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Kalima publishing house publishes “O Älememoti”, by André Regal

Andnew dictator coming on the market. Meet Editora Kalima? Today we are going to talk about this inauguration and its first published author: André Regal, author of “Mirta Vento Amarelo” and “O Brakki”.

Succinctly, Editora Kalima arrived on the market at the beginning of May 2021. This is a small publisher, but that offers traditional publication to its authors. In addition, the catalog includes books and comic books by Brazilian authors, including coming from the independent scene.

The first author published by Editora Kalima is André Regal, with your dark fantasy “O Älememoti”. It is the second book of the trilogy “A Lágrima de Giius”. The first of the trilogy (“O Brakki”) is also for sale on the publisher's website.

The author André Regal has a degree in Theater and is a music teacher. And this is a differential in your works; the trajectory in dramaturgy makes all the difference in André Regal's texts, since they get a lot deeper into the characters' psyche, which makes reading more immersive.

You can check readers' opinions by clicking HERE and checking reviews on Amazon.

If you haven't read the first book of the trilogy, Do not worry; you can purchase the combo directly on the publisher's website. Just log in <editorakalima.com>. So that now, if you like e-book, you can purchase “O Brakki” directly from Amazon. For those who have Kindle Unlimited, the book is free.

See, below, the author's biography and the synopses of the first two books in the trilogy “A Lágrima de Giius”. The last book is scheduled for 2022.

André Regal Biography

André Regal, born in the interior of Minas Gerais, is an actor, playwright and musician. Debuted at the theater in 2010, when he did workshops and free courses, Rio de Janeiro being the city where he would obtain professional training at Escola Martins Penna. Always avid for literature, it is influenced by authors such as Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Bernard Cornwell, Sidney Sheldon and masters of writing like Robert Mckee and Syd Field. Contributed short stories and chronicles of humor in some editions of the traditional magazine from Minas Gerais “Jararaca Alegre”. In 2015, started working on his first fantastic fiction, entitled “The Tear of Giius” and published chapters weekly on the internet, returning to do so in a renewed edition in 2017. Also this year, after completing his second novel, “Mirta Vento Yellow – The Lineage of the Dragon”, published by Chiado publisher, and after, pela Flyve. The book was a finalist for the Cesgrangio award and won two awards in another literary contest. His second novel was “O Brakki”, published independently in 2018.

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Synopsis of “O Brakki”

When another girl appears torn apart in the vicinity of little Cistol, the guard finally decides to intervene. This time, the victim is the daughter of a well-known local doctor. It is suspected that a brakki, a race of monsters that plagues the four kingdoms of Elenesta, be responsible for the attacks. The girl's father decides to offer a generous reward to anyone who captures the creature.
Symas, an ex-soldier devastated by time and everything he lost, don't want to get involved. No longer worthy to carry your sword, after the last failures that marked his life. But it will be a cheat thief who will convince you to put on your old boots and track not only the brakki, but also the footprints of the man who once was.

Synopsis Of O “Älememoti”

With the world undone under your feet, Symas part, alone, in search of your revenge. Meanwhile, Bärdey, under orders from the king of Cerne, visits Fienne in search of the sacred relics, but he has other plans regarding the red capital.

Exclusive gifts

In addition to purchasing the book, check out what else you can get for free:

  • The 100 first copies sold will be numbered;
  • The 100 first buyers will have their names on a thank you list in the book;
  • The 100 first buyers will receive one of the book's internal arts in A4 format;
  • Whoever buys the physical book during the pre-sale will win the e-book to start reading while the physical does not arrive (will be sent to buyers from 24/05).

Finally, you can still save with our discount coupon. Just type the coupon into the shopping cart PARTNERTOP. The discount is for all products on the site and is valid until the day 31/05.

What are you waiting for? Run there editorakalima.com and guarantee your.

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