“I turned my passion into a profession”, says Tenor Trombone teacher at the 11th Sesc International Music Festival, Jose Milton Vieira

Musician was a student of the first edition of the project and, since 2015, teach new students


Upon entering Professor José Milton Vieira's Tenor Trombone class at Sesc International Music Festival, where do you teach since 2015, students have the opportunity to exchange experiences with those who have been on the other side of the class. In 2011, in the first edition of the project, the musician participated as a student. enchanted, came back in 2013 and, two years later, was invited to share his knowledge and experiences in concert music with new interested.

“It is an honor for me to have both experiences. as a student, evolves a lot with teachers and colleagues and, now, I keep learning with the students, in addition to having the opportunity to pass on some of my experiences to them. I am very happy to be present at the resumption of the event, because I consider myself an eternal learner”, highlights Vieira.

Musicians and aspiring musicians interested in running for partial and full scholarships for the 11th Festival, which will take place in Pelotas between 16 and 27 January 2023, have until the day 12 August to register on the website www.sesc-rs.com.br/festival. In addition to Tenor Trombone, teachers from Brazil and the world prepare to teach Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass, Flute, Oboe (English horn), Clarinet, Bassoon, Trunk, Trumpet, bass trombone, Tuba, Saxophone, Euphonius, harp, Percussion for Concert Music, Piano, in addition to lyrical singing, Composition and Choro lessons (that integrates the guitar practices, Puffs, accordion, Mandolin, Percussion and Cavaquinho).

“The Festival is an environment of discovery and could be the beginning of a bright future in music. Influenced by my parents, who sang in the church choir, where I started to get interested in the combination of voices and instruments, and also driven by friends, I started studying music at 11 years. Eventually, I turned my passion into a profession”, He says, who is currently a soloist with the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra (FAME).

About the Sesc International Music Festival

In its 11th edition, the event aims to encourage the development of musical production, to encourage the exchange and enjoyment of cultural goods. Promoted by Fecomércio-RS/Sesc System, and having as artistic director the conductor Evandro Matté, the Festival operates on two main axes: Pedagogical and Sociocultural. Not Pedagogical plan, instrument courses are offered, composition, Bel Canto, cry, concert and chamber music practice, orchestra practice and symphony band practice for music students and professionals. Already in Sociocultural, recitals by teachers and students are held, in addition to a wide program of free shows, open to the whole community.

Registration for courses – 11th Sesc International Music Festival

Registration period: 12/07 to 12/08/2022

Publication of the selected ones and registration 1st call: 05/09 to 20/09/2022
Publication of the selected ones and registration 2nd call: 26/09 to 10/10/2022
Consultation of available courses and more information about enrollment at www.sesc-rs.com.br/festival

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courses available:

Concert music
Violin | Viola | Cello | Contrabass | harp
Flute | Oboe (English horn) | Clarinet | Bassoon
Trunk | Trumpet | Trombone Tenor | bass trombone | Tuba
Saxophone | Euphonius | Percussion | lyrical singing | Piano | Composition
Cry (Guitar, Puffs, accordion, mandolin, percussion and ukulele)
Orchestra and Symphony Band Practice (there is no inscription. Will be performed by students selected for instrument courses)
Chamber music (recitals will be organized throughout the Festival and performed at designated student recital times)

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About the 11th Sesc International Music Festival

What is it? The Sesc International Music Festival is one of the largest in the area in Latin America and aims to encourage the development of musical production and encourage the exchange and enjoyment of cultural goods.

Date: From 16 to 27 January 2023, in Pelotas

As it happens? During the Festival, students participate in classes (courses) and rehearsals in the morning and afternoon shifts; and presentations that can take place in the morning, afternoon or night. All presentations are free to the community

Concert Music Classes: morning shift
Lyrical Singing and Crying Classes: morning and afternoon
orchestra rehearsals, chamber music: afternoon and afternoon shift
Rehearsals of student recitals: morning and afternoon (to be agreed with the area coordinator)


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