“How about an upgrade?” by Giovani de Arruda Campos

Giovani de Arruda Campos é Docente, Escritor, Palestrante e Consultor.
Giovani de Arruda Campos is Professor, Writer, Speaker and consultant.

We live a time point in society and in organizations. The digital age lives his early days, although, in a little more than 20 years of existence, great innovations have enabled greater accessibility to information, the products and services. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Free Market, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Join searchers, social networks, applications, Exchange of goods, selling products from fixed and mobile communication devices on the web, revolutionizing nearly every business on the planet, especially, the way of thinking the business. It's been a while since we have to start thinking outside the House. Stay in comfort zone, increasingly uncomfortable, is swimming against the current.

The dropshipping, Maybe in the near future be responsible for the end of shopping malls, since, These sites of e-commerce, are increasingly present in the daily life of thousands of clients who have realized that products sold online (Obviously you have to be able to filter out sites that are not trusted) are the same sold in physical stores, although, with the advantage of being in some cases 300 times cheaper.

The case of the Netshoes is emblematic. Those who never heard of? One of the first companies to sell shoes on the internet that negotiates thousands of dollars daily, given the increasing demands on financial crisis. You can't ignore something. As you can't ignore the Millenials generation-born between 1980 to 2000, We have great capacity to undertake new business and live in these market changes, and that's why, are the biggest consumers of products via the web. For these young people and adults, the refrigerator sold in physical retail is the same sold in the virtual retail, and you know what? They're right. What is the difference? None from the point of view of product quality, the difference is in price. Many times cheaper, soon, Why buy the same thing more expensive? Only if you like burning money. And there's a logical explanation for these discounts, it means, the Elimination of middlemen and costs with POS.

It's been a while since investing in virtual business is no longer a trend but a matter of survival. Especially in the so-called consumer goods, it means, B2C negotiations, where consumers already familiar with the brand and have made other purchases this way. Research shows that online shopping grow about of 20% the year, and the trend is only increasing as the population begins to adhere and lose the fear of financial transactions of this type.

This would be the end of the sales teams? The leaders of the teams? Not, just for a change in course, where the sales team leaders turn to lead broader markets and increasing product mix. Team evaluation criteria are also other, no longer driven only to keep goals, But yes, evaluate a digital collaborator that has ability to manage sales channels and end users at the same time, Optimizing teams and generating greater sales demand, but, post-sales, since, Today it is possible to monitor the request via system, and the leader of that project must now pay attention to all stages of the process, not only coordinate sales actions, but coordinating the entire process triggered from the attraction of clients, through digital marketing strategies, as, negotiation with suppliers, pricing and payment methods, to product distribution and logistics, ending with a system of classification of services is performed through an evaluation conducted online by consumers.

Recognize that the leader of the 21st century needs upgrade of e-commerce, but, especially, don't ignore this trend, as will soon become a habit of consumers is more than necessary, There is an urgent need to. And I tell you dear readers, What I write is already exceeded for, that was predicted and it's happening in different business all over the world, and there's no turning back. To understand this new entrepreneurial spirit, of marketing of products, of communication is not an apologia for the web, But yes, the recognition of what is already fact in the lives of thousands of consumers.

Underscores still, This new marketing recipe, is not defined by analysts, thinkers, or marketing experts, But yes, by the market itself that, moreover, has always been the great engine of development of theories and practices of marketing. This is nothing new, as we note in the famous text of Theodore Levitt, Marketing myopia, written in the 1960, where the theoretical notes that,

Every major sector was a growing sector. But some of those who today still feel a certain enthusiasm for growth are in the shadow of the decline. Others, taken as proven growth sectors, I actually stopped growing. In any case, the reason why growth is threatened, slowed or stopped is not that the market was saturated. Is that directors failed. (LEVITT, 1960)

Similarly we must realize that the changes that are happening now were revealed years ago, but I don't see, or because we were too busy thinking of keep our gains in several business comes significantly decreasing, or worse, by lack of vision of the changes that were happening in the market. It is possible to reverse the case. Yes, of course Yes. However, First you must accept that the world we live in 20 years ago isn't the same now distances himself more and more of the business models that one day were guaranteed success. I believe that we must accept the future in the present, to start a change now that will reflect in more business aligned to consumer shopping behavior that arise today, but who will be the majority tomorrow.

Reinventing yourself is hard, We must deconstruct mental patterns, can take a while, but soon will identify with the market and its opportunities. However, leaving aside such deep changes, is wait the end of his days. (The author himself)

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