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Photo: Madeira photo created by jannoon028 - br.freepik.com.
Photo: Madeira photo created by jannoon028 - br.freepik.com.

Tips for decorating and organizing your bathroom

Dflush bathroom it can be difficult for some people, after all we are talking about a smaller environment that does not require much decoration. Ideally, he should be discreet, comfortable and clean.

However, even if you don't need decoration like the room, rooms and other environments, having a well decorated bathroom will only improve the space of the home and make this place more beautiful for visits and, why not, for day to day.

Of course, cleaning always comes first, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom should have just the basics – or that it can be a mess that no one will care.

Just like the decoration, organization is also necessary in this space. So that now, and often, the bathroom is so small that it seems almost impossible to keep it tidy.

But that's where a lot of people are wrong, yes it is possible to leave the space tidy, as long as you follow some tips. So, if you need to decorate or redecorate your bathroom, stay tuned to this article.

Let's give some tips for decorating bathrooms and also to organize it better. Thus, you will have a renovated and very pleasant environment, like the rest of the home.

A little more about bathroom decor

The bathroom is the smallest place in a residence, despite being as important as the other rooms. However, its decoration and even organization are often overlooked, and people only care about keeping it clean.

This behavior is becoming more and more common, because the trend of modern architecture is to deliver smaller and smaller properties to support the population growth.

From this, people tend to choose to tempered laminated glass in the stall to save space and help the bathroom look. But precisely because of the small size, any change made helps to totally change the aspect.

This happens from the way the floors are placed, even the way of organizing the furniture. In addition, its size also makes it easy to decorate, whether in an idea or investment.

However, The fact is that, for being a small space, not as many decorative objects or furniture as in the room, for example. Changing a mirror or a small object over the sink already completely changes the appearance.

Therefore, besides functional, the bathroom can be beautiful and this can be done after some very simple tips, ranging from placing self-leveling countertop even a change in decorative objects.

Tips for changing bathroom decor

To make it easier to decorate and organize this environment, some ideas can help a lot.

Among the main ones are:

1 – Opt for easy-to-clean floors

There are thousands of bathroom flooring options, like porcelain tile, which has been the most chosen today.

But other interesting options are:

  • Ceramics;
  • Hydraulic tile;
  • Tablets;
  • Waterproofed burnt cement.

In addition to these, another hot idea is vinyl flooring, that can be used across space, except inside the box.

2 – Enjoy the walls

In a small bathroom, the walls become an important space. A good idea is to place shelves and niches.

But it is also necessary to observe if it is not necessary to decrease the depth to not make the place uncomfortable.

3 – Make niches in masonry

The niches in the masonry transform the space into a more clean and sophisticated, in addition to collaborating with design of hydraulic installations.

It is an option that takes advantage of a space that was previously useless, as well as free the box space from those shelves and soap dishes. If the box is very small, this is an excellent solution.

However, you have to remember that just like all the box walls, the niche must also receive some coating or waterproofing treatment to avoid problems with infiltration.

4 – Use metals that enhance the bathroom

Metal options are no longer just silver or gold, and we can find other options like golden, rose, covers, bronze and even colored.

Formats also vary widely, therefore, you can choose a beautiful faucet that enriches the environment with a lot of charm and style.

5 – Make the most of space

The smaller the bathroom, most important is to make the most of your space. For this, shelves can be used, woodwork niches, cabinets, etc.

A good tip is to use planned bathroom furniture, with a counter that goes from the sink and extends above the toilet. In this location, flavorings and other decorative objects can be placed.

Closer to sink, the space can be used to place toothbrush holders and soap dishes.

6 – Choosing a good mirror

The mirror is an important piece that cannot be missing in the bathroom. To make the space wider, a tip is to use one that covers an entire wall.

For those who do not have this space available, the tip is to use a different piece over the sink, like round mirrors, old, colored or with leather handle.

Regardless of the choice, it is good to specify with the store or manufacturer so that the piece has the ideal measurements.

7 – Use tile on the wall

There are many options in bathroom coverings, from 3D to the most traditional. So that the space is modern and with its personality, the ideal is to have the help of a professional.

In case of doubts, it is possible to cover only one wall, highlighting it, so that it matches the items in a planned furniture factory.

It can also be just a track, that is behind the vase, the mirror or inside the box, among other possibilities that the professional suggests.

Who lives in rented property and would like to change the bathroom flooring, but can't, a tip is to use stickers that imitate tile. They can be placed and removed without harming the original coating.

Can be used in the sink area, of the vase, but never inside the box, because they do not resist moisture.

8 – Choosing the toilet well

The choice of the vase needs to collaborate with the entire aesthetic of the bathroom, and also with its functionality and ergonomics. Some have a bolder design, however, are not so comfortable during use.

So it is important to think carefully before choosing. Another tip, is to opt for those with dual discharge system, because water savings can reach up to 60%.

How to make the bathroom more organized

Beyond decoration, organization is another very important factor. So, to make your bathroom tidier, some tips are:

Use shelves

Some people don't like cabinets in the bathroom because they think they leave the environment heavy and take up a lot of space. For this, a good tip is to replace them with shelves.

There are many materials available that you can find in the same store buy vinyl flooring.

The glass ones, for example, make the appearance lighter, but they can also be made of wood, metal and other materials.

Take advantage of the space above the vase

If the vessel has a box attached, the space above it can be put to good use.

It can be decorated with flowers or shelves, in addition cabinets can be installed to make even better use of space.

Use organizing boxes

There are many objects that can be stored in the bathroom, therefore, besides considering the synthetic application, it's important to think about how to store all the items in the bathroom.

The organizing boxes are great for this and you can find them in different sizes. They can be arranged inside the cabinet, on the shelves or even in a corner of the bathroom.

Take advantage of drawers and cabinets

There are supports, hooks and boxes that can be fixed inside the cabinet doors.

They help accommodate dryers and other items that need to be kept well.

Clothes basket

Just like using bathroom insert, having a laundry basket in the bathroom is very useful and important, mainly, to avoid the mess.

If there is no space for plastic or rope baskets, a bag can be used behind the door. This will definitely help keep the space well organized and clean.


The bathroom is an indispensable place in a property, but despite being small and used in a timely manner, he also needs attention regarding decoration and organization.

Certainly cleanliness is the most important factor, but we cannot ignore the need for a pleasant and well-kept environment, that does not clash with the rest of the residence.

With the hints in this text, it is possible to have a comfortable bathroom, neat and well decorated, that combines with all the comfort of the property.

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