beyond the hobby: “Ceramist's Journey” teaches you how to build a profitable ceramic business

A famous saying from Paraíba says that “the first craftsman was God who, after creating the world, took the clay and made Adam.”. That's because ceramic arts shape minerals from the earth, like metals, mud, clay, sand, generating tools, ornamental pieces and the most varied products.


Scholars claim that pottery is the “oldest of industries. It began to replace other materials that were more difficult to work with., like stone and wood. Contrary to what is commonly thought, this type of handicraft did not arrive in Brazil with the Portuguese. The records show that the indigenous people of Marajó Island, in the state of Pará, already produced their own pieces since about 400 d.C.

With the training right, the artisan uses the elements to model, After, the piece is baked in the sun, on fire or in ovens. The product can have the natural color, black, red or yellow, Can be painted or glazed, which forms a glossy glaze and makes the piece more resistant.

the ceramics, over the years, established itself as one of the main crafts around the world. And, in Brazil, it was no different. According to the Paulista Association of Tiling Ceramics (ASPACER), are 11.697 formal workers in the ceramic industries of São Paulo.

Thinking about who has this type of craft as a hobby, a ceramist com 20 years of experience, Carol Lamaita, opened registration for the “Jornada do Ceramista”, a free online event, in the days 17, 18, 19 and 20 October.

The focus of the plastic artist is to show that ceramics can indeed be profitable, since, the market has many opportunities for those who handle this type of craft. In addition, the event will teach you the difference between making pottery and living off pottery. Finally, you will “discover the way to prosper in this amazing market that is artisan ceramics”, said Carol.

Who is Carol Lamaita?

Plastic artist and ceramist specializing in high-temperature utility ceramics.

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There are 20 years work with ceramics, developing sustainable production practices and serving demanding customers in the gastronomic market and large companies, in addition to teaching ceramics to many male and female students. “Today I am proud to call them colleagues by profession”, said Carol.

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Currently, produces pieces for chefs that he greatly admires, como Renata Vanzetto, rita wolf, among others, in addition to companies like Natura, Dengo Chocolates, The Body Shop, etc, in national and international projects.

the artist finishes: “I want to help you enter this magical universe and take your first steps to transform ceramics into a source of income!”


Instagram: @carollamaita



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