Chris Sevla raises reflections on hope, faith and love in your books

With several works launched, the author proposes to raise teachings through humorous stories

Chris Sevla is the author of more than seven books published in the national publishing market. Betting on different stories, but with a special touch that leaves its trademark, the artist proposes to raise reflections on hope, faith and love through narratives with delicate touches of humor.


After being selected to participate in the horror anthology Territory V, of Terracota Publisher, and be touched by the divine power of God, the writer carries out the mission of transforming lives, but it is not restricted to just one genre of literature: “My stories will always reach a place of hope, faith and love", said.

A great example of his works, is the 40 Attitudes To Transform Your Heart, which is currently integrated into the project Challenge 40 Attitudes, in which participants who fulfill Lent practice positive attitudes ordered through a diary developed by Chris Sevla.

“This challenge was born with my book, 40 Attitudes To Transform Your Heart, and we always re-launch it in this moment of Lent, because it is a time to rethink in life ”, informed the author on social network.

Like your other titles, this book also carries the mission of transforming people's lives through stories that talk a lot about hope, faith and love. The challenge is available on the author's social networks and the book is being sold in a new edition.

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Synopsis: Surely you already wished things were different in your life, but it was enough to think about the size of the undertaking to give up, for not even knowing where to start. It was to help you that this book was born.
Bearing in mind that every good change begins in the heart, Chris Sevla offers reflections and practices that can be performed at any time. More than a recipe for solving life, this book is an invitation to a transformative experience of love.

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Biography: Chris Sevla is a writer and speaker. Debuted in the anthology Territory V (Terracota), illustrated The History of Pirate Art (AND Publishing, London), and launched the visual poetry #AMOR (Follow), that can be read in five different ways. Your most recent book, How Not To Fall In Love With You (Skull), was one of the most anticipated releases of his career. Citizen of the world, with several published books and texts in reputable magazines, she now negotiates the cinematographic adaptation of her works.

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