Hamilton de Holanda presents free show in the mouth Fucking

Next Saturday (10), the fucking mouth gets another edition of the program Culture on the street, This time with award-winning mandolinist Hamilton de Holanda, that comes to town with the tour of the album "by the Brazil", a partir the 19h. The new design is a portrait of Brazilian musical diversity and consists in the design, creation and movement of a multimedia concert. The singers, poets and composers of Paraná Luiz Felipe Leprevost and Troy Rossilho Open stage, from the 1:00 pm. The tour is covered by Petrobras Cultural program.

Composer and creator of the polyphonic technique of Brazilian mandolin 10 strings, the musician is one of the few in the world with resources to do a solo show of the instrument. With a repertoire based on authorial compositions like "Carimbobó", "The donkey and the capybara", "Sambaíba", "The love song", "School and the ball", "There" and "Frevinho", the project proposes an interactive musical crossing that celebrates Brazilian rhythms like the cry, the baião, maracatu, the samba, the bumba-meu-boi, the fashion for viola and chamamé.

"For Brazil" is a show that mixes music, texts and projections, allowing the viewer a unique experience, as the moment Hamilton interacts with your own picture from when I was a child of only 6 years. Another high point is the creation of a live music. The show has the general direction of Marcos Portinari, Chicken noise interference Kaos, light design of Marina Stoll, images of VJ mouth and Fernando art S.

Hamilton de Holanda — Transgressor of the instrument and creator of a revolutionary technique, the contagious mandolinist audiences in the world tours, winning awards with their music focused on beauty and spontaneity. The musician unites tradition and modernity going through different formations (soil, Duo, Quintet, Orchestra). Hamilton is in constant production and queues 28 releases in 18 years of profession.

Next to his manager and partner, Marcos Portinari, debut For Brazil, following three major releases well received by critics and public: "Whim", solo project that summarises his work as a composer, It was nominated for 15 Grammy Latino among the best albums of instrumental music; "Bossa Negra", unprecedented partnership with the singer Diogo Nogueira and "Hamilton de Holanda and the Almeidinha dance", the result of the contemporary "three years ago occupies the Flying Circus. Hamilton won in June the award of music into two categories with the "Trio", next to Thiago da Serrinha and André Vasconcellos.

Learn more about his work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTjioa9F86c

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Opening act- The singers, poets and composers Luiz Felipe Parana Leprevost and Troy Rossilho climb to the stage together for the opening presentation. Rossilho is the creator of the project at the Studio Troy, in partnership with the F they have built Undergrou! Movies and Chico Santarosa. Leprevost, In addition to musician and poet, acts as an actor, Director and playwright. In music, develops currently a copyright work. Just compose and record album in partnership with Katia Drummond and Ricardo Verocai (MUV band). Both have songs that are part of the Repertoire of the most beautiful of the city Band. Both participate in the movement of current composers scene Curitiba.

Culture on the street- The program is an initiative of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba which takes cultural shows free for the city streets, more specifically for the Mouth Fucking. The Superintendent of the FCC, Igor Lamb, explains that the project unites always quality attractions in partnership with companies and other institutions. “In this way we can reach a broader audience and provide, free of charge, afternoons of much good music to the curitibanos”, says.


Culture programme in the street
Date: 10 October
Luiz Felipe Leprevost and Troy Rossilho
Time: 13h
Hamilton de Holanda, tour of the album "by the Brazil"
Time: 19h
Local: Mouth Fucking-Centro

Free event

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