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Tips for choosing the best type of tile for your kitchen. Photo: Home photo created by wirestock - br.freepik.com.
Tips for choosing the best type of tile for your kitchen. Photo: Home photo created by wirestock - br.freepik.com.

Tips for choosing the best type of tile for your kitchen

A decorating an environment depends on a set of techniques, objects and styles, so that the decoration chosen for a room can stand out or adapt to the general style adopted in the decoration of the place, with the floor and tile similar.

That's why the work of a decorator is increasingly important to the process of organizing a space, especially when it comes to a commercial environment, like a restaurant, which daily receives several customers.

Consumers are expected to find a receptive place, that develops the style well in relation to the purpose of this environment, as in the difference between a cafeteria focused on young people or an upscale restaurant, specializing in seafood.

Regardless of the service area of ​​these establishments, it is important that they work with decorations that also suit the instruments used, as a stainless steel table for industrial kitchen, facilitating the work performed there.

Kitchen decoration is also of great importance for merchants working with food production., in order to ensure the professionalism of this environment for employees who work daily in these spaces.

Many restaurants even operate with an open kitchen model, where your customers can have a clear view of the environment in which your food is being prepared.

Not to mention an unexpected request, when a customer asks to visit the kitchen, in order to congratulate the work done by the professionals of the place. In both cases it is important that the environment is organized, with industrial kitchen floor coating.

And if this is a decoration requirement that should occur in commercial environments, the same thing happens in the residential environment, in which daily residents will have access to such an environment, whether in the production of your food or other activities.

The kitchen, worth highlighting, is one of the most frequented rooms in a house, whether in the lunch production, in organizing breakfast, or even a late night visit in search of a snack.

In all cases, it is important to have a receptive decor environment, keeping its particularities and, at the same time, matching the overall design of the house. And speaking of objects suitable for the kitchen, stand-out or use of tiles.

The role of tile in a kitchen

The tile can be defined as a ceramic piece., used in most cases for decorative purposes, thus being a material frequently used by architecture and urbanism projects, together with other decorative pieces.

Outside the aforementioned decorative content, the tiles also have a practical function., serving as a protective plate between concrete walls and available materials in an environment, as liquid elements, therefore being used in bathrooms and swimming pools.

Same thing happens with kitchens, in which room structures are often exposed to waste resulting from culinary processes, mainly with fat from fried foods.

Because they are mostly smooth-structure materials, mainly on tiles used in kitchens, they present themselves as the best coating options for these environments, in addition to the aforementioned decorative touch that the tiles give to a space.

And speaking of decoration, it is common that residents often opt for a renovation of their residential environment, in order to give a new style to the place, mainly in a rented house, passed to new residents.

On the other hand, spending on replacing tiles can make property residents wary of investing in a renovation process., considering the expenses to be incurred with hiring professionals, to replace these parts.

When there is a problem related to the structure of the place, like a leak or an infiltration, in fact it is necessary to change these materials, but when your restlessness is purely decorative, there are more affordable options.

Because just like a custom acrylic mug can bring a new style to an office, through a simple change of decor, the same thing can happen with the tiles in your kitchen, can be decorated rather than replaced.

In many cases it is possible to cover these tiles with spackle and customize them using acrylic paint or even simple spray paint., that can be found in any home decor or building materials store..

Other low cost options is through the use of a contact paper., sticking up the whole environment, or with the application of small modern stickers. simple objects, but of great decorative value, available in the most different formats.

The ornamentation of the decoration with tiles can also be done through the arrangement of objects that complement the style of the place, like installing a stainless steel countertop in your kitchen, matching the modern style of the space.

Speaking of cooking styles, each room model requires adequate decoration to enhance the decorative value of the space, and the same situation applies to the style of tile chosen to be applied in this environment of the house..

Common Kitchen Styles

The design of a kitchen is a big challenge not only for a decorator, as well as those responsible for building the property, in order to complement it to the rest of the house, as in the kitchen model or as an enclosed space.

According to the structure of the place, different models of decoration can be adopted to the place, highlighting these three most evident styles:

traditional cuisine

In traditional cuisine, the highlight ends up being lighter colors, highlighting the breadth of space. For this it is recommended that the tiles used match this brighter style, predominantly white, among other lighter tones.

This more neutral tone allows the environment to also be optimized with a classic wooden floor, or talking about an industrial kitchen, with the frequent traffic of people, with the installation of a high floor endurance.

modern kitchen

In the modern kitchen, the main purpose is to be daring with more flashy decorations, with strong tones, with the tiles being able to be arranged alternately, giving a less traditional appeal to the place.

On the other hand, the use of dark colors such as black can also be evidenced, giving the place a style of cooking premium, then combining with tiles also in sober tones, but with more geometric finishes, with the use of straight lines.

small places

It is also necessary to be aware of the size of the properties, because normally an apartment has a smaller space, in order to better share the place with the other rooms of the property, like what happens in a loft.

In this case, it is important to take advantage of the available space, as with replacing a large water filter with a purifier of Water electric soft shorter.

The decor can also bring some improvements in this regard, as in the adoption of lighter tile colors, just like in traditional cuisine, in order to enhance the lighting of the place, giving the impression that the available space is visually larger.

Outside the property disposition, there are also the decorative styles of the tiles themselves, that should be taken into account when choosing a format that best suits the style of your kitchen, as in the models mentioned.

Different types of tiles

Keeping track of the different types of kitchens and other rooms in which tiles can be made available, these materials work with different characteristics, according to the type of ceramic used.

Among some differential models stand out:

  • Portuguese tile;
  • Tile in mosaic;
  • Rustic tile;
  • colored tile;
  • 3D Tile.

Each style has its own peculiarity, like the portuguese tile, known for its traditional style, logo not being the best option for someone looking for a more modern design for their kitchen, where a color model is best suited.

Tile tiles can bring great decorative versatility to your kitchen, however it is recommended to avoid shades drawn to shades of blue, seen its predominance in environments such as swimming pools and bathrooms.

The rustic model can be combined with furniture in woody tones, just like a 3D tile fits perfectly in more modern style kitchens, being able to be ornamented by less traditional objects, as a stainless steel shelf.

In general, it is possible to say that tiles are one of the most important materials for decorating a kitchen., taking into account not only its usefulness for the environment, but also relying on its decorative value.

Materials that adapt to the most different styles of decoration, given the plurality found in the very design of the tiles, bringing different opportunities to your home, especially to your kitchen.

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