Aliança Francesa hosts the event A breath of art to improve the climate in the day 31/03

With the theme “AR is a breath of life that connects us”, Fabrício Carpinejar and Hique Gomez, mediated by Katia Suman analyze the current moment

Humanity lives in times of fragility and it has been constant that Art contributes to breathing, to maintain some joy and sobriety in the face of the pandemic, restrictions and isolation. With the intention of promoting a moment of breathing, good vibrations and even relief, to French Alliance of Porto Alegre promotes the virtual meeting “A breath of art to Improve the Climate”, gathering gaucho personalities in a debate of ideas. With the presence of radialist Katia Suman, the poet Fabrício Carpinejar and the musician Hique Gomez, the event takes place on the next day 31 March, at 8:0 pm, via social networks and Youtube of the French Alliance of Porto Alegre, ending the Francophone Week program promoted by the French Alliance of Porto Alegre.


Starting from the maxim “Air is a breath of life that connects us” the French Alliance wants to generate the opposite feeling in a time of pandemic, of isolation and loneliness, fleeing the “contaminated air” and, symbolically, looking for other ways to breathe, other ways to seek fresh air, the sigh, the relief ...

No world everything, people seek art to relieve themselves from reality, for this reason in that edition, the debate of ideas will be “a breath of art to improve the mood”. The presence of three gauchos who promote these “breaths of art” is the proposal of the French Alliance to offer other perspectives of confrontation to this current moment, who, to a greater or lesser degree, affects everyone. From the report of daily situations of the guests, it is possible to create exits, promote positive and motivational actions to support this pandemic and the current reality.

On the importance of affection

Recently, Fabrício Carpinejar launched the book “Colo, Please! Reflections in Times of Isolation”, one of the first books to deal with the subject of quarantine. He comments that, with social detachment, it was like “received the opposite of everything he wrote”. – We stay away from parents, of the brothers, best friends… We need to find another way to be affectionate, return to writing, video calls. You can be in the same state or in the same city, but it's like you're in another country. I turned my fear of losing someone in the family into an attachment to the word. I hold the pen like someone holding the hand of the father or mother, poetically declara.

In the work, “Colo, Please!”, affection is the protagonist. – Less affectation, more affection is the axis of the work. We are living a collective pain. Requires an anthill job, of reconstruction through empathy, analyzes. For couples in isolation, she recommends: – The important thing in a couple's life during the quarantine is that each one can preserve their moments alone. The recipe is not to do everything together. Whoever does everything together will lose his personality, will erase your identity. Symbiosis weakens because it unifies suffering”.

In your speech, Carpenter will talk about our infinite adaptability. – It feels like I've lived my whole life confined, find.

In the cloud

Even in a context unfavorable to the agglomeration, Hique Gomez is about to debut the second season of the web series Sbornia in Magazine. – Last year we dedicated ourselves to formatting an Internet program. It ended up getting so cool that there are already TV channels wanting to broadcast it, comments.

He says that he did not meet in person at any time with Simone Rasslan and Claudio Levitan, your scene partners, but they are living together more than before. – We do creative meetings over the internet. And we could even count on the presence of Abustradamus, André Abujamra's characters, that in São Paulo he got along so well with us that it looked like we were in the same environment, reveals. The technical team also works remotely. – In my case I give access to my computer and the image director, Rafa Berleze, controls the camera capturing images. Rique Barbo, remote form, get the images on the drive, gives the deal by inserting the virtual scenarios and Edu Coelho takes the audios from the drive and in the cloud makes the mixes and returns them to the final editor, which is Bruno (Oxi), who does all the assembly and finishing. Everyone at home. All work directly in the cloud, highlights. According to him, it was difficult in the first season, but now they have already created a complete system. – Everyone connected in the cloud. It's been a great experience, evaluates.

If this is the future of theater and other cultural events, in the current context, Hique Gomez bets on the cloud. – There is a scientist responsible for artificial intelligence from Google who promises to turn on the human cerebral cortex and put it instantly in connection with the cloud, through thinking. Promise this until 2030. Google has the ability to access six thousand books per second and bring an instant response. This knowledge, I calculate, will bring a mental pandemic. And it will also bring about the manipulation of the planetary mass. Everyone will be at the mercy of the observer of the collective mind, anticipates. – If it is to avoid the big blows and corruption, it would be good. It remains to be seen who will be watching us. All great inventions have pros and cons. Save yourself if you know!!!


Fabrício Carpi Nejar

Award-winning writer, journalist with extensive experience in radio and television programs, actor playing his chronicles, digital influencer with three million followers on social networks and requested speaker in the corporate world. The communicator writes weekly chronicles for the newspaper O Tempo and is a commentator on the program Encontro Com Fátima Bernardes, Rede Globo.

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With 46 published books and more than 20 literary awards, among them twice the Jabuti Award, Fabrício Carpinejar is one of the most recognized Brazilian contemporary writers in the country, with works that span different genres. Take care of your parents before it's late (2018) was among the best sellers in the country in the nonfiction category.

The poet is also famous on social media for posting small thoughts written on napkins, that you share daily with your followers. From 2001 to 2011, worked at Unisinos as a teacher and course coordinator. It was chosen by Época magazine as one of the 27 most influential personalities on the internet. Lecture at major companies and literary festivals in the country. The code name Carpinejar is the result of the joining of the surnames of the parents, Maria Carpi and Carlos Nejar.

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Hique Gomez

Multi instrumentalist, arranger, composer and actor. He won the Azorean Prize for his work as a whole and received the Porto Alegre Medal, granted by the City Hall, as recognition for their cultural contribution to the community. He is the creator of the musical show Tangos e Tragedies, with more than 30 years of fixed season at Theatro São Pedro, nationally and internationally recognized with several awards.

In 2002, debuted in the cinema as the main actor in the film The Party of Margarette, from Rio Grande do Sul director Renato Falcão, with sessions in New York, Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. He also signed the soundtrack for the work. In 2014, year in which the Tangos e Tragedies show ended due to the passing of his stage companion, Nico Nicolaiewsky, was released in theaters Until Sbornia Separates Us, directed by Otto Guerra and Ennio Torresan.

In 2016, launched the production A Sbornia Kontr’Atracka. In 2018, the concert A Ospa Vai a Sbørnia was performed at the Araújo Vianna Auditorium. In 2019, Hique Gomez debuted another concert, this time with Renato Borghetti and the Ulbra Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Tiago Flores, besides launching his autobiography: Beyond Sbornia. In 2020, launched the webseries Sbørnia em Revista, sponsored by Rio Grande Seguros.

Katia suman

Communicator, radio host, cultural writer and producer. Graduated in Social Sciences at PUCRS, Master in Social Communication from Unisinos and PhD in Letters from Ufrgs. Worked for almost 20 years at Ipanema FM, having also worked at FM Cultura and Unisinos FM. Created, in 1999, the Electric Soiree, who, since then, is part of the cultural calendar of the city of Porto Alegre. Since 2010, maintains the web radio radioelé, independent broadcaster focused on literature and good music.

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