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9ª 3M Art Show. Photo: André Velozo.
9ª 3M Art Show. Photo: André Velozo.

Notice for the 10th edition of the 3M Art Exhibition is an opportunity for artists from all over the country

Registration takes place from 20 April to 18 de Mayo, and can be made on behalf of individuals over 18 years or artistic collectives. For the first time, the event, which is already part of the cultural calendar of the city of São Paulo, will be held at Ibirapuera Park

São Paulo, April 2020 – Amid the closing of exhibitions and the retraction of the arts market due to the new coronavirus, to 10ª 3M Art Show, one of the longest-running events in the São Paulo visual arts scene, is an opportunity for artists to be able to develop new paid projects. The Exhibition opens a public notice that includes the participation of artists from all over the country, including foreigners residing in Brazil for more than two years and also Brazilians living abroad. The announcement reinforces the objective of seeking a reflection on contemporary art dialogue in the public space, promote the democratization of access to art and boost national artistic production. Entries can be made by the site www.mostra3mdearte.com.br until 18 May and three projects They will be selected.

To celebrate its 10th edition, the Exhibition will present works by ten artists, seven guests and three through public notice, promoting the regional and cultural plurality of the event. This year's curator is the curator and researcher Camila Bechelany, that proposes the theme "Common place: crossings and communities in the city ” as an opportunity to develop issues such as accessibility, collectivity, collaboration, diversity and the possibilities of coexistence in the public space thought as a common good.

The concept defined by Camila Bechelany for the 10th Mostra 3M de Arte, that occupies the Ibirapuera Park for the first time, one of his inspirations is the following quote by modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi: “When the space is entirely familiar, it becomes a place. ” This statement has a congruence when it comes to this park, a space sought by those seeking peace, socialization, leisure, contact with nature and, also, with art. “The call for proposals encourages artists to think of various layers of bringing people closer to this place, and also the green space as resistance and valorization of what is common to all, regardless of social class or age group ”, account Camila Bechelany.

To participate in the public notice, it is enough to present projects that are connected with this theme, not only in content, but also in format. Being an unpublished work, that dialogue with the common public and that resist climate factors and human interventions are some of the evaluation criteria. Each selected artist will receive a R $ fee 5.000,00 and the amount of R $ 25.000,00 as a production budget, including transportation, installation and uninstallation of the work.

Upon registration, it is necessary to send a summary biography of(to) competitor, portfolio of 20 other project images, work proposal and respective proposal of realization with up to 15 (fifteen) images, presenting schedule, detailed budget for the production, assembly and disassembly of the proposal, and other costs that may be necessary.

All selected should consider factors such as the location of the show, duration of exposure and public access, in addition to monitoring of full-time work installation. For selected residents outside the city of São Paulo, there will be accommodation and transportation paid by the company Elo 3.

“Taking the Exhibition to Ibirapuera Park is a decision that aims to really bring art to the routine of people, who seek this space for many different goals. And it doesn't matter why this person is there or how old they are, she will be able to access and interact with a work of art, that somehow will dialogue with her, providing accessibility in the broadest sense of the word. ” says Fernanda Del Guerra, director of Elo 3, founder and organizer of the event.

For 3M, sponsoring the Mostra since its first edition, the theme “Common place: crossings and communities in the city ”works with pillars that are part of the essence of the company. “The 10th 3M Art Exhibition reflects the spirit of collaboration, the creative attitude, respectful integration with the environment and social engagement that make up 3M's DNA; consistently supporting a project like this for a decade connects us even more with society, in a democratic and symbolic way ”, Full Luiz Eduardo Serafim, Head of Marketing at 3M Brazil.

The 10th 3M Art Exhibition takes place, for free, from 12 September to 11 October, for the first time, in Ibirapuera Park, city ​​postcard, listed by the historical heritage preservation bodies, and one of the most democratic spaces in the city that receives more than one million visitors per month.

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