Pedro Longes releases latest single, 'Horses in the Bedroom', that anticipates her new album Sinestesias

Song in partnership with Daniel Mueller arrives on platforms one day 9 July

In the next Friday, day 9 July, Pedro Longes makes available on all platforms the song “Horses in the Room”, last single from the project Synesthesias. The event precedes the release of the eponymous album, in october this year.


The music, composed and performed in partnership with the musician from Santa Catarina Daniel Mueller, talks about the difficult and necessary spaces of freedom, creation and imagination, in time of confinement. Following the acoustic and organic sound of the Sinestesias project, recorded live at Estúdio Soma, the guitar arrangement and song lyrics also evoke the bond with the earth and platinum sounds.

distance writing, while Pedro was still living in Chile, “Horses in the Room” is the first composition made in partnership with Daniel, after having participated in other musical projects, in 15 years of friendship. Currently residing in Santa Catarina, Daniel Mueller lived in Rio Grande do Sul, where he performed several artistic works and studied guitar at a bachelor's degree, UFRGS.

To celebrate the launch, Pedro invites Daniel Mueller to a musical chat, at Thursday, day 8 July, at 8:0 pm, broadcast by instagram @pedrolonges. at the meeting, the artists will present songs and the writing processes, as well as the stories that involve them.

Synesthesia Project

After a period of four years living in Chile, Pedro Longes returns to Rio Grande do Sul, presenting, during 2021, the Synesthesias project, which includes the release of unpublished copyrighted songs and new versions of previously released compositions. In addition to the singles and the live show, recorded for the Musical Ecarta and available on Youtube, the project foresees the release of the album Sinestesias, in october this year, in addition to online shows.

The project, which began in 14 of january of this year, it has had so far the releases of "Hermosa", in partnership with singer and songwriter Anaadi, winner of the Latin Grammy 2018; "Broken Homes", in partnership with Argentinean singer Ana Clara Moltoni, the songs “Classical Samba” “Theme for Natalia” and “Waltz in Solitude”, with guest André Vicente and the song “ Nós Hemos de Vir”, where Pedro sings in voice and guitar format. These and other recordings, like demos and extra tracks, will be present in the Sinestesias album, scheduled for the month of october.

Synesthesias has the production and dissemination of Silvia Abreu, photos by Luis Ferreirah, engravings by Natalia Babarovic and paintings by Pedro Longes in her visual identity.

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About Pedro Longes

During the four years he was living in Santiago de Chile, Pedro studied composition and arrangement with the Chilean musician Oscar Torres, besides having studied popular singing at the ProJazz Chile Institute, affiliated with Berklee College of Music. In 2018, released the album “Longes Canta Spinetta”, celebrating one of the biggest names in Argentine and Latin American music: Luis Alberto Spinetta (1950-2012). Accompanied by a band formed by Chilean musicians, the album features eight Spinetta songs in the voice of Pedro Longes, in new arrangements and with lyrics translated poetically into Portuguese.

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During the last two years in the country of Violeta Parra, The jaivas, Victor Jara, and so many other important artists, Pedro Longes presented the albums Conexión and Longes Canta Spinetta in the show Pedro Longes Trio, next to the Argentine drummer Juánchi Perez and the Chilean double bass player Pablo Torrejón. Among several places and festivals, presented the show at Thelonious Lugar de Jazz, one of the most traditional jazz clubs in Chile, where they made a live record, available on Youtube.

Back to Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to the Synesthesias project, Pedro launched on digital platforms, in March of this year, the unpublished album “Canções de Amor e Solidão”, in EP format. The work features arrangements and instrumentation by Porto Alegre musician James Liberato, winner of the Azorean Music Award 2020, in the best instrumental album category.


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Single Release:
What: Pedro Longes releases latest single, "Horses in the Bedroom", that anticipates her new album Sinestesias
When: Friday, day 9 th July 2021
Where: Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Youtube and other platforms.
And: Links available on Pedro Longes' social networks:
How much: Free of charge not Spotify, Deezer e Youtube. Available for purchase
in digital download format.
Video link on Youtube:


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