DAN Sala São Pedro presents collective exhibition “Stratum Lucid”

Curated by Carol Splendore, exhibition explores connection between paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations by artists Dee Lazzerini, Laura M. Mattos, Lucia Castanho and Juliana Sícoli

The DAN Sala São Pedro, located inside the São Pedro Factory, where is the FAMA Museum, exhibition season begins in 2024 with the exhibition Stratum Lucid, on until 30 April.


The Press Conference gathers 50 works by four artists participating in the program AND Acredita: Dee Lazzerini, Laura M Mattos, Lucia Castanho and Juliana Sícoli.

Carol Splendore's curation establishes the skin as a link between the works.

“For this collective body, the skin is the accessed metaphor – gives contour, communicates with the external, protects the core. It's the place of wounds, traits, cortes. That’s where the scar becomes visible.”, says the curator.

Name borrowed from biology, the title Stratum Lucid is a scientific term given to the second layer of the epidermis. These are lucid and communicating paths located in a slightly deeper layer – but visible from the largest organ in the human body.

In shows, remove the shell, wear, to hide, shattering and tearing are the actions expressed in the paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations.

The inspiration for multidisciplinary Dee Lazzerini to sculpt polyurethane plates also comes from biology., organic bodies that are the representation of nanobiological studies recently elaborated from biomaterials engineering.

From everyday objects, like pins, and crochet, the artist develops “new beings” that suggest memories and affections. Displaced from their primary functions, materials coat or cross the surfaces of these bodies, providing the contour and support for the creation of hybrid beings, who sometimes invite and sometimes refuse to meet those who see them.

Cutting and sewing areas are also explored by visual artist Juliana Sícoli to make interventions in photographs and paintings, weaving a unique narrative to express the concerns that not only affect her, but they also resonate with so many other women, transcend the boundaries of the visible to reveal deeper emotional layers.

On the other hand, Laura M. Mattos uses oil paint to address the mental burden, physical and emotional of women who perform daily functions in their domestic environments and the feeling of invisibility within this context. The traditional technique allows you to produce subtle variations in skin tones in the representation of the female figure that merges with the environment in which it lives..

Lucia Castanho brings the Shakespearean theme of Ofélia into contemporary times in a production divided into different supports, such as paintings,, drawings, sculptures, photographs, photo performance and videos.

Dee Lazzerini, Laura M Mattos, Lucia Castanho and Juliana Sícoli are part of the program AND Acredita, which aims to give visibility to the artistic production of professionals with solid trajectories in the visual arts and without gallery representation.

About Dee Lazzerini

Belo Horizonte, 1977

Dee Lazzerini is a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in spatiality: far and close, above and below, at the same time sidereal and cellular. It's the stars in the galaxy and the protons and electrons in atoms.

It is the microcosm and the macrocosm and the philosophical invitation to exercise abstraction from the hermetic principle of correspondence “what is inside is like what is outside”.

About Juliana Sícoli

Belo Horizonte, 1983

Juliana Sicoli (1983) is visual artist, with a postgraduate degree in Photography and Visual Arts from PUC/MG.

Trained in psychoanalysis, his research establishes an ongoing dialogue between image and psyche, each work is a conscious expression – a visceral declaration – of her commitment to investigating and bringing reflections on the complexities that permeate the feminine universe.

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About Laura M. Mattos

Sorocaba, Brasil, 1965

He is a Visual Artist who works with an emphasis on Painting, Master in Textile and Fashion, pela EACH – USP. Your search: American cinema in the first decades of the 20th century and the construction of female stereotypes: some analysis.

In his recent works, Laura uses photographs of routine domestic scenes as reference.. She is interested in its automation and consequent invisibility and, on which, removes objects that can be mirrored or wearable with symbolism specific to the environment, which he stages and photographs so that they become a pictorial reference.

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About Lucia Castanho

Sorocaba, Brasil, 1957

She has a degree in Fine Arts from Faculdade Santa Marcelina (1983), Master's degree in Art Education and History of Culture from Mackenzie Presbyterian University (2005) and a doctorate also from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (2013).

In 2019 studied post-doctorate at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the city of Porto, in Portugal. Lucia's recent productions include painting, the drawing in which the artist shows great interest, videos, sculptures and performance photos.

About Carolina Splendore

Carolina Splendore is an actress, visual arts curator and audiovisual producer. Studied philosophy [FFLCH/USP] and performing arts [Free Theater School (HE).

He acted in several theater shows and short films; three feature films, two television series and a soap opera. He was part of the cast in national and international performances and directed theater and dance shows.

As a curator of plastic arts, your most recent debut, signed the Varal exhibitions & Lady of small spaces, with works by Dee Lazzerini at the Fashion Museum, in Belo Horizonte, e Layers, with works by Laerte Ramos at The House of Arts, in Miami.

He directed the production of the audiovisual series Construindo Beethoven and UtPictura Música, in addition to literary and cultural events. She was coordinator of the Emília Institute, role he played years before at Casa das Rosas [Haroldo de Campos Poetry and Literature Space].

about the gallery

Dan Contemporânea emerged as a Contemporary Art department at Dan Galeria. In 1985, Flavio Cohn, son of the founding couple, joined Dan in creating the Contemporary Art Department, which he has driven ever since.

Thus, space was opened for many contemporary artists, both Brazilian and, as international, strongly representative of their respective schools. Later, Ulisses Cohn is also associated with the gallery, completing its management team.

In the last twenty years, the gallery exhibited: Macaparana, Sergio Fingermann, Amelia Toledo, Ascânio MMM, Laura Miranda and international artists: Sol Lewitt, Anthony Tapias, Jesus Soto, Cesar Paternosto, Jose Manuel Ballester, Adolfo Estrada, Juan Asensio, Knopp Ferro and Ian Davenport. International concrete masters were also part of Dan's history, such as: Max Bill, Joseph Albers and the British Norman Dilworth, Anthony Hill, Kenneth Martin e Mary Martin.

Dan Galeria recently included in its selection, important concrete artists: Francisco Sobrino and François Morellet. Brazilian photographer Cristiano Mascaro; artists José Spaniol, Teodoro Dias, Denise Milan and Gabriel Villas Boas (Brasil); the international ones, Bob Nugent (USA), Pascal Dombis (France), Tony Cragg (G. Brittany), Lab [AU] (Belgium) e Young Oh (Korea), joined the gallery's Contemporary Art department.

Dan Galeria has always aimed to highlight Brazilian artists and movements since the beginning of the 1990s. 1920 until today. At the same time, maintains a close relationship with international artists, since artistic movements historically intertwine and dialogue with each other without borders.


Stratum lucidum
Exhibition period: 27 from January to 30 April
DAN Sala São Pedro– S. Father Bartolomeu Tadei, 09 – Alto, That – SP, 13300-190
Timetables: From Thursday to Sunday from 2pm to 7pm
Free entrance
Parental guidance: free
e-mail: info@dangaleria.com.br


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