Myths X Truths about gamification in companies

The gamification has become very common in corporations seeking a more humane climate and a way to engage employees; expert points out the myths and truths about the main theme

São Paulo, February 2020 – The companies, currently, to innovate have invested in gamification, that is, games implement techniques to engage employees. To get an idea, according to the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), in 2020, 85% the activities will consist of games elements. So, you can see that is a trend for this year.


But what are the main features of gamification? As we can implement? According to Thomas Camargos, founding partner of BAY, startup that offers a gamificado health program for businesses, this is a playful way to engage and bring lightness to employees who, and often, They are stressed with the tasks of everyday life. "Games provide interaction, friendship, moment of relaxation and also a motivation, because there must always be a prize at the end ", says entrepreneur.

Check out the myths and truths about the main theme:

Brings motivation for employees: Truth. The gamification can be applied in various ways, as a program that promotes health, through physical activity, where you can create a healthy competition between the members of a team, with an award at the end for those who make more points. "No matter how the game will be applied, he will always have the aim of promoting greater interaction and make the employees do not become robots. Today, employees seek happiness above everything ", complements the expert.

In 2020, They will appear in mobile apps: Truth. A trend for this year is that gamification programs will be able to be controlled by mobile devices.. The public consumes news and content through smartphones and applications have dominated the market with the arrival of new startups. "In 2020, this will be the trend that people seek ", scores.

Improved logical reasoning: Truth. Games require concentration, focus and various other skills that we also need to have on your desktop. Thus, It is a way to provide it to the members of a team, a pleasant way. "Today people want to work in a light place, you will enjoy your skills and intensify its positive points ", Thomas says.

You can not measure results: Myth. As noted above, the gamificados programs for companies tend to migrate to the digital world. And, along with technology, arise ways to measure the results of that particular game. "Na VIK, for example, We send a report of points of each employee, engagement and indexes at the end of the challenge. It is a way to show the importance of these games for the general welfare of corporations ", Thomas ends.

About VIK

Created by partners Pedro Reis and Thomas in Camargos 2016, VIK is a startup that offers a gamification program with 100% of coverage for businesses. With the main motto of transforming lives and help people out of inactivity, VIK transforms a health program in a healthy and enjoyable competition, as well as providing integration among employees of large organizations. Through a digital platform, participants can follow the step by step of the challenge, anywhere in the world, in addition to having access to their income. For more information go to:


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