Rachel Fernandes releases her first period novel

“As Flores do Duque” follows a romantic arc in the period of the Old Republic, not brazil 1910

With more than five contemporary novels released, a writer Rachel Fernandes surprises its readers this monday (24) with the launch of “The Duke's Flowers”, her first period novel. Set in Brazil 1910, the story is a sensitive portrait of Brazilian society and its interpersonal relationships at the beginning of the Old Republic.


In the book, we accompany Benjamin Machado de Andrade, Duke of Monte Claro, needing to return to Brazil and get married so as not to hand over the family's patrimony to those who shouldn't even go near him. But he needs to be fast: the late father's will sets a deadline for such a marriage. On the other hand, there is Cecilia Sampaio, a girl who needs to marry a man other than the one her parents had chosen.

“There were months of study and work with this work”, Sweek Stars winner 2018, Rachel Fernandes, turns out to be a story about a sensitive and fervent, that teaches about time and decision when it comes to love. “The dramatic arc of the plot, through the setting in which the story is told, has a lot to teach us”.

“The Duke's Flowers” It's now available on Amazon as an eBook.
Link: amzn.to/3LHr7uC

Rachel Fernandes and her novels

Born in Porto Alegre (RS), the author has already enchanted the hearts of several readers with her works and is always proposing to bring her hometown as a backdrop to her stories.. "457 Miles" it was your first physical book, the winner of the Sweek Star 2018 as Best Book. Today, the artist follows a career with several stories, such as “On Nurses and Postcards”, “Suite 2121”, “Crossed Parallels”, and among other titles that mix love, humor and knowledge.

The Duke's Flowers Synopsis: Benjamin Machado de Andrade, Duke of Monte Claro, don't have much time. After the father's death, he needs to get a wife to save his sister's dowry and not hand over the family's estate to anyone who shouldn't even come close to him.. but the time, This time, is not by the young duke's side.

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Cecília Sampaio only thinks of one thing: become the future lady Edmundo Monteiro. However, when the universe has other plans for its future, Cecília realizes that her most implacable adversary is not the secret she keeps, but the time that slips through your fingers.

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Benjamin needs a wife, Cecilia needs to get married. And, together, the two will discover that time and certain decisions are nothing when compared to the constancy of flowers.

Rachel Fernandes' new novel, author of About Nurses and Postcards, is a sensitive portrait of Brazilian society and its interpersonal relationships in the effervescent period that gave rise to the Republic.

About the author: Rachel Fernandes is an advertising copywriter who writes books between one jingle and another. Born in Porto Alegre, writes novels since 2010 and accumulate more than 1 million reads on Wattpad and Sweek. Won the Sweek Stars Award in the Best Book category with the novel “457 Miles”, published by Grupo Editorial Coerência. She is also the author of “About Nurses and Postcards” and “Suite 2121”, both available on Amazon.

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