The Length of the Gap

Every artistic gesture is a creative operation that takes place in a given time and space”. SB

The BELIZARIO Gallery open to showsThe Length of the Gap”, of the artist Michelle Rossett where a series of unpublished works created during the period of the pandemic are shown, covering various supports and techniques such as collages, photographs and sculptures where, “Through the manipulation and movements of these materials, I observe the new geometric shapes and work on the possibilities and possible arrangements between them”, explains the artist. The critical text is Shannon Botelho and curation of Orlando Lemos.


During the period of social withdrawal to which all were subjected, the artist began to observe, more carefully, the objects in his house and the new shapes that appeared in space when touched by the sun's rays; the shadows projected in the spaces were transmuted into aesthetic contours offering new artistic forms that allowed new meanings. restless mind, the artist begins to question the distances and the action space itself, which serves as the basis for the title of the show – “The Length of the Gap” – since, in the eyes of Michelle Rossett, ‘extent’ can refer to the distance between people while ‘gap’ suggests separation.

Isolated in its creation process, the artist seeks to understand factors such as time, the place and distances, creating bridges between the place of confinement, the feminine home and the fragile universe; integrating the female home to the male world through the use of the wooden measuring tape, characteristic object of the masculine world of construction. “With a starting point of just one object, I try to transform through folding and cutting the multiple possibilities of visualization”, says the artist. The result of the research generates works with a strong relationship between geometry and color, where the triangular shape of sunlight reflections breaks down white light into a spectrum of colors.

In the words of Shannon Botelho, “a cor, as structure and instance of time, became the very cohesion of the poetics formulated by Michelle. But how can we talk about the power of colors and not place their structural function in geometric shapes?? Because, there is something emerging in the artist's research, which is the constructive notion of color that formulates couplings and playing areas, where visual experiences weave their non-narrative meaning, but purely abstract”.

Michelle Rossett makes the public look for new forms of communication where “talking” is not necessarily the main. Through the graphics, the artist deconstructs communication ciphers to redefine a new speech format!

“The Length of the Gap is, therefore, the palpable face of a duration that is configured as a result of Michelle Rosset's experience, its clash with the perception of time – and space – in the creative act”. Shannon Botelho


Exhibition: “The Length of the Gap

Artist: Michelle Rossett

Critical Text: Shannon Botelho

Curated By: Orlando Lemos

Opening: 11 June 2022, Tuesday, from 14h to 18h

Period: from 13 from June to 09 th July 2022

Local: BELIZÁRIO Gallery

Address: Rua Dr. Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto, 491 -Pine trees

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Phone: (11) 3816.2404

Timetables: from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm; Saturday from 11 at 15:00

Number of works: 23 (approximately)

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Technique: collages, photographs and sculptures

Dimensions: varied

Price: on request


Instagram: @belizariogaleria

Facebook: @BelizarioGaleria


  • the artist - Michelle Rossett (1973, São Paulo, SP)

Graduated in Economic Sciences at Faculdade Mackenzie and Visual Arts at Escola Panamericana de Arte. Participated in complementary courses with Charles Watson, Rodrigo Naves, Agnaldo Farias, Rafael Vogt Maia Rosa and Carlos Fajardo. With a research that investigates the forms of communication, the artist's production has a narrative with the relationship between colors, paper and gesture. Among his collective exhibitions,: 16º Salon of Art of Guarulhos (2020), Plant Section, Hermes Visual Arts, Ch.Aco, Santiago do Chile (2020), 26º. Praia Grande Fine Arts Salon (2019), CompartiArte at the British Center (2019), On Day One on the Ninth Floor at the Lamb Art Gallery (2019), It is in the Vigil that one begins to dream at Di Pace Space (2019), Arts Biennial from Sesc in DF (2018), Art Salon Luiz Sacilotto in Santo André (2018), Jataí Salon , MAC -GO (2018), 15º Ubatuba Hall of Visual Arts – FundArt (2018), Being, Inhabit and Imagine na Concrete Space Gallery em Miami (2018). Your first single Traces (2017) was at the Contempo Gallery in São Paulo where she is represented. Awarded at the Praia Grande Salon, SP (2019), Art Biennial, DF (2018) and in the Ubatuba Salon – FundArt, SP (2018). Since 2017 participates in the Hermes Visual Arts project monitoring group, given by artists Carla Chaim and Nino Cais. Represented in São Paulo by BELIZARIO Galeria.

  • The critic – Shannon Botelho

Doctoral candidate in Art History and Criticism at the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at the School of Fine Arts/UFRJ. Master in Visual Arts, in the line of History and Art Criticism, by PPGAV – EBA/UFRJ. Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art History (EBA/UFRJ) and Full Degree in Visual Arts (Bennett Methodist University Center). Research Brazilian Art and its institutions in the 20th century, with an emphasis on the 1990s 1950. Works as a researcher and art critic. He is Professor at the Visual Arts Department at Colégio Pedro II and Guest Curator at the Getúlio Vargas Municipal Memorial. (RJ)

  • The gallery

The BELIZÁRIO Gallery, headquartered in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo, is the result of a partnership between Orlando Lemos, José Roberto Furtado and Luiz Gustavo Leite. Its proposal aims to present itself as an additional option for participation and visibility of the production of emerging and consolidated artists in the panorama of Brazilian contemporary art in the São Paulo cultural circuit. The gallery joins the movement that seeks to promote horizons that establish new ways to redirect and expand the art market, thinking about the different trajectories and artistic productions that make it up. Thus, aiming at the promotion of the intrinsic cultural diversity in contemporaneity, serves as a stage for new and established artists, national and foreign, in partnerships with curators who are also imbued with the same purpose.

In BELIZÁRIO Gallery, we seek to serve a public that seeks the acquisition of artistic works and, also, the creation and promotion of new collections. Its collection consists of different themes and aesthetics, through the poetic universe of each artist. Its repertoire encompasses artwork from different languages, supports, techniques and media such as drawing, sculpture, photography, engraving, painting, objects, installation and others.

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