Poty Lazzarotto's centenary receives tribute from Clube Curitibano

Sede Barão do Serro Azul offers a week of programming inspired by the artist’s history and technique

In the centenary year of Poty Lazzarotto's birth, the Curitiba Club will promote a week dedicated to designers, engraver and muralist.


Between the days 25 to 30 March, the Barão do Serro Azul Headquarters will feature a series of activities that value Lazzarotto's contribution to Brazilian art.

The initiative is promoted by the club's Culture Department and seeks to reaffirm the artist's legacy in the memory of Curitiba residents..

The schedule includes a timeline, recommending books, the loan of the documentary in the headquarters' video library and thematic activities about Lazzarotto at the School of Arts and Clubinho, space focused on creative care and development of children.

Relationship between the club and the artist

Over the years, the Clube Curitibano housed and preserved some of Poty Lazzarotto's works.

Was in 1982 that the trajectory of the artist and the institution were intertwined, When, in celebration of the club's centenary, during the management of Nicolau Elias Abagge, the “Gralha Azul” monument was commissioned, arranged in front of the Barão Headquarters.

“It’s inspiring to arrive at the Club and come across works like the ‘Gralha Azul’, the ‘Round Mural’, among others. Poty's unique ability to capture the essence of Curitiba and the institution has always been impressive. Therefore, the action celebrates the artist’s legacy and offers members an immersion in history”, explains the president of Clube Curitibano, Paulo Roberto Oliveira.

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Check the schedule

From day 25 March – Start of the timeline in the Theater Hall: “Tribute to the Centenary of Poty Lazzarotto”;

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25 to 28 March – Library: availability of books about the artist and similar topics;

Video library: The documentary “Vagão do Armisticício” by Paulo Koehler is available for loan;

Club: Thematic activity “Who is Poty Lazzarotto?”;

30 March – Viva!: Thematic activity “Discovering Poty Lazzarotto” – creating your own tile based on the symbols of Curitiba.


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