Virtual auction has treasures of Brazilian artists

The first edition of the novel "the Frontiersman", which presents a prose with characters characteristic of the Brazilian sertão, of José de Alencar, the book "Elegies", by Cecília Meireles and several other rare works will be auctioned off by the Dutra Leilões space through a virtual auction that takes place on 18 and 19 January, at 8:30 pm.


According to Luiz Fernando Dutra, official auctioneer responsible for the event, Internet users will be able to appreciate and purchase pieces by several Brazilian artists, most in first edition. Unique opportunity for bibliophiles and collectors who wish to complement their collections.

In addition to the books, Dutra will offer canvases by Clodomiro Amazonas and Anita Malfatti, a polychrome wooden sculpture, half body, almond eyes, 18TH century, 19th century silver crockery and various other items from the colonial Brazil period.

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Livro Elegias de Cecília Meireles. Foto: Divulgação.
Elegies by Cecília Meireles. Photo: Disclosure.

The action will be carried out by IARREMATE and to participate, the player must register a user on the site (, agree the terms and conditions of use and choose the auction you wish to participate in.


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