Meet the first Brazilian music video that uses Deepfake technology throughout the clip

At the invitation of director Marco Loschiavo. Fernando 3D and Leandro “Na Pratica” were called to join their experiences and professionalism in Deepfake, I.A. and VFX to produce the new Tropkillaz clip.

What's new in visual communication. For the first time, a Brazilian music video was entirely made with images in Deepfake. The Trokillaz video was produced by a team formed by the art director, Fernando 3D, programmer Leandro “Na Prática“, as well as direction and editing by Loshiavo.


Fernando 3D says that the video refers to scenes from the years 60, 70 and 80, “With images of dancers doing crazy choreographies, stylish and funny ”, highlights. The great challenge, stresses the art director, “It was the number of deepfake inserted and to be used in a video clip”.

Leandro “Na Pratica” highlights that “we need to build automation software that trains and massively applies the singers' faces, Zegon and Laudz, in these old videos, without that it would be impossible to complete the clip within an acceptable time frame ”. Leandro maintains the YouTube channel “Deeplearning Na Prática“, where he teaches some of the techniques used.

Loshiavo complete: “I discovered the guys who master the technology, Fernando 3d and Leandro “Na Pratica” who are experts in the subject. They have extensive experience in VFX , technology and develop projects that involve I.A. with Bruno Sartori. For this work they had to create exclusive software for the clip ”.

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The art director recalls that, to complete the special effects, animations of the Soul Train era of television were inserted in the USA and also of psychedelic motions. Satisfied with his work, Fernando 3D reinforces that “it was an honor to participate in the production of this clip, moreover, in this pandemic era, everyone was inside his office. Numerous meetings via video conference and late nights to conclude the clip with perfectionism and humor ”.

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From a musical point of view, he says that “Tropikillaz's music is contagious and also dancing. The band recently won the Latin Grammy together with Anitta ”, highlights.

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