Galeria Galatea will represent works by artist Chico da Silva

Galatea is pleased to announce the representation of Chico da Silva's estate, unavoidable name in the history of Brazilian art, who left us an extremely unique work, where he presents in drawing and painting a very particular Brazilian visual mythology, blending your indigenous ancestry with the creative power of your imagination.


For the first time in history, Chico da Silva's work will be formally represented by a gallery, that in addition to looking after the family's interests and preserving the artist's legacy, will make a historical repositioning of his work, starting with a cataloging project.

Galatea will also promote a new international perspective on Chico da Silva, strategy that includes a solo stand by the artist at Frieze Masters, from 9 to 13 October, in London.

More initiatives to celebrate the artist's legacy should occur in 2025, year that marks the 40 years since the painter's death.

The relationship of Galatea with the work of Chico da Silva has been built for some time. In 2022, the gallery gave the artist a solo presentation at the Independent 20th Century fair, in New York, in addition to including Chico's work in its own exhibitions and stands at national fairs.

The gallery also contributed significantly to the exhibition “Chico da Silva and Ateliê do Pirambu”, held in 2023 the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, and later presented at the Pinacoteca de Fortaleza with the title “Chico da Silva and the Pirambu School”.

Thinking about the institutionalization of the artist, Galatea made it possible to incorporate works by Chico da Silva into the collection of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and the Center Pompidou, in Paris.

Son of an indigenous father from the Peruvian Amazon and a mother from Ceará, Chico da Silva (1910, Alto Yew, AC – 1985, Fortaleza–CE) developed his production based on images and references from indigenous and popular Brazilian cultures and cosmologies.

His works give form to stories and mythologies from the oral tradition of the culture of Northern Brazil, in compositions marked by rich polychromy and detailed graphic design, composed of colored plots and lines.

Given the originality of his style and compositions, stood out in the context of so-called Brazilian popular art and, in addition to experiencing considerable commercial success in life, attracted great interest from critics, receiving, in 1966, honorable mention for his participation in the 33rd Venice Biennale.

Although he faced setbacks and moved away from the artistic circuit at the end of his career,, Today, Chico da Silva's work has been resumed and updated with new readings, approaches and institutional recognition, one of his works having recently been added to the Tate collection, in London.


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  1. Chico da Silva presented us with extraordinary art on his special journey with his beautiful works!…
    This work “Animals on the prosperity tree” for example, exposes a generously well-connected fauna and flora, with the subtle magic of nature illuminating a whole in a setting that literally gives itself gracefully in its dynamics, echoing a true harmony of the lives present there!…


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