Start again as many times as needed! Who does not give up, achievement!

We often talk about luck as if it were a random factor that builds itself. Not! Luck is synonymous with work, of perseverance and focus. We talked to the neuroscientist, psychoanalyst and philosopher Fabiano de Abreu on the construction of dreams and how we should face the difficulties along this path.


“The luck of each one comes from the commitment and effort that is put in each goal that we define for ourselves. If we are sure of the possibilities, if we are sure we want something and we can achieve it, we should not give up, but try as many times as necessary to achieve it. Failing and trying again is not a shame and should be seen as a form of learning. Each mistake shows us something new and helps us to improve our search.”, explains Abreu.

Yet, we must be attentive and know what is really worth our effort, time and dedication.

According to the neuroscientist, “We should only give up when in front of us everything indicates that what we desire is not possible and, at this moment, giving up is our greatest achievement. Knowing that our time is precious and we should not waste it on something that will not bear fruit. There, our rationality has to stand out, putting us on the path of what is most correct.”.

To Abreu, we must balance between failure and regret and know where we want to position ourselves.

“Now when we are sure that we can achieve what we want we have to be strong, committed and resilient. It is easier to deal with the frustration of failure and try again than to deal with the regret of having given up.
At the end, when achieving the intended all the effort will be worth it, every pain will be compensated and every doubt will be dispelled!”, concluded.

Mini biography

Fabiano de Abreu Rodrigues is a journalist with a Master's and Doctorate in Health Sciences in the areas of Neuroscience and Psychology from the EBWU University in the United States and from the Université Libre des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris. Still in the area of ​​neuroscience, post-graduation at Universidade Faveni do Brasil in neuroscience of learning, cognitive and neurolinguistic and Specialization in electrical properties of neurons and brain regions at Harvard University in the United States. Post-Graduation in Neuropsychology by Cognos de Portugal, Master in Psychoanalysis by Instituto and Faculdade Gaio, member of Unesco and Neuropsychoanalyst by the Brazilian Society of Clinical Psychoanalysis. Specialization in Clinical Nutrition and Psychosocial Risks by TrainingHouse de Portugal and Philosophy at the University of Madrid and Carlos III in Spain.

Integral from SPN – Portuguese Society of Neurosciences - 814, by SBNEC – Brazilian Society of Neuroscience and Behavior - 6028488 and FENS – Federation of European Neuroscience Societies – PT30079 and member of Mensa, society of high IQ people based in England.


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