Air Wick Good Ar® promotes multi-sensory art installation in Largo da Batata

The architect and designer Marko Brajovic is responsible for the project "Oasis Air Wick" which occupies the area of ​​Pines for a limited time

São Paulo, April 2019 – invited by Air Wick Bom Ar®, the designer and architect Marko Brajovic features Oásis Air Wick, his artistic multisensory installation. Scheduled to take up the Largo da Batata between days 02 and 12 de Mayo, the work you want to create a shared experience manifested by fragrances for those who pass through the region. after these 10 days, the installation can be seen in CASACOR, What happens between 28 May and 4 August.


With tapes that reveal the aromas "cotton touch" and "Cherry Blossom", two new essences of products Air Wick Bom Ar®, installation invites the public to inspire and interact with art. Fernando Gama, head da marca, talks about the artistic urban intervention proposal: "There are numerous ways to advertise a product, but for this release we challenge our teams to think differently. We create an interactive experience and democratic, connected to an effervescent region of São Paulo. Having a professional as talented and sensitive as the Marko Brajovic, who always gives priority to connecting people to the art world, makes us believe that the result will be very positive, for the city and for the brand ", declares.

“The smell leads us immediately to Memories, creating a synesthetic affective space that involves all the senses in a tactile dance of colors and rhythms ", conta Brajovic. The architect who already spend a decade in Brazil is recognized for his work with renowned architecture and scenography in Brazil and in the world. It was he who signed the recent exhibitions Museum of image and sound (MIS), in São Paulo, and he was responsible for the Air Walls in Brazil Pavilion in Venice.

After the stay in the Largo da Batata, "Oasis" goes to CASACOR. Between the days 28 May and 4 August, the largest and most complete exhibition of architecture, interior design and landscaping of the Americas gets artistic installation Brajovic promoted by Air Wick Bom Ar®.

"Faced with the challenge of creating something disruptive to the rank of Air Care, art allowed translate the pillars of differently brand market: one multi-sensory experience and kinesthetic. About Marko Brajovic, artist involved with projects that transform the city, captured the essence of the proposal and has created a work that allows the public to experience comfort amidst the urban chaos. "Ivy Engel, Creative Planner, Sherpa42.

In addition to activations in Largo da Batata and CASACOR, the launch of Air WICK® Touch Cotton and Cherry Blossom also has advertising campaign signed by SunsetDDB. Focusing on the digital environment, communication value the key attributes of the product, highlighting the formulation without water and more delicate fragrances. Activations are present in all the social networks of the brand and enter the air from the day 02 de Mayo.

Air Wick Good air promotes art installation "Oasis" in the Largo da Batata
Local: Largo da Batata l Rua Teodoro Sampaio with, Av. Brg. Faria Lima, São Paulo – SP
Date: 02 to 12 de Mayo
Air Wick Air promotes art installation "Oasis" in CasaCor
Local: Av. Linnaean Paula Machado, 1263 – garden Everest, São Paulo – SP
Date: 28 of May to 04 August


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Air Wick Good Ar® was the beginning of his story 1943, when they started selling fragrances in the United States. With the spread of products and the growing demand for premium fragrances, in 1953 expanded operations to Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Today Good Air Products Air WICK® are available in more than 60 countries. They offer a range of solutions when it comes fragrance, as scented oils, Freshmatic®, odorants and other portable environment, as liquid or diffuser. The fragrance line is also quite varied ranging from floral, fruity and gourmet to the essence of fresh life, lavender, citrus and more.

About RB Brazil

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With the acquisition of Mead Johnson Nutrition in 2017, the company included in its portfolio brands focused on child nutrition, as Sustagen and Enfagrow. Thus, RB came to be organized globally into two independent business units: Health (Health) e Hygiene Home (Hygiene and House).

In Brazil, RB has a portfolio of 29 brands known by Brazilian consumers and that are part of their daily lives. These include brands View, Vanish e SBP, plus Sustagen, Enfagrow, Strepsils, Naldecon, Be, Jontex, Luftal, Veet, Harpic, Destac, Poliflor, Finish, Bom Ar Air Wick, among others.

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