade nice in your living room without having to change everything from top to bottom, an optimization tip is to work with the main trio: couch, rack and mat.

Of course, by changing these elements you will give a new face and it will look like you have really changed everything. There are those who do this with a certain frequency of years, ensuring a new tone for the environment.

If you want to give it a makeover without spending money on the sofa, it is also possible, just changing his upholstery, as well as the pillows.

Paintings and Mirrors

Another tip similar to the sofa trio, rack and mat is tinkering with the paint. Sometimes a wall just gives a new look to the living room of your house.

If you don't want to or can do it on your own, there are also solutions, as an area painter. An example are those who do building painting, as they have more experience and you may be able to negotiate terms and prices.

A tip for those who don't want to mess with the colors, but need to renovate the room or even expand the space, is working with mirrors, that can be used to your advantage.

Remembering that they work not only on the notion of space and amplitude, but also the lighting, making the place brighter.

Final Considerations

Everything we said above can help a lot when decorating your home's living room. These are really valuable tips, especially because they touch from more structural issues to smaller details.

There are also other initiatives that can help, how to bet not to use decorative plants, avoid exaggerating the use of decorative objects and even not abuse the size of the TV, if the room is small.

The issue of quality is also obvious., which, moreover, applies to everyone. A restaurant when you're going to buy one stainless steel table you need to think about how long that good needs to last to be worth it.

Domestic decisions are not very different and must take everything into account.. With the advice we gave here, it will be even easier to make the best decisions and transform the living room into a practical environment, comfortable and inviting.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content on different segments.

universo da decoração e do design de interiores é um dos mais interessantes e que mais cresce na atualidade. Inside him, tips on how to decorate the living room are among the most sought after by the general public. In fact, it is not even necessary to stay in the impression or opinion, as there are researches that corroborate these assertions.. Especially after the pandemic of 2020, that forced many people to spend more time at home, the home was "resignified". A recent survey by Ebit/Nielsen, famous research company, demonstrates that the bed sector, table, banho e decoração cresceu quase 25%…

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