Book discusses the importance of play in children's learning

Playing is important for children? For psychopedagogue and CEO of the Neuro Saber Institute Luciana Brites, is fundamental to their development. It is in this discussion that the new book by the specialist: “Playing is fundamental – How to understand neurodevelopment and rescue the importance of playing during early childhood ”.


According to the author, the work can be seen as a practical guide, accessible language, for mothers, parents, educators and professionals who deal with children and who wish to better understand, in a simplified way, early childhood development.

For a specialist, the book's central purpose is to help the reader to identify and understand the stages of the child's neurodevelopment. For example, the public will understand better what are the appropriate stimuli and the aspects that help in stimulating; will know how to optimize the development of small, whether at home or at school; in addition to highlighting the importance of proper early childhood development for the child to become a full adult, accomplished and happy.

– We have gathered references from publications by renowned researchers in the field with the proposal of offering an important scientific basis to effectively assist parents and professionals in the education of their children and students. – highlights.

Developing while playing

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According to Luciana Brites, it is in the first years of life that “playing” represents a situation of spontaneous creativity capable of enriching knowledge, sociability and brain functions in the learning process. The professional explains that during this activity the child emits creativity, express fantasies, sensations, and internal emotions, besides acquiring maturity, results that continuously gratify.

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– Playing is fundamental, although, you and your child need to paddle together, as if they were in a canoe, if you want to go ahead and get somewhere. For this, the support and company of parents and teachers will be valuable in their proper development – concludes.

About the author

CEO of the NeuroSaber Institute, Luciana Brites is a master's student in Developmental Disorders at Mackenzie University, specializing in Special Education in the area of ​​Mental Disability and Clinical and Institutional Psychopedagogy by the University Center Filadélfia (Unifil), in Londrina. She is a specialist in psychomotricity at the Instituto Superior de Psicomotricidade e Educação (ISPE), in São Paulo. He is also a speaker and co-author of the books “How to know what your child really needs?” (2018), "Unique minds" (2019) and “Challenging children” (2019).

Book: Playing is fundamental – How to understand neurodevelopment and rescue the importance of playing during early childhood
Author: Luciana Brites
Format: 16×23
Pages: 176
cover price: R$39,90
Genus: Personal Development / Education
Link to buy:

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