Anxiety can be beneficial if it is controlled, states psychoanalyst

Fabiano de Abreu, who is a psychoanalyst, neuroscientist and philosopher, explains that anxiety is a defense mechanism of the brain against possible threats, the problem would be the lack of control of this emotion

Not living in the present for fear of what is supposed to happen, until the “future” arrives and nothing happens, the person is then frustrated for not doing what he should have done at the right time and starts to feel more anxious about his chores, now added to the fear she already had of the future. The anxiety cycle is an evil present in contemporary society, “Anxiety makes the present waste for fear of the future”, says the neuroscientist, psychoanalyst and philosopher Fabiano de Abreu. However, knowing how to dose it can be beneficial.

He defines anxiety as a pending, an escape from reality, of the present and all that is true. The anxious clings to fanciful thoughts instead of clinging to what he actually has at that moment. “It is a need to have to solve something, this desire is part of the survival instinct, but what is not always clear is what needs to be resolved ”, defines Abreu. The result, according to the expert, is the feeling of helplessness. However, anxiety can be dosed and used in a way that is a propelling spring. Fabiano de Abreu explains that the concern for the future comes from the most primitive region of the brain, the one where the traumas are stored, the negativity, fears and awareness of escape from reality. “This is necessary for us to‘ save ourselves ’, since, it was in anxiety that we sought the necessary drive to escape danger from the beginning ”, the firm.


Thus, the psychoanalyst defines this feeling as an internal resource that seeks memories of fear so that the person can defend himself or seek a quick solution. A practical example is the student who was bad in the previous test and knows that if he is bad in the next one he will have another low grade and may be disapproved, so he studies a lot more to avoid experiencing the feeling of failure again. ” We can say that this is the reason that the memory of fear remains in us all ”, highlights. The current problem is that people have not dosed and used this resource rationally. "We are very anxious today because we have so many pending issues and we still create more daily", highlights. Are the bills that arrive, the desire to acquire the newly launched smartphone, see that you still haven't managed to save money for the future, be afraid of not hitting the goal of the month at work, feel that you need to change your car and several other thoughts that, if analyzed coldly, are not urgent or difficult to resolve. However, it is difficult to analyze rationally, because fearing not being able to fulfill the pending issues and carrying the desire to have to solve everything, the brain rescues negative memories, that put the individual in a heavy atmosphere, it makes the fear even more.

Pending issues are the result of situations already experienced, but that have not been resolved. “Many emotional conflicts that we neglect over time, that we believed to have overcome, but they end up coming back from time to time to show us that we are not in control ”, explains Abreu. Therefore, it is crucial to seek professional help to look at the present with more confidence, so it will be possible to prevent fear from reaching disabling levels, “A state of panic may overtake you in the future and you will not lose control of everything, including yourself ”, alert. The result may be Depression or even Panic Syndrome.


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